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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1012 ***A Brief Overview***


Rumors spread that Doomrider, the Inheritor lich, is somewhere along the northern border of Torreón. Adventurers, after a brief clash with minor undead, discover that Doomrider is somehow responsible for the disappearance of the Barony of Elegidos back in AC 970. The entire barony and population had vanished without a trace. The exact method is still unknown. Doomrider is not encountered by the adventurers searching the area.


Increasing Huptai goblinoid activity destroys most caravans travelling the overland trade route between Torreón and Renardy. Torreón begins sending mercenaries out into the plains, which annoys the Kuttai goblinoids as well, inciting them to also attack.

After much pressure is applied by the priesthood, King Louis IV of Renardy implements a new law banning the religion of Pflarr. Instead of imprisoning or executing those who worship Pflarr, the King has them exiled from Renardy. Their destination; the Bayou...already home to the Kingdom of Ator. The Gurrash are not pleased with the new arrivals and begin open hostilities.


Mt. Utt in the Tortle Tribeland (south of Renardy) has a minor eruption, coughing up dust and ashes. The native tortles begin to fear the possibility that it will explode in a full eruption soon enough. Many leave the region, taking the ash clouds as a bad omen. A contingent of the Company of the Shell is on-hand to offer assistance.

King Edwix II, after his 12th year of continuous rulership, leaves on a quest dictated by the Druids. The exact nature of the quest is unknown, but it is rumoured to involved the Land of Cassivellonis and the orcs that inhabit it. At the end of the summer, the King returns triumphant and reclaims his throne for another twelve years.


The Gurrash of the Bayou and the newly arrived Pariahs of Pflarr engage in open warfare for control of the Southern swamps of Ator. In an attempt to even the odds, the "New Lupins" pool their resources and hire companies of Torreóner SellSwords.