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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1011 ***A Brief Overview***


A horde of goblins invades the nation of Herath, who still has not managed to repair their magical defensive web which was brought down during the week without magic. The goblins manage to cause much damage before the Herathians chase them away.


The Knights of Ixion, a small group of Honourbounds and Defenders of Narvaez dedicated to Ixion, sneak into Saragón and attempt to steal the Barrier Mask and the Bracers of Forbiddance from Don Luis. They believe such artifacts should be in the hands of the church of Narvaez. The Knights are defeated and the artifacts retrieved by Don Luis and adventurers who happened to be in the area.

A group of Tortles band together, calling themselves the Company of the Shell. They vow to uphold and protect Tortle values all over the Savage Coast. They also begin efforts to uncover the mystery of their ancestors.


An army of manscorpions lays siege to Um-Shedu, attempting to reclaim the city from the enduks and ee'aar. They fail, and the winged elves and minotaurs manage to keep the stronghold.


An ancient Tortle shrine is discovered beneath the waves near the Free City of Dunwick. It becomes a holy place for free Tortles everywhere as well as a place to be exploited and looted by treasure hunters and adventurers. The Company of the Shell is called for its first official duty: protection of the shrine.