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Savage Coast Timeline

by Tristan Dunigan

AC 1016 ***A Detailed History***

NUWMONT 5, AC 1016: Dreadnaught arrives at Orc's Head
Location: Western Sea near Orc's Head Peninsula, SC
The Dreadnaught , under the command of Captain Chayton Espinoza, arrives on the southern tip of the Orc's Head Peninsula en route to the Colony of the Horn. Her mission is to drop of a contingent of Texeiran Marines at the colony to restore order. Upon rounding the tip of Orc's Head, Dreadnaught, is attacked by rafts from the Tribe of the Sea Plague. Literally hundreds of rafts converge on the mighty ship. Thanks to her cannons, she manages to beat back the Orcs, however she did sustain heavy damage. Dreadnaught now limps toward the Colony of the Horn.

NUWMONT 13, AC 1016: First Annual Baronial Derby Held
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña, SC
In an attempt to promote friendly relations between the Baronies, Baronesa Esperanza sponsors the First Annual Baronial Derby. Each Baron enters his finest horse and rider for a chance to win prizes and prestige. The winner of the very first race is "Divinity" a horse entered by Baron Hugo of Narvaez. The next race is to be held in Puerto Morillos next year.

NUWMONT 25, AC 1016: Bellayne / Dunwick Merchant Houses Strike Deal
Location: Free City of Dunwick, SC
Knowing that the Navy of Bellayne is small and no match for the combined might of the Sea Powers; Vilaverde and Texeiras, Queen Catherine strikes a deal with the Merchant Houses of Dunwick to build ships to combat the Alliance of the Anchor. The call goes out in Bellayne for anyone with maritime experience to volunteer and report to the city of Theeds for indoctrination to Her Majesty's Navy. Rakasta, Humans, and Elves answer the call.

VATERMONT 2, AC 1016: Baron Balthazar de Montejo y Aranjuez dies at age 86
Location: Ciudad Matacán, Saragón, SC
After many years of wise rulership, Baron Balthazar dies in office. The Parliament orders the entire Barony observe the remainder of Vatermont as a mourning period. After this mourning period is over, Parliament will appoint a successor to the Baronhood. Currently, Dona Angelita is considered the favourite to ascend to the title of ruler of Saragón.

VATERMONT 5, AC 1016: Dreadnaught arrives at Colony of the Horn
Location: Colony of the Horn, SC
After dropping anchor near Bom Jardim, the Dreadnaught unloads her contingent of Marines. They will spend the next few weeks restoring order to the distant colony. In the meantime, repairs get underway for the ship herself. When order is restored, General Cortez is nowhere to be found.

VATERMONT 7, AC 1016: Treaty of Dunwick
Location: Free City of Dunwick, SC
The Kingdom of Eusdria and the Kingdom of Renardy agree to a truce broquered by the Company of the Shell. Each nation agrees not to send military forces into the disputed "Northern Frontier". The Treaty does not restrict settlers or merchant caravans from entering the area. It is also agreed that the lands between Renardy and Eusdria shall be a neutral zone. In order to enforce this, the two nations ask the Company of the Shell to monitor the area and ensure treaty compliance.

VATERMONT 22, AC 1016: LB Losing Ground
Location: Free City of Dunwick, SC
Ever since the emergence of the mysterious Merchant Houses of Dunwick, the LB Trading company has been knocked back on its heels. Its profits and value have been steadily plummeting. It is feared by many economic observers that if the current trend continues, LB will be run out of Dunwick, a very important trade hub, all together. The new trading house already has begun construction an a vast new shipyard in Dunwick...larger than even the famed Texeiran Yards. The Merchant Houses of Dunwick are also responsible for funding the new Barony of Entroza with enough capital to set up its infrastructure and build a lavish capital city, Ciudad National.

VATERMONT 28, AC 1016: Assassination Attempt
Location: Ciudad Tejillas, Almarrón, SC
At a public festival, Baron Maximiliano is seriously wounded by assassins. His personal Honourbound quickly subdue the offenders. Upon interrogation, it is learned that Don Esteban is behind the attempted murder. The Honourbound of Almarrón double their efforts in order to find the deposed dictator. Baron Max is expected to recover, but his wounds were serious. Until the Baron can resume his duties, the governing authority falls to the Commander of the Baron's Honourbounds

THAUMONT 2, AC 1016: Dona Angelita named Baronesa of Saragón
Location: Ciudad Matacán, Saragón, SC
After a month of mourning, the Parliament of Saragón officially names Dona Angelita the successor of Balthazar. A celebration is then held in her honour. The post of Speaker of Parliament is given to Don Claudio de Tolon. Don Luis, while disappointed, understands and accepts the reasons he is not named to replace either Baron or Parliament Speaker. Currently a search is underway for a worthy person to take on the Baronetship of Montejo. Until such time as a successor to Don Claudio can be found, the local constabulary will administer the southern part of Saragón.

THAUMONT 3, AC 1016: Terrorist Attack
Location: Terra Leãoça, Bellayne, SC
The barracks used by the garrison of Rocha dos Gatos exploded with tremendous force. The Castle itself was also damaged in the blast. Strangely, no traces of Smokepowder were found and it is unknown what could have caused such a tremendous explosion. There were no survivors in the barracks and reserves are en route from Bellayne. Some eyewitnesses report seeing odd movements in the jungles near the castle, so terrorism is suspected.......In an unrelated report, sightings of giant spiders is on the rise in the newly acquired Rakasta territory. No one knows just why they are here.

THAUMONT 12, AC 1016: Baronial Birth
Location: Cristobal Hacienda, Guadalante, SC
Twins, a boy and a girl, are born to Senor Cristobal de Bigotillos y Copetez and his wife Dona Catalina; daughter of Baron Hugo of Narvaez. Despite the ill will the Baron felt when Senor Cristobal "spirited away" his daughter, it is said that he is indeed happy to by a Grandfather. The names of the two newborns are unknown at this time.

THAUMONT 16, AC 1016: Orcs Attack!
Location: Fort Eporax, Robrenn, SC
A surprise attack from 2 directions beset the Fortress at Eporax. The Orcs of Cassivellonis and Carnax have moved into Robrenn and have laid siege to the fort. Baron Calturix 'The Bloodthirsty' is said to be personally leading a force to relieve the fort. Baron Teuthoel of Sedhuen has put his troops on alert as well, due to his proximity to Orc territory. The Druids are concerned as the sacred Forest of Carnuilh lies only 35 miles from the fighting. King Edwix has called up the national militia to defend the forest if necessary.

THAUMONT 21, AC 1016: Tortles Receive Gift
Location: Bastiao das Tartarugas, SC
The Barony of Vilaverde, in an attempt to free up desperately needed funds for their war with Bellayne, as offered to turn over the Bastiao das Tartarugas and the surrounding villages to the Company of the Shell, to "do with as they see fit". This will free men, material, and money that can be used in the war effort. The Company accepts the gift and renames one of the villages Ciudad Tortuga. The company of the Shell now has a base of operations close to the Baronies.

THAUMONT 28, AC 1016: Cortez Surfaces
Location: Vieux Carre, Nouvelle Renardy, SC
Agents of Texeiran Naval Intelligence spot the escaped rebel leader, General Hector Cortez and a handful of followers in the capital city of Nouvelle Renardy. After a short battle and a fast paced chase through the streets and canals, Cortez escapes into the swamps. When asked for help, the Governor, Sir Hugh Leggett, informed the Texeiran officials that it was not the policy of Nouvelle Renardy to chase "foreign criminals". But if he were to commit a crime within the lands of the New Lupins, they would indeed seek him out. It is thought that General Cortez is trying to make his way back to Terra Leãoça to continue his fight for freedom.

FLAURMONT 2, AC 1016: Caterina Named Baronet
Location: Ciudad Matacán, Saragón, SC
With a shining recommendation from her husband, who happens to be Speaker of Parliament, the body names Don Claudio's wife, Caterina, the title of Baronet of Montejo. Caterina also happens to be the daughter of Baronesa Esperansa of Gargoña. It is hoped that she can rule the Lands of Monetjo as well as her mother rules the Barony of Gargoña.

FLAURMONT 17, AC 1016: Buccaneer Heroes
Location: The Free City of Dunwick, SC
In a daring raid, buccaneers attack the new shipyards in Dunwick. They managed to set fire to three ships that were under construction for the Rakasta war effort. They left behind only 3 burning hulls and a Vilaverdan Flag. The Merchant Houses of Dunwick are offering a large reward for the capture and conviction of the offenders.

FLAURMONT 23, AC 1016: Caught Red Handed
Location: Punto-Eseobar, Narvaez, SC
Texeiran Naval Intelligence officials witnessed a transfer of smokepowder and the new bombard weapon from Torreóner to Narvaezan hands. The agents quickly reported their observations to their headquarters.

YARTHMONT 1, AC 1016: Emergency Meeting
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña, SC
At the request of Texeiras, an emergency meeting of the Signatory Council is called. At the meeting Texeiras reveals everything that is known about the bombard and Torreóns efforts to smuggle the new weapon along with smokepowder to Narvaez, in violation of the enplaced sanctions. After the secret is revealed, Torreón strikes a deal to avoid sanctions herself. In exchange for ceasing shipments of illegal items to Narvaez, Torreón is granted exclusive rights to mine Terra Vermelha. Narvaez vows vengeance upon Texeiras and against Torreón for selling out.
Soon after the decision is made at the Signatory Council, the Inheritor Orders call an emergency meeting of their own. At issue is Torreón's sudden "ownership" to a large percentage of the cinnabryl mined along the coast and what that development will mean for the Orders.

YARTHMONT 13, AC 1016: Black Bellies Attack Tortles
Location: Camel Hump, near Ciudad Tortuga, SC
The Black Belly Yazi, apparently angered at the budding Tortle population in and around the Lowlands Gap, attack several small villages and leave almost no survivors. Those who do manage to escape to safety report vast numbers of goblinoids in the Gap and in the Badlands; the likes of which have not been seen since the assault on Torre de Manzanas five years ago. Messengers are sent to Sir John to warn him as Cimmaron borders the Badlands.

YARTHMONT 17, AC 1016 : Lords Castle Burned
Location: near Wallingford, Bellayne, SC
The estate of Lord Perceval "The Iron Clawed" is burned to the ground. Lord Perceval was not at home, but was still in Terra Leãoça overseeing his troops. His family managed to escape the blaze with only minor injuries, but several of the household staff and guards were killed. Before death, one of the guards reported seeing "spiders everywhere". It is not known what to make of the last words of the soldier.

YARTHMONT 23, AC 1016: Baron Max Recovers and Resumes Duties
Location: Ciudad Tejillas, Almarrón, SC
Baron Maximiliano, fully recovered from the assassination attempt, resumes his duties as ruler of Almarrón. He asks his people to aid him and his Honourbound in finding Don Esteban so that they can bring him to justice.

KLARMONT 2, AC 1016: The Council of Asgamoth
Location: Asgamoth, Herath, SC
The Wizard King Yahav IV meets with his personal council. It is reported that the campaign against the Rakasta is going well and achieving the desired results. Already more and more troops are being sent to Terra Leãoça, causing unrest in Bellayne itself. Yahav himself reveals he is working on a special plan, but will not reveal details.

KLARMONT 10, AC 1016: Romance in the Baronies
Location: Ciudad Morales, Torreón, SC
It is reported that retired adventurer and ruler of the Barony of Entroza, Philip Entroza ,was spotted having a romantic candlelight dinner in a quaint but ritzy restaurant, with Baronesa Isabel. Word from the Baronesa's staff is that the two have been seeing each other since the beginning of the year.

KLARMONT 21, AC 1015: Orcs Routed
Location: Fort Eporax, Robrenn, SC
Baron Calturix and Baron Teuthoel lead their troops against the invading Orc tribes. The Orcs run rather than risk a total defeat at the hands of the Robrenn militia. However, thanks to a large contingent of rangers, the Orcs were followed back to their camps and attacked. It is believed that the fleeing Orcs are headed into the Highlands of Pystis to try to ally themselves with the goblins who live there. The troops of Robrenn return to their homes and normalcy is restored for now.

KLARMONT 25, AC 1016: Ciudad National Finished / Wedding Bells
Location: Ciudad National, Barony of Entroza, SC
In a huge festival, Ciudad National is officially ready to do the business of governing the fledgling Barony of Entroza. The Merchant Houses of Dunwick spared no expense in either the building of the city or the celebration to mark its founders day. In a surprise announcement, Viceroy Philip Entroza announces his engagement to Baronessa Isabel of Torreón.

KLARMONT 27, AC 1016: Trouble In Eusdria
Location: Othmar, Eusdria, SC
While the Treaty of Dunwick ended hostilities with Renardy, some of the Barons within the Kingdom were not happy about the Treaty. In fact, since the Treaty was signed by King Sigismund, now somewhat demoralised after the recent war, some of the Barons have been speaking openly of continuing the war on their own without the Kings approval. Among the most outspoken of the King's opponents is Duchess Beovilda. Being the "Blunt" Baroness she is, she actually called for the king to abdicate and make way for a "stronger ruler". The King, however is not without supporters. Count Theodamir of Harstal vows to stand by the King no matter what. The other two Barons are still on the fence. The Royal Council fears that it is possible that the Kingdom of Eusdria is in danger of breaking into 4 separate nations.

KLARMONT 28, AC 1016: Phanatons Outraged
Location: near the Tower of Enbuth, Herath, SC
In a barbaric display of border protection, a group of Phanatons were massacred by "unknown" parties as they crossed into the woods of Western Herath. The Mage, Enbuth, claims the Phanatons had come to try and ransack his tower. Phanatons in Risilvar claim their intentions were innocent and they were merely foraging for food. Phanatons vow to get even with the Herathian Wizard.

FELMONT 3, AC 1016: Renardy / Nouvelle Renardy Meet
Location: The Free City of Dunwick
Delegates from Renardy and Nouvelle Renardy meet for the first time officially since the forced exodus of the followers of Pflarr. After 3 years, it appears that most of the bad blood is gone and the two nations agree to open diplomatic channels. A Lupin is a Lupin , it is rationalised now, no matter what Immortal they follow. Even with the new friendliness, the Pariahs of Pflarr are still forbidden to return to Renardy for any reason.

FELMONT 23, AC 1016: Don Esteban Captured
Location: Paso Dorado, Almarrón, SC
After many years on the run and conducting a guerilla war against Baron Max, Don Esteban is captured by a group of loyal Honourbound. He is brought to the capital and put on trial. Observers from other Baronies are invited to insure that it is a fair trial. In the end, Don Esteban is found guilty. Rather than have him executed, Baron Max has compassion and asks Sir John to accept Don Esteban in New Hope Penitentiary. Sir John agrees, and Don Esteban begins his life sentence.

FYRMONT 5, AC 1016: Wedding in the Baronies
Location: Ciudad National, Entroza, SC
The wedding to end all weddings. The two nobles, Philip Entroza and Isabel Morales are joined in wedded bliss. The occasion is extravagant and is a real who's who in the Savage Baronies. Indeed, the Kingdoms of the Central Coast, except Eusdria, have sent representatives as well. As far as what the marriage will mean politically in the Baronies, no one can say at the moment. Surely Torreón and Entroza will be allies, but even turning the two lands into one is a rumour. With the financial backing of the Merchant Houses of Dunwick for Entroza, and the cinnabryl resources of Torreón's mining rights in Terra Vermelha, it is speculated that there soon could be a shift in the balance of power in the Baronies.

FYRMONT 17, AC 1016: Cimmaron to Aid Tortles
Location: near Camel Hump, SC
With the signing of the Treaty of South Gulch, the Tortles of Camel Hump (a generic term used for all Tortles living within the area of Bastiao das Tartarugas) and Cimmaron agree to keep a vigilant watch on the badlands and to join forces when threatened by a goblinoid threat. Indeed, soon after the agreement , a contingent of the Company of the Shell ride their chariots side by side with the Cimmaron Cavalry to push back the Black Bellies that raided the Tortles villages.

FYRMONT 23, AC 1016: Battle of Helmet Bay
Location: Helmet Bay, SC
After a refit at the Colony of the Horn, the Dreadnaught has arrived at Helmet Bay just in time to take part in a major sea battle between the Navy of Bellayne and the Alliance of the Anchor. No less than 40 ships in 2 armadas are facing each other. As this was the first ship-to-ship engagement with her cannons aboard, her crew had to make up tactics as they went along. The Dreadnaught did succeed in putting many ships out of action. What the battle is best remembered for is the epic fight between Dreadnaught and the HMS Malburn. With all her smokepowder expended, and moderate damage to her hull, the Dreadnaught was rammed by the Malburn. A close battle ensued, and when the smoke cleared, the Malburn was on her way to the bottom. The damaged Dreadnaught fought off the fresh Rakasta ship and was victorious. Captain Chayton Espinoza secures his place in naval history and becomes a hero to both Texeiras and Vilaverde.

AMBYRMONT 1, AC 1016 Wildfires in Guadalante / Yazi Attack
Location: Guadalante, SC
Numerous wildfires burn out of control in the grasslands of Guadalante. Weather it was started by lightning or by Yazi matters little, as the Yazi take advantage of the cover of smoke to launch numerous raids into the Barony. Bands of wandering Gaucho's come together to fend off the raiding parties. When the fires are snuffed out by rains and by the hard work of Gaucho fire-fighters, 7 ranches had been ransacked by Yazi.

AMBYRMONT 8, AC 1016: Inheritor Band Attack Miners
Location: Campo-Ladrao, Terra Vermelha, SC
A group of Inheritors, calling themselves the Vermilion Guard, attack the miners camp, Campo-Ladrao, and steal as much Cinnabryl as they can carry. Torreón is outraged, but all three Orders of Inheritors say they know nothing of the attack. In fact the Orders offer to help Torreón discover who this new group of Inheritors is and what they are all about. Torreón, somewhat suspicious, turns down the offer, and instead, like Narvaez, outlaws Inheritors within its borders. The Inheritor Orders decide to conduct an investigation anyhow.

AMBYRMONT 15, AC 1016 : Death Flame / Undead attack Renardy
Location: Chateau de Valefroi, Renardy, SC
The Northern Frontier has been quiet and goblin free since the war with Eusdria ended. One night, however, like a nightmare, an eerie reddish light came from the northern frontier. Soon after, the light was followed by something worse than a goblin hoard. The Inheritor Lich Death Flame, along with a large number of Cursed Ones attack the Chateau de Valefroi. The defenders put up a valiant defence, but in the end there is nothing they can do against the undead. All within the castle perish. Strangely, the undead stop there and now the Chateau Valefroi is considered a haunted place. Marquis François, the ruler of the province, has forbidden anyone from going to the castle. The Clergy of Renardy has been consulted and are working on a solution. Still, some adventurers and treasure hunters wish to press their luck as the Chateau was said to be full of valuables. Most are never heard from again.

SVIFTMONT 4, AC 1016 Rakasta Destroy Lighthouses
Location: Protectorado da Presa, SC
Not to be outdone by the Alliance of the Anchor, the Rakasta Navy conducts a daring raid near Protectorado de Presa. Three of the four lighthouses in the area and destroyed. This is especially damaging as the waters in the area are shallow and reef ridden. The Texeiran Navy does manage to counter the Rakasta attack, but major damage had already been done by that time their ships arrived on the scene. This was a costly victory for Bellayne however, as without the lighthouses, many Rakasta ships ran aground on the reefs. Their crews were either captured and taken to the Praca Forte de Texeiras or they escaped inland to cause more trouble.

SVIFTMONT 11, AC 1016: Ambassador Kidnapped
Location: The Free City of Dunwick, SC
An important, high level, Rakasta ambassador to the Merchant Houses of Dunwick was kidnapped by unknown parties. This is seen as a major setback as the delegate had information vital to the Rakasta war effort as well as the funds to pay for ships and mercenary sailors. The Alliance of the Anchor has denied having anything to do with the kidnapping. A small group of Tortles from the Company of the Shell decide to investigate the matter.

SVIFTMONT 26, AC 1016: Sigismund Steps Down
Location: Othmar, Eusdria
Almost a year to the day after the war with Renardy ended, a disheartened and sorrowful King Sigismund abdicates his throne and names no successor. His allies and council plead with him not to take this action, but it seems no one can alter his course. Almost Immediately, Duchess Beovilda declares herself Queen and ruler of Eusdria. The other leaders, Count Theodamir or Harstal, Baron Arthaulh of Mohesia, and Baroness Utha of Savaria, challenge her claim to the throne. Sigismund and his family and advisers are exiled and Robrenn agrees to accept them. Tensions are high as "Queen Beovilda" demands the nobles swear fealty to her. They of course refuse, except for the newly appointed Duke Ewald of Frisonnia. Eusdria is on the brink of civil war.

EIRMONT 1, AC 1016: Dreadnaught arrives in Texeiras
Location: Boa Mansão, Texeiras, SC
Amid the cheers of thousands, the Dreadnaught returns to her home port for repairs, refit, and resupply. Captain Espinoza is greeted as a national hero and is promoted to Admiral, a rank which he turns down in order to remain in command of the ship that brought him safely home. Many of the crew were not as lucky and a memorial is arranged for those crewmen that perished in the line of duty. Already, Dreadnaught has a sister ship moored next to her awaiting sea trials. The Warspite is even larger than her sister ship and sports another gundeck for more of the new cannon weapons.

EIRMONT 3, AC 1016 The Return of General Cortez
Location: Opher, Herah, SC
It is reported that the renegade General Hector Cortez, has been spotted in a Herathian village trying to raise soldiers to march into Terra Leãoça. This development is disturbing to Queen Catherine as it means the Herath is harbouring her enemy. This is an unwelcome distraction as the war with the Alliance of the Anchor takes up much of the time and resources of Bellayne and her military. A messenger is dispatched to inform Lord Perceval "The Iron Clawed" of the situation, but strict orders to respect Herath's borders are also sent. The last thing the Queen wants is Herathian entry into the war.

EIRMONT 7, AC 1016: Tortles Rescue Ambassador
Location: near the ruins of Shtun, Mt. Utt, SC
A small group of Tortles from the Company of the Shell discover that the Rakasta Trade Ambassador is being held in the ruins of an old Tortle city near Mt. Utt. A group of mages and mercenaries figured that since Mt Utt erupted somewhat recently, no one would look for them here. The Tortles mount a daring rescue attempt, and are indeed able to save him from his kidnappers. Sadly, most of the Tortles perish and many of the kidnappers escape into the desert. The ambassador is returned to Bellayne. After questioning the rescued ambassador, it is determined that the mages in the band were probably Herathian agents. The ambassador also reported seeing "giant spiders" in the vicinity of the ruined village. It is not known what to make of this.

EIRMONT 9, AC 1016 : Plague in Um-Shedu
Location: Um-Shedu, SC
The Enduk and Ee'aar of Um-Shedu are becoming sick and perishing from a mysterious illness. No other races within the city seem to be affected. This is seen as a tactic to weaken the city in preparation for an assault. Those Enduk and Ee'aar that are healthy enough take up arms and prepare to fend off whoever attacks the city. Since the Manscorpions of Nimmur have vowed to take the city for themselves, it is probably they that are behind the plague and the upcoming attack. The Enduk plea for any outside help that can be offered.

EIRMONT 11, AC 1016: Birth of a Nation
Location: Porto Escorpião, SC
Tired of waiting from an answer from his father on the status of his status as heir, Don Jorge, son of the Baron of Vilaverde, had taken his destiny in his own hands. Having met with the independent colonists of both Porto Escorpião and Porto Maldição, a new nation is born; the Barony of Maldição. In a letter to his father, Don Jorge assures his father that he bears him no ill will and does look forward to having close ties with Vilaverde. On the other hand, he will not aid or support Vilaverde in its war with Bellayne. Due to the new Barony's position outside of the "Cursed Area" it is seen as an explorers paradise. Ships from the Barony can freely explore where ever the winds may take them, without worry of affliction. The Enduks of Eshu see this as a positive development, as this new Baron may agree to help them in their struggle against the Manscorpions of Nimmur.

EIRMONT 13, AC 1016 Nimmurians Abandon Assault
Location: Er, Kingdom on Nimmur, SC
With the founding of the Barony of Maldição, the Nimmurians scrap their planned assault on Um-Shedu. The plague their sorcerers manufactured to sicken the winged races worked marvellously, however with the new Barony having a sympathetic ear for the Enduk, it is decided that the costal cities must not be left undefended. Armies from those cities were to play key roles in the assault. The Manscorpions now wait to see where the political tides will ebb and flow next.

KALDMONT 4, AC 1016: Rakasta Reveal Gunship
Location: Theeds, Bellayne, SC
The Rakasta, thanks in large part with their relationship with the Merchant Houses of Dunwick, and the MHoD's support of Entroza & Torreón, reveal that they too have a ship equipped with the new cannon weapons. She is christened HMS Leminster and is currently patrolling Helmet Bay. This development has Alliance ships in the area banding together in larger numbers to protect themselves from the Leminster's guns.

KALDMONT 15, AC 1016: Immortals Save the Queen!
Location: Leminster, Bellayne, SC
While addressing her council in her throne room, Queen Katherine of Bellayne vanishes in thin air. Court Wizards begin an exhaustive investigation, but turn up no clues as to Her Majesty's location. Soon after, a message arrives at Leminster, demanding that Bellayne end the war by pulling its armies out of Terra Leãoça. The message gives the Rakasta one month for compliance, in which time the Queen will be well treated. After the deadline comes and goes, the Queen will die a horrible death. The Alliance of the Anchor knows nothing of the kidnapping. The Rakasta nobles ponder what to do next.

KALDMONT 28, AC 1016 Year-End Meeting of the Signatory Council
Location: Ciudad Real, Gargoña, SC
Once again it is time for the annual meeting for the Signatory Council. For the first time, the Barony of Entroza is welcomed into the meetings. Many breathe a sigh of relief as both Entroza and Torreón have separate delegates. To the rest of the council it is seen as a sign that the two nations are not yet ready to unify. This year's meeting is unprecedented as all the Barons are here to represent their lands. This marks the first time that all the rulers of the Baronies have met face to face. A special tribute is offered for the late Baron Balthazar of Saragón and his successor Baronesa Angelita is warmly welcomed. Baron Jorge de Vilaverde takes the opportunity to announce that his son Fernando will be his heir. Congratulations are given on the marriage of Baron Entroza and Baronesa Isabel and for the new children in the Cristobal family. Everyone also expresses their gratefulness that Baron Maximiliano has recovered from his wounds and that the fugitive Don Esteban is now in prison.
The first item discussed is the Alliance of the Anchor and its war with the Kingdom of Bellayne. Both Texeiras and Vilaverde stated they were prepared to fight on, but with the new development of Queen Katherine's kidnapping and the fact the Hector Cortez is just across the border from Terra Leãoça, the sea powers hint they are willing to accept a cease fire until the Queen is returned. It is hoped that the Rakasta will pull out to save their Queen. If not, there is sure to be internal squabbling in Bellayne to see who will succeed her. Either way, the Alliance knows it will fare better fighting Cortez and his rag-tag army than a prolonged slug-fest with the Rakasta.
The second item is the growing tensions between Narvaez and the rest of the Baronies. When asked why the Barony needed to import such things as smokepowder and bombards, Baron Hugo offered no explanation but to say it was for defence only. He points to last years meeting when he promised he was not planning a holy war with anyone, and then to a years worth of relative calm within the Barony. The Council does vote to lift the sanctions but also to keep a watchful eye on Narvaez.
Thirdly, Entroza and Torreón; everyone wants to know what the two nations have planned, Unification or separate rule? Unfortunately, the two nations have no comment on the matter but to say the unification is an option that is being looked at very carefully
Fourth, Sir John brings a motion that the Tortles of Camel Hump be allowed representation in the Signatory Council. While most of the Baronies like the idea, it is brought up, not suprisingly by Narvaez, the Tortles of Camel Hump, while organised, are not a sovereign nation, and therefore should not be granted full member status. For the time being, it is decided, the Tortles shall continue to have observer status on the Signatory Council. The Tortles are disappointed, but accept the ruling with a quiet, distinguished grace. Sir John promises the Tortles he will make the motion again at next years meeting.
Fifth, Torreón and Narvaez complain about the seemingly boundless jurisdiction of Texeiran Naval Intelligence. Torreón states that if not for the spies of the group, much of the tensions that exist in the Baronies today would not be. Texeiras argues that the tensions would still be there, they would just be unknown and therefor the group offers a great service not only to Texeiras but to all the Baronies. Baron Bart is quick to point out the illegal smuggling from Torreón to Narvaez and how the Council would have never known if not of TNI.
After these, "Baronial Issues" are discussed they move onto the Savage Coast at large. The situation is Eusdria is discussed as well as the new Barony founded by Baron Jorge's son. The LB Trading Company / Merchant Houses of Dunwick is also an issue discussed.