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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1013 ***A Brief Overview***


The Herathians manage to replace their magical web of defence around their nation.


The Huptai goblins (and hobgoblins), who have managed to somehow find an immunity to the amber lotuses in the Plain of Dreams (whose pollen puts people to sleep), have now found a way to help them spread. Their shamans and witch-doctors start using their magic to move the plants southeast-wards into the Kingdom of Eusdria.

A group of beast-riding Lupins riding in the northern steppes encounter a group of the Knights of Eusdria. Both claim to be surveying their ancestral lands for future colonisation. The groups come to blows as each group claims the same lands as their own. The small party of Knights are forced to flee. There were no causalities, but The Knights of Eusdria vow vengeance for this dishonour.


The amber lotuses have managed to gain a foothold as far south as the village of Ersel and the ruins of Morgald in Eusdria. The places are evacuated as the goblins move in and take over. The Eusdrian King sends in his armies, but they are unable to do much against the special properties of the flowers' pollen. The goblins hold on to their new territory.

Narvaez begins to import as much smokepowder as it can, storing it up for its armies. The rest of the Savage Baronies believe it is the first sign of an impending attack. They decide to place sanctions on Narvaez, forbidding anyone to sell them smokepowder. Black market smokepowder makes a huge profit for smugglers and thieves in Narvaez.


The war between the Gurrash and the Followers of Pflarr ends in a victory for the "New Lupins" and the nation of Nouvelle Renardy is officially founded and recognised by the other nations of the Savage Coast.