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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

NUWMONT 8, AC 1015: Narvaez Complains About Sanctions.
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña, SC
In the meeting of the Signatory Council in Ciudad Real, Narvaez complains about the smokepowder sanctions placed upon her. Baron Hugo demands that the sanctions be lifted so that Narvaez's economy can return back to normal. He swears that he does not plan on invading any of the other baronies. After much deliberation, the Council votes to keep the sanctions, although the vote passes by just a small majority. Both Torreón and Gargoña strongly supported Narvaez, stating that the sanctions were too severe against the people of the land.

VATERMONT 2, AC 1015: Afflicted Harassed.
Location: Ciudad Morales, Torreón
The Afflicted throughout the town of Ciudad Morales find themselves the target of thrown vegetables and rocks. Soon enough, a full-scale riot breaks out in town, and Baronesa Isabel is forced to send soldiers in to calm things down.

VATERMONT 7, AC 1015: Afflicted In Arms.
Location: Ciudadela de Leon, Torreón
After a week of continuous abuse by the elves and humans of Torreón, a group of Afflicted in the capital take up arms and begin attacking the non-afflicted in retaliation. Another riot breaks out, but it is soon squashed by the numerous mercenary companies found within the town.

VATERMONT 10, AC 1015: Afflicted Regroup in Las Guajacas.
Location: Las Guajacas, Torreón
Afflicted throughout the Baronía de Torreón have begun fleeing to the village of Las Guajacas. The small town soon becomes almost entirely composed of Afflicted and the largest known enclave of Afflicted (75%) on the Savage Coast.

VATERMONT 13, AC 1015: Signatory Council Hires Bounty Hunters.
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña
Still unable to discover who raided the cinnabryl during the second exportation in Kaldmont 1014, the Treaty of Tampicos Signatory Council votes unanimously to hire out adventurers and bounty hunters for the missing shipments and those responsible for its theft.

THAUMONT 3, AC 1015: The Flowers Are Dying.
Location: Northern Eusdria. SC
King Sigismund III of Eusdria sigh in relief as reports claim that the amber lotuses are withering away in the northern part of his kingdom. The King gathers his armies, preparing to march and reclaim his territory once a path has been cleared through the flowers.

THAUMONT 12, AC 1015: Afflicted Are Blamed.
Location: The Savage Baronies. SC
More and more, Afflicted of the Savage Baronies are blamed for events of bad luck, such as droughts, plagues, a family member falling sick, a house being robbed,... These feelings are particularly strong in places like Torreón and Narvaez. More enlightened states, such as Gargoña and Saragón still receive such social conflicts, but very rarely.

THAUMONT 16, AC 1015: Archaeological Dig.
Location: La Pampa Rica. SC
Mazrooth, an Inheritor of Almarrón, needs to explore an Early Oltec ruins in la Pampa Rica. Along with his friend and apprentice Costa, they head off into the Gosluk goblin territory.

THAUMONT 26, AC 1015: Pirates Defeated.
Location: Berat Island, Gulf of Hule. SC
Captain Hidalgo Montoya and his ensign Lupe DelGato, both members of the famed Texeiran Naval Intelligence, track a pirate ship up to the pirates' den in a hidden on a barrier island. During the night they attack by surprise, defeat the pirates and manage to recover part of the cinnabryl that was stolen last year.

THAUMONT 27, AC 1015: Eusdria Reclaimed.
Location: Northern Eusdria. SC
With the amber lotuses out of the way, the Knights of Eusdria (along with the now famous Company of the Bear) manage to reclaim all lost territory from the goblinoids. The goblinoids do not put up much resistance when they notice that their amber lotuses have died; most simply flee back into the Yazak Steppes at the first sight of the human forces.

FLAURMONT 17, AC 1015: Eusdria and her Destiny.
Location: Northern & Western Eusdria. SC.
King Sigismund III, having the forces already in place, has decided to go ahead and march his armies into the Steppes in a plan to claim the northern lands as Eusdrian Territory. This action comes as a surprise to all, especially King Louis IV of Renardy, who immediately musters his armies and sends them into the frontier to counter Eusdrias moves as the Lupins also have claims to the Northern Frontier.

FLAURMONT 23, AC 1015: Armies Deploy
Location: Between Eusdria and Renardy
In response to King Louis IV moving his armies into the frontier, King Sigismund orders some of his forces to march toward Clairvault in an attempt to intimidate the Lupins into leaving Eusdria to fulfilling its destiny. In response, the Lupins begin to move armies to intercept.

YARTHMONT 1, AC 1015: The Sentries Report.....
Location: Between Eusdria and Renardy
The two armies of Renardy and Eusdria have sighted each other but have kept their distances. The sentries and pickets from both sides report spies and saboteurs "testing" the lines. Both armies are now in defensive postures and waiting for the opponents next move. The Tortle "Company of the Shell" has been spotted in the area escorting Tortle refugees from the area to safer places.
The Merchant Houses of the Free City of Dunwick offer to host a delegation of diplomats from Eusdria and Renardy, hopefully getting them to talk rather than fight. The talks are unsuccessful and after a weeks worth of arguments, break down. The Eusdrians are still angry over an incident many years ago involving a group of Beastriders and some Knights of Eusdria that were on a secret scouting mission. It appears that war is imminent.

YARTHMONT 10, AC 1015: The Second Battle of Vorma
Location: Between Eusdria and Renardy
The two armies finally meet at the site of the Battle of Vorma. The Eusdrian army, led by the Order of the Unicorn, spearhead an attempted sneak attack in the pre dawn hours. Unfortunately for the Eusdrians, the Lupins smelled them coming from many miles away and were able to prepare. The battle was extremely one-sided. The Order of the Unicorn alone suffered 85% casualties. The Eusdrian army withdrew from the area and headed back into Eusdria. The Lupins did not pursue the fleeing Eusdrians as the Lupin Field Marshall did not want a needless massacre on his hands. The Lupin general was quickly relieved of command by King Louis IV and replaced. This time was sufficient for the Eusdrian army to get back into their own territory and set up a defence. The Lupin army was then called back to Renardy as the opportunity to crush the Eusdrians was lost. A state of War now exists between the two nations.

YARTHMONT 11, AC 1015: The Flintlock Pistol.
Location: Smokestone City, Cimarron. SC
The famed halfling jewellers Westron, along with the female dwarf Fredra Smithy, 40 years after inventing the wheellock pistol, release their improved flintlock pistols. The weapon spreads rapidly among the people of Cimmaron, but hardly makes any grounds into the other baronies at this point, who are just now getting use to the wheellock

KLARMONT 9, AC 1015: The Heretics of Ixion.
Location: Puerto Morillos, Narvaez. SC
Baron Hugo of Narvaez, to defuse the tension growing between the Afflicted and those not Afflicted declare all Afflicted blasphemers toward Ixion. They have been punished by the great Immortal, and should be treated as less than people. They begin a purge of the Afflicted, causing many to flee to other Baronies.

KLARMONT 12, AC 1015: Torreón Closes its Borders.
Location: Torreón. SC
With the onrush of Afflicted fleeing Narvaez, Baronesa Isabel announces that Torreón is closing all borders to Afflicted. Those that still try to enter are cut down by the border guards.

KLARMONT 18, AC 1015: Signatory Council Disapproves.
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña. SC
In a Signatory Council Meeting, the representatives of Gargoña, Almarrón, and Saragón deplore Baron Hugo of Narvaez's method of channelling his people's anger just to ease the tension toward the nobility. They announce that their nations will accept the Afflicted fleeing Narvaez with open arms. The representative from Cimmaron is so incensed by the cruelty of Narvaez that he hints the Cimmaron Cavalry may ride into Narvaez in defence of the afflicted fleeing the turmoil. Cooler heads prevail however as a Baronial war is the last thing anyone wants.
Also at this meeting, the council discuss the ongoing war between Eusdria and Renardy and propose ways to bring the conflict to a speedy conclusion. Torreón supports Renardy completely as they are a major trading partner and have vowed to find a way to assist them.

KLARMONT 20, AC 1015: Cinnabryl Traded Successfully
Location: Gulf of Hule. SC
This time the fleet exporting the cinnabryl from Slagovich (in exchange for red steel)successfully meets at sea with the Inheritors. There's no pirate raid.

KLARMONT 22, AC 1015: Populations Up In Arms.
Location: Narvaez and Torreón. SC
The people of Narvaez embark fully on the crusade to destroy all Afflicted. Many of the peasant farmers in Torreón behave similarly, even though their government hasn't given them permission to attack the Afflicted. Most Afflicted in Torreón soon flee to Las Guajacas, a haven for them.

KLARMONT 28, AC 1015: Flintlocks Intercepted
Location: Trade Route between Torreón and Renardy
The Eusdrian Company of the Wolf, while patrolling the northern frontiers, attack and capture a group of supply wagons bound for Renardy. It was carrying vast amounts of Smokepowder and the new flintlock weapons. The smokepowder and weapons were confiscated and the wagons burned. The merchants who were taking the items to Renardy became the first prisoners in this war.

FELMONT 3, AC 1015: Villa Franca Chartered to Afflicted.
Location: Boa Mansão, Texeiras. SC
The ruins of Villa Franca obtains an official charter to become an Afflicted community.

FELMONT 11, AC 1015: Let Freedom Ring
Location: Terra Leãoça
An independence movement begins at Rocha dos Gatos as a savvy Vilaverdan military officer, Commandant Hector Cortez, begins to plant the seeds of descent from the home Barony, suggesting that since Vilaverde does little to help in the day to day existence of the citizens of Terra Leãoça, self-rule should be implemented and the local government should have the authority to negotiate treaties with its neighbours.

FELMONT 13, AC 1015: Las Guajacas Attacked.
Location: Las Guajacas, Torreón. SC
A band of mercenaries from Torreón attempt to attack Las Guajacas and eradicate the Afflicted present. The Afflicted manage to defeat the attackers, but only barely. The rampaging group of mercenaries remain in the area until, suprisingly, a contingent of the Company of the Shell arrive to help protect those who need it. It seems their generous service is no longer for Tortles only.

FYRMONT 2, AC 1015: Siege of Clairvault
Location: City of Clairvault, Renardy
The Army of Eusdria has marched to Clairvault and laid siege the city. They were able to developed a potion that would fool the Lupin sense of smell. The Lupin armies have tried numerous times to break the siege, but it appears that the Eusdrians are using smokepots filled with a smelly substance that Lupins are sickened by. The city holds out while all attempts to break through are made.

FYRMONT 7, AC 1015: Robrenn increases border patrols
Location: Robrenn
The Robrenn militia has increased its border patrols due to the "heightened tensions of the region".

FYRMONT 13, AC 1015: Cortez Relieved; Independence Declared
Location: Terra Leãoça
Baron Jorge, outraged by the suggestions of succession by Hector Cortez, calls for his resignation and his subsequent arrest and extradition back to Vilaverde. After word gets out at the settlement, a skirmish breaks out between forces loyal to the Baron and troops loyal to Cortez. At the end of the day, the Loyalists are rounded up and put on the first ship sailing to Vilaverde; along with a Declaration of Independence. Rocha dos Gatos prepares for war.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1015: Ka-Boom!
Location: Torres Caliente, Torreón. SC
At the military testing grounds of Torres Caliente, Torreóner engineers finally manage to invent the cannon. They call their invention "the bombard" for it's ability to bombard enemies at a distance. They begin preparing to use them to invade Terra Vermelha, which the Barony has wanted to do for years now. Baronesa Isabel does her best to keep her cannons a secret from the other baronies.

AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1015: Queen Catherine Plots.
Location: Leminster, Bellayne
Queen Catherine meets with her military commanders and lays out her plan to reclaim the territory known as Terra Leãoça. With Terra Leãoça preparing for an attack from Vilaverde, they are painfully unready from an attack from Bellayne. Lord Perceval "The Iron Clawed" is chosen to lead the attack. He vows that Rocha dos Gatos will be Rakasta territory once more in under a week.

AMBYRMONT 7-9, AC 1015: Lord Perceval Attacks.
Location: Três Corações, Terra Leãoça
At the break of dawn Lord Perceval and his Knights of the Thundering Roar swoop down upon the unsuspecting village of Três Corações and take the defenders by complete surprise. The battle is extremely one-sided with the survivors fleeing to the Rocha dos Gatos or crossing the Endslet River to set up a defensive line at Mina Solferina. Rakasta reserves are quickly brought to the front and Rocha dos Gatos is laid under siege.

AMBYRMONT 8, AC 1015: Asgamoth calls his advisers.
Location: The Ruins of Belphemon
The Great Magus, Asgamoth calls his closest advisers and the conflict in Terra Leãoça is the only item discussed. While the Mages of Herath do not wish to throw public support behind either side in the conflict, they do not wish the territory to fall back into Rakasta hands. It is decided to support the rebels of Terra Leãoça secretly by using magic and "political intrigue".

AMBYRMONT 13, AC 1015: Rocha dos Gatos Stands Defiant
Location: Terra Leãoça
The siege is a week old and the fort at Rocha dos Gatos is still holding. Lord Perceval's forces have been suffering as of late from rebel "hit and run" attacks. The Vilaverdan army is also fast approaching the shores of Terra Leãoça so the Rakasta forces are running short on time to secure the area. In the meanwhile, the wounded rebels are limping their way towards the village of Postera and trying to regroup. A contingent of The Company of the Shell arrives in Postera and begins setting up medical tents to aid the wounded.

AMBYRMONT 15, AC 1015: General Sanlucas Lands
Location: Terra Leãoça
The Vilaverdan fleet arrives and army units make landfall at the mouth of the Endslet River. A beach-head is quickly established and cavalry squads begin patrolling the area for rebels.

AMBYRMONT 21, AC 1015: A Secret Meeting
Location: Field HQ of Lord Perceval, Terra Leãoça
General Sanlucas and Lord Perceval hold secret talks to discuss the future of Terra Leãoça. After hours of negotiations it is decided that the two armies will combine their resources temporarily and divide the territory into two equal parts after the rebels are exterminated. General Sanlucas, however knows that once the rebels are gone, he will end up fighting the Rakasta for the rest of the territory. Lord Perceval has much the same intentions. The bad blood between Bellayne and Vilaverde does not appear to be at an end. The alliance is seen by each side as a temporary and necessary evil to achieve other goals.

AMBYRMONT 22, AC 1015: Goblins Invade Cimmaron.
Location: Along the Cimmaron borders to the Bushwack Prairies. SC
The Flat Nose goblins attempt an invasion of Cimmaron. At the battle of Fort Whitestone, the goblins manage to kill the fort's commander, General Ben Santos - a close friend to Sir John of the Wain.

AMBYRMONT 24. AC 1015: The Duke Fights Back.
Location: Mustang Hills. SC
The enraged Duke of Cimmaron leads and expedition into the Badlands where the Cimarron forces confront the Flat Nose Goblins. The swift and gallant Cimmaron Cavalry prove more than a match for the Flat Nose. Count "The Duke" John becomes a hero for his great fighting at what is now known as the Battle of Mustang Hill.

SVIFTMONT 1, AC 1015: Cortez's Last Stand
Location: Terra Leãoça
The last bastions of the General Cortez's rebel army , along with a contingent of the Company of the Shell, and the forces of General Sanlucas and Lord Perceval meet at the tower ruins of Espora-Verde and battle ensues. The rebellion is finally stomped out and Cortez is captured. After a speedy trial, lasting all of 30 minutes, Cortez and the survivors of the battle are sentenced to life imprisonment in Fortaleza da Boa Vista, the Texeiran prison in the Colony of the Horn. By the end of the day, the rebels are already on board ships and on their way. Meanwhile, the forces of General Sanlucas and Lord Perceval are already moving back to their post-treaty positions and readying themselves for the inevitable final battle.

SVIFTMONT 5, AC 1015: Spies steal Bombard
Location: Puebla de Alcazar, Torreón
A group of agents of the Texeiran Naval Intelligence were able to steal a bombard and a set of plans for building them and return with them to Boa Mansão. The Texeiran government denies involvement in the theft, but Torreón vows revenge and sends three companies of SellSwords to guard the border between Texeiras and Torreón. Travel restrictions are in place.

SVIFTMONT 15, AC 1015: Battleground-Terra Leãoça
Location: Terra Leãoça
The expeditionary force commanded by General Sanlucas and the Knights of the Thundering Roar led by Lord Perceval meet in a battle of epic proportions. Casualties are heavy on each side and General Sanlucas is killed on the field of battle. The Expeditionary force surrenders to the Rakasta. Lord Perceval allows them to board their ships and retreat in dignity. Terra Leãoça is now, once more, the sovereign territory of the Kingdom of Bellayne. Baron Jorge vows to avenge the death of his friend and to not rest until Terra Leãoça is returned to Vilaverdan control.

SVIFTMONT 24, AC 1015: A Secret Weapon
Location: Clairvault, Renardy
Large explosions have begun to break up the Eusdrian lines around Clairvault. No explanation can be given by Eusdrian commander who are convinced that this is some sort of new weapon.
In fact, the Bombard, Torreón's new secret weapon, was shipped to Renardy in a moderate amount and a new unit was founded; d'Artillerie Royale. Lupin artillery officers are convinced that continued use of the weapon will force the Eusdrian armies to flee and cause severe casualties.

SVIFTMONT 25, AC 1015: The Dreadnaught puts to Sea
Location: Gulf oh Hule, off the shores of Velha Navalha, Texeiras
A new Texeiran warship puts to sea and test fires a variation of the bombard, called a cannon. The ship, named the Dreadnaught, is thought to have as many as 20 of these weapons on its decks. It begins a patrol of the Gulf of Hule and is the mightiest ship on the seas.

SVIFTMONT 28, AC 1015: Siege Lifted
Location: Clairvault, Renardy
The Royal Artillery has forced the Eusdrian army to flee back to their own lines. This time the remnants are pursued by a company of Beastriders who savagely finish off the retreating humans. After this stunning defeat, King Sigismund III begins to rethink his strategy. This is the last time Eusdrian armies will attack Renardy directly.

EIRMONT 1, AC 1015: Secrets Found.
Location: Puerto Morillos, Narvaez. SC
Baron Hugo's spies report their findings on the bombard in Torreón. Hugo makes a deal with Baronesa Isabel, using his knowledge of the cannons as leverage. Torreón smuggles smokepowder and cannons to Narvaez, going against the sanctions placed by the Signatory Council. Narvaez, in return, promises to help the Baronesa in her conquest of Terra Vermelha. Narvaez also send soldiers to help maintain order at Las Guajacas in Torreón.

EIRMONT 3, AC 1015: The Alliance of the Anchor
Location: Porto Preto
Baron Bartolomeu and Baron Jorge, both stunned by the Rakasta intervention at Terra Leãoça secretly meet and issue Letters of Marque against the Navy of Bellayne and any ships trying to deliver supplies to the Rakasta Kingdom. Pirates are granted amnesty if they agree to attack all things Rakasta! The days of the Buccaneer Heroes has begun!

EIRMONT 11, AC 1015: Jailbreak!
Location: Colony of the Horn
General Cortez and the prisoners in Fortaleza da Boa Vista have managed to escape and take control of the prison. Cortez is organising the "convicts" into a makeshift army and marching towards Bom Jardim, the colonies only settlement. Cortez plans on returning to Terra Leãoça to continue the fight for freedom. A Texeiran fleet, including the Dreadnaught and a contingent of Marines, has been dispatched to the area to restore order. As it will be some time before the fleet will arrive, Texeiran Naval Intelligence has dispatched informants that will try to keep track of Cortez's movements if he should venture into any territory along the Savage Coast.

EIRMONT 13, AC 1015: Jailbreak! Part 2
Location: New Hope Penitentiary, County Cimarron
In an amazing twist of fate, another prison break plagues the Savage Coast. It is believed that a previously unknown thieves guild helps facilitate the escape of some of the Savage Coasts most dangerous prisoners. Smokepowder was used to blow the walls and a force of goblinoids kept the guards busy while the criminals escaped. Wanted Posters are up all over the Baronies and the hunt is on.

EIRMONT 17, AC 1015: The Haunted Woods.
Location: Bosque de las Sombras, Saragón. SC
The forest of la Bosque de las Sombras at the borders of Saragón begins to lose it's "life." Both animals and plants of the area seem sick and are slowly dying away. An evil necromancer has entered the haunted forests of Saragón and began controlling the undead found within. His experiments start twisting the forest to a point where Kalil, the archdruid of the Savage Baronies decides to put a stop to it.

KALDMONT 2, AC 1015: New Barony Founded
Location: North of Saragón, along the Rio Maldito
An eccentric retired adventurer named Philip Entroza and a large group of followers have decided to set up a new sovereign state in among the Baronies. The Merchant Houses of Dunwick, seeing the potential for profits and a trade route between Hule and the Savage Coast sponsors this new state and names Entroza, Viceroy of the Baronía de Entroza. A provisional government is set up among construction of the new capital city, Ciudad National, and the Dunwick elite have secured 2 companies of Torreóner SellSwords to provide security. Saragón openly supports the efforts of Entroza to have a go at forming a new nation, while Narvaez objects. The other Baronies wait in a neutral state to see what develops. The Merchant Houses of Dunwick are sparing no expense to make Ciudad National the jewel of the Baronies.

KALDMONT 7, AC 1015: Fort Terrapin Attacked
Location: R'nak, Tortle Tribelands
A group of Torreóner SellSwords and a band of blood-thirsty Snappers attack the Company of the Shell's stronghold. Though lightly manned at the time, the attack was beaten back and efforts are underway to repair damaged sections of the fort. When questioned, the mercenaries reveal that they were paid from an account at a bank in Dunwick to attack the fortress. The fact that Snappers were present also leads many Tortle leaders so suspect sinister goings on.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1015: Year-End Meeting of the Signatory Council
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña
The events of the past year are discussed in great detain at the last meeting for 1015. The Tortles were also represented for the first time at a Council Meeting, not as full members, but observers. The situation in Terra Leãoça was also a hot topic with almost every Barony taking a different position; Vilaverde and Narvaez calling for war with Bellayne, Texeiras calling for an embargo, Saragón, Almarrón, and Gargoña calling for negotiations, Guadalante and Cimarron supporting independence, and Torreón not caring one way or another. The ongoing hostilities between Eusdria and Renardy were discussed. As it was seen as nothing more than a "land-grab war", the official policy of the Council was "hands off".