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The land of Hule, also known as Great Hule and the Sanctified Land, is a large nation to the north of the Savage Coast's City-States and Savage Baronies. Primarily farmland, the nation is a hagiarchy, a government run by the holy men. Though many goblinoids and a few demihumans live in Hule, only humans participate directly in government. Non-humans can, however, act as advisers to high officials.

The leader of Hule is a mysterious individual known only as the Master, the absolute dictator of the land. He leads the clergy in the worship of Hule's patron Immortal, Bozdogan, also known as Loki. Patron of deceit and mischief, Loki has manipulated the people of Hule to create a bureaucracy of liars and thieves. Political intrigue runs rampant in Hule, and to unite the nation, the Master sometimes finds it necessary to create an outside conflict. This has led to Hule's instigation of wars with its neighbours, including the City-States and the Savage Baronies.

The people of Hule are divided into many classes: holy men, diviners, hermits, prophets, clergy, and commoners (listed in order of decreasing importance). Holy men are the rulers, individuals who if not actually clergy have been somehow touched by the Immortals. The holy men comprise most of the nation's administration.

Diviners act as police, travelling the country freely, though sometimes in disguise. When not disguised, they wear red robes and black masks and carry a crystal amulet. The diviners search for criminals, not only thieves and murderers, but also those who have "wrong thoughts." Wrong thoughts include any ideas that disagree with the official state religion. Therefore, clerics and followers of other Immortals are criminals in Hule. Diviners also seek people worthy of government service, bringing likely candidates before the leaders of Hule for testing.

Hermits are people who claim to have had a vision from Bozdogan instructing them to live alone in the wilderness. Peasants sometimes seek out hermits for guidance.

Prophets travel the countryside, and while not government officials, are recognised for their great wisdom and judgment. They act as judges, and though they have no real power others almost always accept their decisions.

Clerics operate the local temples and shrines, guiding and instructing the people. They try to bring out the "holiness" in each person and even prepare some for testing by the diviners.

Commoners are just that: farmers, soldiers, merchants, and crafters. Most follow the state religion and lead relatively peaceful lives unless called to war.

Religious services occur every night in Hule, and once a week, clerics lead processions through towns or villages, searching for anything unusual that might be declared a miracle. Commoners usually attend services twice a week.

Hule currently remains at peace with the nations of the Savage Coast, recovering from the last set of wars. Huleans still plot and spy, however. Minor events related to Hule occur all the time, especially in the City-States and Savage Baronies.