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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1014 *** A Detailed History***

VATERMONT 5, AC 1014: Eusdria Fights Back
Location: Ersel, Eusdria. SC
Description: With the help of a few units of Druidic Defenders from the nation of Robrenn, a contingent of the Knights of Eusdria marches into the Duchy of Frisonnia which has been largely overrun by the Huptai hobgoblins and goblins. The Druids use their powers to create a path through the amber lotuses, allowing the Knights of Eusdria access to the village of Ersel. There, the Knights manage to retake the village, forcing the goblins to flee. This is only a small beginning for Eusdria. The Huptai have merely left the village and wait within the fields around the village. The Knights are only safe within the village and a small path along the river; everywhere else, they are subject to the sleeping pollen of the amber lotuses. Therefore, the goblins need only stay out of range of the dwarven crossbowmen, The Bolts of Harstal, and they will be safe.

VATERMONT 25, AC 1014: Trapped in a Field of Flowers
Location: Ersel, Eusdria. SC
Description: The amber lotuses have regrown over the path cleared by the Guards, trapping them within the village of Ersel. The Guards suffered several casualties in raiding Ersel, and now do not have enough powerful spellcasters left to clear another path out. They use their magic to communicate with their leaders and let them know what has happened.

THAUMONT 3, AC 1014: Ersel Destroyed
Location: Ersel, Eusdria. SC
Description: Starved and without reinforcements for weeks, the Knights of Eusdria and the Guards within Ersel finally succumb to the raiding Huptai goblinoids. King Sigismund III was unable to raise enough druidic defenders from Robrenn to clear another path for his trapped honourbound. Robrenn is also unwilling to send too many of its Guards, or to send its most powerful druids, as they still do not completely trust the "unnatural" ways of the Eusdrians. This is another sad blow for the Eusdrians.

FLAURMONT 14, AC 1014: Company of the Bear Finds Antidote
Location: Huptai Territory, Yazak Steppes. SC
Description: The Company of the Bear, a group of dwarven beer-drinking myrmidons from Harstal, conquer a Huptai camp at the eastern end of their territory. From the captured shaman, they manage to obtain a couple dozen vials of a foul-tasting green liquid which supposedly protects the goblins from the flowers of the Field of Dreams. They quickly rush back to Eusdria with their important find. The Company of the Bear (majority are dwarves, but some humans and elves are present) have always had a jealousy toward the Knights of Eusdria as the honourbounds have always been the favourite of the King. Therefore, the mercenary company of myrmidons decided to take care of the goblin problem themselves just to upstage the Knights. The Company therefore marched through the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn (in small groups to avoid causing problems with the local rulers), regrouped along the River Lugdumna and then marched into the goblin territories. Their logic was that if they could destroy the goblins from behind, there would be none left to face them back in Eusdria. With the unexpected discovery of an antidote to the amber lotuses, they have decided to return home with the find.

FLAURMONT 20, AC 1014: Misunderstanding in Robrenn
Location: Barony of Nemausa, Robrenn. SC
The Company of the Bear, on its way back to Eusdria, rushes through the land of Robrenn. There, they are confronted by the local military and a confrontation ensues. It takes several hours before a parlay and truce can be declared. Once the Company of the Bear manages to state that they merely wish to get home as soon as possible because they have found an antidote against the amber lotuses, Baron Calturix lets them pass through his lands under escort of his own army. He warns the leader of the Company of the Bear to respect Robrenn's borders from now on, stating that he is only being generous because of the dire situation Eusdria is currently in. Although Eusdria and Robrenn are allied together against the goblinoids, they are still not nations at peace. Armies cannot cross the borders with impunity, and the Baron of Nemausa was perfectly right to defend his lands against the Company of the Bear.

FLAURMONT 28, AC 1014: Company of the Bear Meets the King
Location: Othmar, Kingdom of Eusdria. SC
The Company of the Bear arrives at the capital of Eusdria where they quickly hand their antidotes against the amber lotuses to the King. The King commends the Company of the Bear for their bravery and dedication to Eusdria. King Sigismund III immediately charges his best clerics to discover how the green antidote works and possibly how to make more of it. The King believes that he will finally be able to strike back at the Huptai hobgoblins.

YARTHMONT 7, AC 1014: Flowers Reach Lorsa
Location: Castle of Lorsa, Eusdria. SC
The amber lotuses reach as far south as the Castle of Lorsa. The Knights of Eusdria evacuate, letting the goblins take over the castle.

KLARMONT 3, AC 1014: Goblinoid Hunt Organised
Location: Othmar, Kingdom of Eusdria. SC
King Sigismund III asks for a couple of dozen brave warriors and adventurers who would be willing to risk their lives and enter the goblin territories to find and kill the Huptai shamans. Several volunteer for a chance at the glory, but the King only selects the best (either through their reputation or various competitions amongst the contenders) as the number of antidotes is limited. The clerics of Eusdria were unable to reproduce the antidote to the amber lotuses. They did discover that the antidote lasts for about a month, giving special units enough time to accomplish any mission they are sent on.

FELMONT 9, AC 1014: Hunters Return
Location: Othmar, Kingdom of Eusdria. SC
The adventurers and knights sent out to hunt Huptai shamans have returned to Eusdria. Only about half the groups seem to have survived. They report having slain over two dozen shamans.

SVIFTMONT 25, AC 1014: A Plague on Isla del Cayo
Location: Isla del Cayo, Baronía de Gargoña. SC
A dreaded disease breaks loose on la Isla del Cayo, killing the isolated Afflicted which live there. When word spreads throughout the Baronies, most people begin to shun and fear the afflicted even more, believing that they are carriers of this deadly plague. Rumours also begin to circulate that maybe this is another side-effect of the Legacies; since they have only been around for a few years now (or at least widespread for a few years), no one really knows what the long term effects are.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1014: Pirates Raid Cinnabryl
Location: Gulf of Hule. SC
During the second exportation of cinnabryl from Slagovich this year, the small fleet carrying the cinnabryl is ambushed by a larger group of pirates. The Knights of Halav in the fleet are slain and all the cinnabryl is taken.