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Short Adventures

This chapter contains five sample adventure encounters specific to the Savage Coast, as well as a few sample characters that can be used for SAVAGE COAST adventures.

Immediately after each adventure title, headings identify the terrain the adventure should be set in, total party levels recommended, total gold pieces possible, and experience points to be gained from defeating the central creature. Next comes a "Setup" section, listing ideas for involving the PCs in the story. The body of the adventure follows, often with subheadings for particular creatures or events.

Of course, many other adventures can be found on the Savage Coast, including adventures that lead into a campaign to remove the Red Curse. Before running any of these sample adventures, or the larger adventure presented in the next chapter, the DM should give some thought to how any of these might be used to set off a long term campaign. Several of these adventures present characters that can be used again at a later date, and some have adventure hooks that can lead into a larger series of adventures.

Each of these adventures should serve as a springboard for future campaign ideas. For example, the "Lord Flame" scenario should suggest several ways in which Inheritors can be used to provide adversaries or friends for the player characters. "War Party" demonstrates the constant difficulties with border disputes on the Savage Coast; it should be easy enough for a DM to generate some sort of conflict for anywhere the PCs visit.

As with any campaign, initially generating adventures, especially adventures that correctly capture the flavour of the setting, can be difficult. However, the samples provided here should present a feel for life on the Savage Coast.

The sample characters provided at the end of this chapter should also offer some ideas. Use these characters for a quick start or to show what Savage Coast characters are like, but remember that the best way to really delve into a setting is to create a character for it. Do not hesitate to help a player create a character for the SAVAGE COAST campaign; both player and DM should learn from such a session.

Lord Flame

Terrain: Any

Total Party Levels: 18

Total gp: 34

Monster XP: 6,000


* The PCs hear about an Inheritor named Lord Flame, who has been attacking people and taking their cinnabryl and red steel.

* Lord Flame ambushes the PCs.

* Another Inheritor (who would have to be created by the DM and introduced separately) has declared a permanent challenge against Lord Flame. This Inheritor hires the PCs to kill Lord Flame.

* If one of the PCs is an Inheritor, Lord Flame challenges that character to a battle for his red steel.

The Story

For the past several weeks, Carlos de Las Navas, better known as Lord Flame, has been building a hoard of cinnabryl and red steel. His primary method of acquiring the materials has been to steal them. The villain intends to make himself a suit of red steel plate mail and is most interested in that metal. Still, he collects cinnabryl as well, so he has a long-lasting supply. Lord Flame seldom steals anything else from his victims unless something unusual catches his eye.

Lord Flame belongs, unsurprisingly, to the Order of the Flame, the chaotic Inheritors. He is a selfish individual, concerned mostly with enriching himself. So far he has respected the Code of the Orders, adhering to both its letter and its spirit, so as to avoid being declared a renegade. He has never robbed anyone on land protected by an Inheritor, and even avoids attacking associate members of the Orders. If Lord Flame encounters another Inheritor, he issues a challenge. However, he never makes permanent challenges, wishing to avoid the possibility of ambush.

Flame stands 5'6" tall and is well muscled. He has dark, curly hair, a moustache, and a malicious grin. His skin is deep red, and his hair is tinted with red. The irises of his eyes are red as well. His rough features do not make him a handsome man. As Lord Flame, he dresses in chain mail with a red tabard and a red cape, both decorated with his sigil, a flame with eyes.

Lord Flame is a somewhat charismatic and skilled actor. He might approach the PCs in a friendly manner, using a false name, offering to help them with whatever they are doing. If they reveal that they are looking for "Lord Flame," he happily offers to join them, waiting for an opportunity to launch a surprise attack. A smooth talker, he is genuinely helpful until he turns against his prey, at which point he proudly declares "I am Lord Flame!" and attacks.

The villain prefers to start a battle with a flying attack, keeping the sun at his back and often using Missile or Ball of Fire from the sky. His first melee attack is usually a charge with his flight lance, later attacking with a red steel long sword. Lord Flame uses his Legacies as needed but always saves one activation of the Fly Legacy in case the battle goes against him and he needs to escape. While he does not go out of his way to kill opponents, neither is he squeamish about doing so if necessary. He avoids smokepowder weapons, and the threat of an explosion of smokepowder can cause him to break off combat, even though he is currently carrying enough cinnabryl to safely weather several explosions without suffering the Time of Loss and Change.

If Lord Flame encounters the PCs and survives, he could become a recurring villain. If the PCs kill him and make their deed known, they will be reviled in the town of Las Navas (in Gargoña), where Lord Flame is regarded as something of a hero.

Carlos de Las Navas, Lord Flame: AC 5; MV 12; 9th-level Inheritor fighter; hp 44; THAC0 12; #AT 3/2; Dmg by weapon; AL CN; ST 14, DX 14, CN 13, IN 11, WI 9, CH 11.

Legacies: Ball of Fire, Burn, Crimson Fire, Fly, Missile, Red Shield. The flame for Burn issues from Lord Flame's right hand. His Fly Legacy causes no transformation.

Weapon Proficiencies: Long sword, bolas, flight lance, javelin, horseman's mace.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Redsmithing (11), weaponsmithing (8), gaming (11), acting (10), intimidation (14 or 11).

Equipment: Red steel long sword, red steel horseman's mace, cinnabryl (enough for eight weeks and three days), chain mail, purse with 34 gp. Lord Flame also has a small, hidden treasure trove of cinnabryl and red steel. The exact location of this cache is left to the DM, as is the exact content.

War Party

Terrain: Plains

Total Party Levels: 18

Total gp: 0

Monster XP: 2,100


* Mysterious raiders have waylaid caravans recently, and an attack was made on a small town within the last week. The PCs are asked by local leaders to find the perpetrators and put a stop to the raids.

* While the PCs are relaxing in a small town, mounted raiders approach and demand booty from the villagers.

* As the adventurers travel, they see someone approaching from a distance. Eventually, the war party catches up with them to negotiate or attack.

The Story

Because of recent goblinoid activities in the Yazak Steppe region, hunting has been poor there. As a result, a small group of rakasta Beast Riders (with feliquine mounts) has moved south in search of prey. Upon reaching more civilised regions, the Beast Riders recently raided a herd of cattle owned by a local merchant. The merchant hired guards to drive them out of the area, and now the Beast Riders have more or less declared war on the local populace, conducting retributive raids. Their first raid resulted in the merchant's death and the burning of his farm. Now the other locals are up in arms from rage and fear.

As roving warriors, the rakasta Beast Riders did not understand at first that the free-ranging cattle they encountered were owned by anyone. Consequently, they felt wronged when they were attacked, and they began striking back from a sense of vengeance and self-defence. Since the initial hubbub, however, they have come to realise that brands on cattle are signs of ownership, but now that they consider themselves at war, they ignore all such symbols.

The Beast Riders are in an environment alien to them, and their numbers have been reduced dramatically by the conflict. In addition, they have now spent enough time in the cursed regions that the Red Curse is beginning to affect them. (At the DM's option, the Beast Riders can be at the end of the Time of Grace, or can have entered the Time of Loss and have fully enabled Legacies.) Although they feel the tide has turned against them, their sense of honour demands they stay to seek revenge on their enemies. It may be possible for the player characters to negotiate with them and work things out (for which the PCs should be given the full experience point award listed), but several problems must be solved before that can happen.

First, the Beast Riders are inclined to attack anyone they see, especially armed parties (such as, presumably, the PCs). On the other hand, they prefer not to fight unarmed or helpless individuals. Consequently, the PCs might avoid a fight by meeting the Beast Riders in an open area without weapons, though with armour and empty scabbards. The rakastas, recognising this as an attempt to parley, are receptive. Rakasta PCs or other characters from Bellayne should be aware that this is a reasonable approach; if none of the PCs know this, an NPC can inform the adventurers of this tactic.

Another possible solution to this problem is to send a single character out to contact the Beast Riders. If the Beast Riders encounter a lone rakasta, they might try to seek information from that person. A rakasta Beast Rider would certainly be met as a potential ally, but other Beast Riders are considered enemies. Any other type of lone warrior would be afforded grudging respect. If this lone encounter leads to a meeting with a PC band containing any rakasta PCs, the raiders will ignore others to talk to them unless those PCs are perceived as weak. In that case, the raiders attempt to talk with whoever appears to be the most able warrior in the group.

A second problem to be solved is that the rakastas speak only Rakastan, and none of them can read or write. If none of the PCs speak Rakastan, a translator will be needed. If necessary, the DM should make an NPC available, but keep in mind that the NPC would likely be frightened by the prospect of talking to the raiders. Given that, hiring a translator becomes an entertaining role-playing exercise.

Even after the barrier of language is surmounted, more problems must be solved. The Beast Riders are unwilling to leave unless their honour is satisfied. They want the locals to give them supplies and herd animals as an "apology." If this is done, the Beast Riders will move north again. Unfortunately, it will take some convincing to get the locals to agree to sacrifice any of their possessions. After the raids, they want revenge; they are unlikely to be satisfied with anything other than the deaths of the Beast Riders.

In terms of game mechanics, the rakasta raiders can be treated as monsters, or as NPC fighters with the Beast Rider kit. For the latter, the DM will need to come up with appropriate proficiencies, abilities, and personalities.

Rakasta Beast Rider (6): AC 8 (leather armour); MV 9; HD 2+1; hp 11 each; THAC0 19; #AT 3; Dmg 1d4/1d4/1d4 (war claws and bite); SA rear claws for 1d3/1d3; SD keen senses, blind-fighting; AL N; ML 12; XP 175.

Feliquine (6): AC 5; MV 18; HD 4+4; hp 22 each; THAC0 17; #AT 3; Dmg 1d6/1d6/1d10; SA kick for 2d6; AL N; ML 12; XP 175.

The Afflicted

Terrain: Forest

Total Party Levels: Any

Total gp: 0

Monster XP: 65 (or 50 per character for a non-violent solution to the problem)


* After the PCs have set up camp for the night, they are approached by Geraud, the Afflicted character.

* The PCs hear tales of a hideous monster that has frightened travellers in the woods and poses a threat to commerce.

* The PCs are approached by a noble. Recently, her servants have found the remains of several dead animals, and apparently a predator or unauthorised hunter has taken up residence on her property. The noble asks the PCs to capture or kill the predator.

The Story

A few months ago, Geraud (a lupin from a poor family) acquired a Legacy. Since the family could not afford cinnabryl and Geraud had aspirations of becoming an adventurer, the young lupin left to seek his fortune, optimistic that he could find cinnabryl before his Legacy affected him adversely. This was not the case.

Geraud's Legacy is Animal Form, and his form is that of a giant armadillo. As one of the Afflicted, Geraud is partially transformed into this shape. While remaining basically lupin, he has a banded shell along his back and tail. His face is still canine, but he has lost most of the hair on his ears and upper snout, and his ears have grown somewhat larger. His hands and feet are claws with like-like covering, but most of the rest of his body is covered with fur. For the most part, Geraud simply looks strange. The deformations grant him no special abilities, not even extra protection from the shell-like bands.

However, when Geraud activates his Legacy, he gains several abilities. For one thing, he can burrow at a movement rate of 1. He can also curl into a ball, though because the shell is not hard, it does not protect him. Finally, he can walk across the bottoms of shallow creeks, being heavy enough to sink in water and able to hold his breath for twice as long as a normal character.

Geraud has wandered the countryside for several weeks, unwilling to enter a town or city, for fear of being ridiculed or reviled. A few days ago, he unknowingly entered the estate of a noble. He has been living on that estate, hunting and staying hidden. Using his Legacy, he dug out a small, hidden burrow where he keeps what few personal effects he has.

The Afflicted lupin really poses no threat to anyone. He is a peaceful sort, whose dreams of fame and fortune have been crushed. Mostly he wants to be left alone. Though Geraud seeks to avoid contact with others, he has grown very lonely. Because of his desire to become an adventurer, he may be willing to talk to the PCs. He believes that if he would fit in anywhere, it would be with adventurers.

Geraud does not want to fight. If attacked, he attempts to run away. If cornered, he begs for mercy. However, before these things can happen, the PCs first have to find him. If they hunt him, he proves to be elusive, leading them on a merry chase through the forest. Unless the PCs have a superior tracker among them, Geraud should be able to avoid them successfully. If the PCs seem to be too much of a threat, Geraud moves on, possibly becoming the source of rumours or problems in some other area.

The PCs have several choices for dealing with Geraud. If they somehow manage to capture him, the noble will be disgusted by his appearance and tell them to dump him somewhere far away from her lands. The PCs might instead try to help Geraud recover from Affliction. As explained in "The Curse and the Legacies" chapter, this takes quite some time, as well as spells and cinnabryl. If the PCs attempt such help, Geraud is very grateful; if they manage to cure him, he will be their friend for the rest of their lives; he could become a recurring character or even a henchman if the DM and players wish it.

The PCs might instead try to take Geraud to an enclave of Afflicted, who would accept Geraud as one of their own. The prospect of this is frightening to Geraud, who does not want to be a "freak" at all, let alone a "freak among other freaks." Geraud might be convinced to travel to such an enclave, but in the end, he would not stay there.

Another option is to take Geraud home. As with the enclave, this plan is abhorrent to him. Still, if the PCs talk to him in the right manner, Geraud realises he has a loving family who would still care for him. If the PCs help his family financially, they might even seek a cure for Geraud. In any case, they will be eternally grateful to the PCs.

Geraud: AC 10; MV 12; 1st-level Local Hero fighter; hp 8; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by bite or weapon; AL CG; Str 17, Dex 13, Con 10, Int 11, Wis 9, Cha 5.

Legacy: Animal Form. Geraud's Animal Form is that of a human-sized, somewhat humanoid armadillo.

Weapon Proficiencies: Long sword, dagger, short bow, bite.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Blind-fighting, tracking (9), hunting (8).

Equipment: Long sword, short bow, 7 arrows, cloak.

The Flying Bulette

Terrain: Plains

Total Party Levels: 24

Total gp: 0

Monster XP: 5,000


* Local farmers have suffered devastating raids recently, with horses and other livestock being lost to a predator of great size and ferocity. The player characters are hired to hunt and destroy the creature.

* While the PCs are visiting a village, the flying bulette attacks an outlying farm, killing livestock and people.

* During their travels, the PCs hear a buzzing sound that rapidly gets louder. Suddenly, a winged bulette dives at them and attacks.

The Story

This is basically a straightforward monster encounter except that the monster in question has a Legacy. This encounter serves as a powerful example to the players, demonstrating that monsters can have Legacies too.

The bulette in this adventure is standard in every way, except that it has the Fly Legacy. The creature has wings like a beetle's. When not in use, they lie along the creature's sides. When the bulette flies, it makes an extremely loud buzzing sound, and the disturbance caused by the wings raises dust and causes other small objects to fly through the air.

Like any other bulette, this creature usually approaches a potential target by burrowing, then bursts from the ground to begin an attack. Once out of the earth, it activates its Legacy, flying just a few feet above the ground and attacking with its bite and all four claws. If the bulette flies in an area with dry earth, it raises a cloud of dust that causes difficulties for its victims. Such a cloud can reach a diameter of 30 feet, and everyone in the cloud suffers a ñ2 penalty to attack rolls (this applies to the bulette as well). Any characters within the cloud must also take precautions (such as wrapping a cloth about the mouth and nose) or roll a Constitution check to avoid being choked by the dust. A successful check indicates no harm, but a failure indicates the character spends 1d4 round coughing, unable to attack. Another Constitution check must be made for each round a character stays within the cloud.

The bulette attacks for food. Once it kills something, it usually consumes it on the spot. If struck while eating, the bulette might turn to fight its attackers, or it might simply pick up its prey and wander off, ignoring unsuccessful attacks. This could be a considerable blow to the PCs' pride, as the bulette simply waddles (or flies) away, perhaps with a horse in its mouth, while the PCs attempt to get a blow through its thick hide. Local farmers would certainly be likely to rethink their choice of champions.

The bulette continues to raid the farms in the region until killed or driven away. If the creature is just driven away (by annoying attacks while it is trying to eat), it moves on to raid in another region.

Bulette with Fly Legacy: AC ñ2/4/6; MV 14, Br 3, Fl 12 (C); HD 9; hp 54; THAC0 11; #AT 3 or 5; Dmg 4d12/3d6/3d6 or 4d12/3d6/3d6/3d6/3d6; SA jump, possible dust cloud; AL N; ML 11; XP 5,000.

The bulette can fly for up to 18 rounds with each activation of the Legacy.

Other Ideas

Here are some other examples of monsters with Legacies:

* An aurumvorax with the Ball of Fire Legacy. The creature attacks trespassers by firing a Ball of Fire from its burrow.

* A giant alligator (use crocodile statistics) with the Entangle Legacy. The creature's tail grows into an entangling tentacle.

* A dog with the Detonate Legacy. The creature remains fairly inconspicuous as random items explode around it, begging for table scraps while the PCs desperately seek to identify who is using the Legacy.

* Gnoll warriors with a variety of Legacies, such as Armour, Burn, Grow, or Projectile. Given their primitive culture, most would be Afflicted as well.

* A griffon with the Poison Legacy. The poison could be injected by spikes that grow on the creature's beak, or by a stinging tail it has grown.

* A horse with the Armour Legacy. Such a creature would not present a direct danger, but would be a prize sought after by many. Its owner would certainly be the target of jealous attacks.

* A minotaur with the Speed Legacy. This monster would have two extra legs, and would resemble a strange sort of centaur. As an Afflicted, the minotaur would be even more surly than normal.

* A muckdweller with the Gas Breath Legacy. Locals could mistake this creature for a green dragon, causing the PCs some trepidation about seeking it out.

* An owlbear with the Missile Legacy. The monster could shoot missiles from its claws or even its beak.

* A pack of rats, all with the Shape Stone Legacy. These rats could infest a castle, using the Legacy to burrow within the walls.

* A giant spider with the Regenerate Legacy. This combination should certainly surprise a group of PCs.

Tower Ruins

Terrain: Hills

Total Party Levels: 12

Total gp: 600

Monster XP: 2,615


* While the PCs are searching for a place to make camp for the night, they come upon a ruined tower.

* A noble who lost possession of his tower during recent wars has decided to reclaim it. He asks the PCs to clean it out so he can rebuild and move back in.

* The PCs hear stories about a ruined tower with great treasures hidden within.

The Story

The tower in question stands 60 feet tall. It has four interior levels, each a circle 30 feet in diameter, with a ceiling 15 feet tall. A staircase goes around the inside of the tower, leading to each floor. This staircase is in good shape, but the interior of the tower is messy and dirty. The door at the tower's base allows entrance to the lowest level; each other floor has a window that can be reached by climbing. The top floor has a breach in one wall, and part of the roof has collapsed as well. The basic structure of the tower is intact, and repairs would be simple if the current denizens of the tower were eliminated or driven out.

If the PCs try to claim the tower for themselves after cleaning it out, they could come into conflict with the tower's previous owner. The owner might ask for payment or might be grateful enough to extend some courtesy to the PCs, offering them a place to stay between adventures. The local government might also take possession of the tower, claiming it in the interest of national defence.

The DM can make a basic map of the tower if desired. Descriptions of each level are left open enough to allow for changes. Whether or not the DM decides to flesh out the area, minor details such as exact room contents should be added.

Outside the Tower

An overgrown pathway leads to the tower. The door to the first level shows partially through a growth of plants, including a snapper-saw that blocks approach to the door. The snapper-saw has been feeding rather well on creatures trying to enter the tower, so it is a robust specimen. The door itself is relatively solid, made of hard, thick wood and banded with iron. Its lower hinge is broken, and the upper hinge is bent, so they would have to be repaired to serve well. In its current condition, the door doesn't actually impede entry to the tower, but opening it causes enough noise to alert the denizens of the lowest level.

Snapper-saw: AC 4/7/9; MV 0; HD 5; hp 31; THAC0 15; #AT 6; Dmg 1d4+1 each; SA trapping; AL N; ML 12; XP 975.

The snapper-saw has six saw-stalks, each with AC 4 and 22 hit points. It has eight grasping leaves, used to trap prey; each is AC 7 and has 12 hit points. Note that the hit points of the saw-stalks and leaves do not count toward the plant's total. Rather, they determine how much damage is required to sever the parts.

Level 1: Goblin Lair

This level, once a reception area and grand hall, has become the home of a small group of goblins, who enter the level by climbing through the window (located opposite the door). The goblins consider the tower theirs, though they have not explored beyond the second floor (which they occasionally raid in order to catch a fat rat for dinner). The DM should consider the goblins to be from one of the Yazi tribes of the Savage Baronies area, though they could be from the Yazak Steppes if the DM prefers. They use this level of the tower as a base from which to conduct raids into the surrounding countryside.

The goblins watch the window for attackers, relying on the snapper-saw and the noisy front door to alert them if anyone tries to enter from that direction. If the tower is invaded, they make use of what cover exists in the room (a couple of collapsed tables), firing arrows at intruders. Though the goblins fight ferociously to defend their home, they will break and run if faced with vastly superior foes. The goblins have a small hoard of treasure in a large chest in the room. This includes 47 gp, 54 sp, 23 cp, and jewellery (a ring, a necklace, and two bracelets) worth 230 gp total.

Goblins (6): AC 6; MV 6; HD 1ñ1; hp 5 each; THAC0 20; #AT1; Dmg 1d6 (short sword); AL LE; ML 10; XP 35. At the DM's discretion, the goblins can have Legacies.

Level 2: Almost Empty

At one time, this level served as both a storage space and kitchen. The large fireplace on one side has a chimney, allowing smoke to exit the tower through a large vent. Other than wrecked tables and chairs, old boxes, split barrels, and spoiled food, this area holds little of interest. However, 17 copper pieces are spread around in the refuse (household money, once used to reward servants). In addition, vermin inhabit the room (Afflicted rats).

Each of the rats possesses some variation of the Webcasting Legacy. All have somewhat spidery forms, with extra eyes and longer claws. By activating its Legacy, each rat can spin two strands of web, each 10 feet long. To produce the web, a rat rears up on its hind legs, projecting the webbing from the front paws.

For the most part, the rats avoid conflict; once the PCs see how odd the rats look, they will likely avoid hostilities as well. However, if the PCs attack the rats or otherwise agitate them, the rats attack first by spinning webs to entangle the PCs, and then by biting. At the DM's discretion, a disturbance among the rats might attract some stirges from Level 4. The stirges have learned that animals webbed by the rats are nearly helpless against their blood-draining attacks, and a few of them might fly in through the fireplace vent.

If the PCs retreat, the rats do not follow them.

Rats (14): AC 7; MV 15; HD 1/4; hp 2 each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg 1 (or 1d2 when the Legacy is activated); AL N; ML 4; XP 35 each.

Level 3: Dead Things

Level 3 once held a large study and parlour. Like Level 2, it has a large fireplace with a vent to the outside. This level's window is blocked by a wardrobe that stands in front of it. Rags and trash have been stuffed into the fireplace vent, preventing most creatures from entering that way. The furniture here is in better shape than that in Level 2. It has not suffered from the elements much, although time has taken its toll. The padded chairs and couch smell musty, releasing great clouds of harmless dust when touched. An old desk sits empty in the room, and a few old books are scattered about.

This area is also home to three skeletons, the remains of adventurers who met with a sad end, crawling into this area after a battle with the stirges. Two of the skeletons are not animated, nor is there anything odd about them. The bones have been cleaned by the vermin in the tower, but many of their possessions are intact.

The first skeleton is dressed in chain mail that has rusted nearly to the point uselessness. It lies on the floor next to a backpack that holds various mundane items of equipment, such as a couple of torches, a rotted rope, and a flask of oil. The second skeleton is that of a wizard, dressed in a robe and sitting in a chair. It has a ring (worth 30 gp) on one finger, and a spellbook (containing several spells up to 5th level in power, including animate dead) lies on a table nearby. This wizard was the last to die. To provide protection, which came too late, he animated the remains of a fallen companion before he passed on.

The DM should describe the wizard's skeleton in a way that makes the PCs suspicious, such as by mentioning that light (from the moon or the sun, depending on the time of day) from the window strikes its face, illuminating it in an eerie way. The vibrations caused by their passage might also cause the wizard's remains to shudder somewhat. If the PCs disturb the wizard's skeleton, it does nothing, but the third one in the room moves to attack them.

The third skeleton lies on the couch until the second skeleton is disturbed, at which time it animates to defend its long-dead vivifier. This skeleton wears leather armour and wields a short sword. Its clothing and long hair make it apparent that it was once a woman. When the skeleton rises, it disturbs the couch and raises dust, filling the room with an eerie cloud. It has a pouch that contains 13 sp.

Skeleton: AC 7; MV 12; HD 1; hp 8; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1d6 (short sword); SD immune to sleep, charm, hold, fear, and cold, takes only half damage from edged or piercing weapons; AL N; ML 20; XP 65.

Level 4: The Nest

At one time, this level was the tower's master bedroom. It holds a large bed, a chest, a pair of small tables, and a few lanterns. At the DM's discretion, it could be divided into more than one bedroom (it is a large room, after all). Like the lower levels, this one has a fireplace. Also, its wall is breached, and part of the roof has collapsed. Note that the stairs lead up to a trapdoor in the roof.

The main bedroom has become home to a small family of stirges. The creatures might be found sleeping, hanging from rafters in the ceiling. In any case, they attack the PCs when disturbed. The stirges are relatively well fed. They feed on local wildlife and the occasional goblin from downstairs but avoid preying on the web-casting rats of the second level.

The chest here contains the following treasure: 130 cp, 156 sp, 114 gp, and six gems worth a total of 165 gp.

Stirges (5): AC 8; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 1+1; hp 5 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 1d3; SA blood drain; AL N; ML 8; XP 175. The stirges do not have Legacies.

The Roof

The roof is basically featureless. However, it provides an excellent view of the surrounding countryside, making the tower a perfect lookout point.

Miguel Hernando de la Montoya

6th-level Male Dwarf Swashbuckler Thief

Strength 17

Dexterity 16

Constitution 16

Intelligence 13

Wisdom 13

Charisma 13

Panache Points: 2

Gauche Points: 2

Hit Points: 32

AC: 2 (leather armour +2, Dexterity, Swashbuckler)

Rear AC: 6

Unadjusted THAC0: 18 (15 with rapier because of kit)

Height: 4'5"

Weight: 153 pounds

Hair/Eyes: black/blue

Skin: dark, ruddy

Age: 68

Alignment: chaotic good

Weapon Proficiencies: rapier (1d6+1/1d8+1), main-gauche (1d4/1d3, +1 to disarms, punch for 1d3), wheellock belt pistol (1d8/1d8, +1d8 whenever the damage roll is an 8 or a 10), two-weapon style specialisation (can fight with two rapiers or rapier and main-gauche, with no penalties for secondary weapon).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: etiquette (13), tumbling (16), blind-fighting, panache.

Languages: common, Espa (native language), Renardois, Ranax.

Secret Passes (Dominguez School): Dominguez Double-Dive (Basic), Torreóner Two-Step (Basic), Kiss of Steel (Difficult).

Legacy: Fly. Miguel's wings resemble those of a butterfly, at once incongruous and strangely fitting on this swashbuckling dwarf.

Thieving Skills: pick pockets 55%, open locks 55%, find/remove traps 55%, move silently 25%, hide in shadows 25%, detect noise 25%, climb walls 80%, read languages 20%, backstab for triple damage.

Magical Items: rapier +1, leather armour +2 (designed to allow wings to come out), cinnabryl amulet (4 weeks and 2 days left), 10 charges of smokepowder.

Other Possessions: rapier, main-gauche, 2 belt pistols, 50' silk rope, grappling hook, thieves' tools, tinderbox, 1 day's rations, waterskin, 2 flasks of oil, leather belt with compartments for thieves' tools, grooming kit, 4 changes of fine clothing (including cloak and feathered hat).

Quote: "A rescued damsel in every port."

Description: Witty and charming, Miguel has "a way with women." In fact, he is currently wooing women in several ports: Enid, whom he rescued from insanity; twins Katrina and Karmen, whom he rescued from a thieves' guild; Lyra, a mysterious woman he rescued from captivity; Lolita, a mysterious woman he "rescued" from her husband; and many more. Always gallant and chivalrous to the extreme, he refuses to take unfair advantage of anyone.

Miguel has served aboard trading ships all along the Savage Coast. He likes adventuring because it gives him the opportunity to impress people, especially ladies, and supplies him with enough gold to live in high style. Miguel's most recent job has been as castellan for Don Luis de Manzanas of Saragón. It is Miguel's responsibility to defend Don Luis' life and property, and it is his pleasure to entertain the noble ladies who visit.

As a member of the Dominguez fighting school, Miguel prefers to fight with two rapiers, or with rapier and main-gauche, but he always keeps both of his wheellocks loaded in case they are needed. He is careful about using them near Inheritors, since he recently fired one to save Don Luis and several of his party guests. Miguel saw the unpleasant effects that a smokepowder explosion can have on Inheritors when it affected Balazar. Miguel doesn't regret Balazar's condition, though. The brute certainly had it coming.

Gloriana de Rondalla

5th-level Female Elf Swashbuckler Enchanter

Strength 13

Dexterity 16

Constitution 16

Intelligence 17

Wisdom 10

Charisma 16

Panache Points: 1

Gauche Points: 0

Hit Points: 21

AC: 0 (bracers of defence AC 4, Dexterity, Swashbuckler)

Rear AC: 4

Unadjusted THAC0: 19 (16 with sabre because of kit)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 97 pounds

Hair/Eyes: reddish brown/brown

Skin: reddish tan

Age: 121

Alignment: neutral good

Weapon Proficiencies: sabre (1d6+1/1d8+1, +1 to disarms, punch for 1d3), stiletto (1d3/1d2, +2 on attack rolls vs. plate mail, ring mail, or chain mail).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: etiquette (16), tumbling (16), navigation (15), storytelling (16), acting (15), reading/writing common (18), blind-fighting, panache.

Languages: common, Verdan (native language), elvish, Renardois, shazak, Yazakan, tortle.

Legacy: Speed. Gloriana enjoys using her Legacy to enhance her melee combat ability.

Spell Book: First level: burning hands, cantrip, detect magic, hypnotism, jump, light, phantasmal force, shocking grasp, sleep, spider climb, taunt. Second level: darkness 15' radius, forget, invisibility, know alignment, levitate, Melf's acid arrow, mirror image, pyrotechnics, rope trick, Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter. Third level: blink, clairvoyance, dispel magic, flame arrow, fly, hold person, phantom steed, suggestion, water breathing.

Magical Items: bracers of defence AC 2, wand of fire, cinnabryl amulet (3 weeks and 3 days left), red steel stiletto.

Other Possessions: sabre, 50' silk rope, grappling hook, 50' string, tinderbox, 3 flasks of oil, pen, ink, paper, 10 pieces of chalk, signal whistle, wineskin, 2 days' rations, grooming kit, 3 changes of fine clothing.

Quote: "Are you prepared to defend yourself? Perhaps you would care to test your skill against my blade."

Description: Gloriana is a vivacious young elf with an engaging smile and a fine sense of humour. She tends to dress in blue and white, with embellishments of silver; she often wears suede and lace. While Gloriana enjoys life at sea, she is equally comfortable in forests and cities.

Originally from Torreón, Gloriana sought the adventuring life to avoid the poverty of that state. She learned some skill in magic from her grandfather, then went to Vilaverde, where she joined the crew of a trading ship. The ship occasionally engaged in piracy, so Gloriana was able to gain experience rather quickly.

Gloriana is known as a storyteller, always able to tell tall tales or old myths and legends to entertain. Gloriana likes the swashbuckling life and is an incorrigible flirt who enjoys rescuing men from difficult situations. She has romanced several of the eligible bachelors of the Savage Baronies but does not wish to settle down anytime soon.

Gloriana prefers to use magic in combat when possible, but she is also competent with a sabre. She enjoys flashy spells and flourishing manoeuvres with her sword and stiletto. She has also experimented a few times with using a rope to swing across short distances to attack; it seems to impress people.

Miles Killian O'Kayne

4th/5th-level Male Human Swashbuckler Fighter/Mage

Strength 18/03

Dexterity 13

Constitution 15

Intelligence 17

Wisdom 10

Charisma 14

Panache Points: 2

Gauche Points: 3

Hit Points: 32

AC: 4 (cloak of protection +4, Swashbuckler)

Rear AC: 6

Unadjusted THAC0: 17

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 162 pounds

Hair/Eyes: blond/green

Skin: tan

Age: 29

Alignment: chaotic good

Weapon Proficiencies: rapier (1d6+1/1d8+1), rapier specialisation (+1 to attack rolls, +2 damage with rapiers), main-gauche (1d4/1d3 +1 to disarms, punch for 1d3), wheellock horse pistol (1d10/1d10, +1d10 whenever an 8 or 10 damage is rolled), two-weapon style specialisation (can fight with 2 rapiers, or rapier and main-gauche, with a ñ2 penalty to secondary weapon).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: etiquette (14), tumbling (13), singing (14), seamanship (14), navigation (15), read/write common (18), gunsmithing (14), spellcraft (15), duelling (14), quick draw (13), curse lore (16), panache.

Languages: common, Ranax (native language), Espa.

Legacy: None. Killian has never spent enough time in a cursed area to acquire a Legacy.

Spell Book: First level: alarm, armour, cantrip, charm person, colour spray, protection from evil, read magic, sleep, unseen servant. Second level: alter self, continual light, glitterdust, levitate, protection from paralysis, ray of enfeeblement. Third level: dispel magic, gust of wind, hold person, non-detection, protection from normal missiles.

Magical Items: 12 charges of smokepowder, red steel main-gauche, cloak of protection +4, Killian's cane. (The cane is a family heirloom, an elegant sword cane of black wood with a silver hawk's head. It can release a rapier +2 or act as a footman's mace +2; if a charge is spent, the user's Dexterity increases to 20 for 1 turn).

Other Possessions: rapier, 2 horse pistols, firearm repair kit, finely carved case for rapier and wheellocks, serrated utility knife, oaken whistle, pen, ink, paper, grooming kit, 2 changes of fine clothing, wineskin.

Quote: "Why should I suffer from the Red Curse simply for the sake of gaining power I don't need?"

Description: This dashing fellow is usually dressed in black and green: black leather boots, trousers, and gloves; green silk shirt; and silver and emerald earring. While his appearance is important, helping to maintain his suave image, he is not afraid to get dirty in the pursuit of adventure.

The son of a Robrenn father and a Cimmaron mother, Killian was raised in Cimmaron with his sister Bridget. Seemingly born with wanderlust, Killian became a cabin boy on a Vilaverdan trading ship when he was 12. When the Red Curse spread, Killian avoided cursed regions and studied the curse; since then, he has been very careful to never spend more than two weeks in a cursed region; therefore, he has never acquired a Legacy. He maintains a residence in Bom Jardim, in the distant Colony of the Horn, but spends most of his time on the ship he captains, the Selwynn, named for a lost love. Killian has two mortal enemies: Donovan Keir, a pirate captain, and Angelíc de Ariéla, captain of Los Matónes in Narvaez.

Killian prefers to use his wheellocks first and his rapiers second, except in duels. He also keeps his spells ready in case he should need them.

Bridget O'Kayne

5th-level Female Human Honourbound Paladin

Strength 14

Dexterity 15

Constitution 16

Intelligence 13

Wisdom 13

Charisma 17

Hit Points: 38

AC: 4 (chain mail, Dexterity)

Rear AC: 5

Unadjusted THAC0: 16

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 85 pounds

Hair/Eyes: white/blue

Skin: pinkish white

Age: 25

Alignment: lawful good

Weapon Proficiencies: wheellock belt pistol (1d8/1d8, +1d8 whenever an 8 damage is rolled), wheellock belt pistol specialisation (+2 on attack rolls at point blank range of 6-15 feet, can fire before initiative if weapon is loaded and cocked and a target is in sight), rapier (1d6+1/1d8+1), light horse lance (1d6/1d8, double damage if used from a charging mount).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: duelling (17), etiquette (17), heraldry (13), quick draw (15), land-based riding for horses (16).

Languages: common, Ranax (native language), Espa.

Secret Passes (Verdegild School): Corsair's Handshake (Basic), Paladin's Reverence (Basic), Royal Display (Difficult).

Legacy: Sight. Use of this Legacy allows Bridget to accurately shoot even invisible opponents.

Paladin and Honourbound Abilities: detect evil 60' radius, +2 on saving throws, immune to disease, lay on hands, cure disease, aura of protection from evil, turn undead, +4 bonus on attack rolls vs. undead.

Magical Items: 22 charges of smokepowder, red steel rapier, cinnabryl amulet (6 weeks left), 10 red steel bullets, gloves of missile snaring.

Other Possessions: 3 wheellock belt pistols, main-gauche, light horse lance, chain mail, firearm repair kit, finely carved case for wheellocks, waterskin, red circle emblem (Honourbound).

Bonded Light War Horse (Argentino): Int Semi (4); AL N; AC 7; MV 27; HD 4+4; hp 30; THAC0 17; #AT 2; Dmg 1d4/1d4; SZ L; ML 11. Argentino is a silvery-grey stallion about 2 years old.

Quote: "Justice must be upheld."

Description: Bridget is a pretty young woman with close-cropped hair. She is typically seen wearing grey trousers, a white blouse, black vest, and black boots. Around her waist she wears the white sash of the Honourbound. Her red circle emblem is of red steel with a silver star in the centre, as is becoming standard for the government-employed Honourbound of Cimmaron; she typically wears the badge on her vest. When adventuring or travelling, Bridget adds chain mail and a wide-brimmed white hat to her gear; a tabard over the chain mail is the resting place for her badge.

The daughter of a Robrenn father and a Cimmaron mother, Bridget was raised in Cimmaron with her brother Killian. Killian left to join a sailing crew when Bridget was eight years old, but Bridget stayed on and became an Honourbound like her mother. Bridget rode with Sir John of Cimmaron during the recent wars. When John came to power in Cimmaron, Bridget was one of the first Honourbound chosen to be a Cimmaron Constable. Not assigned to a specific area, Bridget wanders Cimmaron upholding the law and dispensing justice. John also encourages her to travel to other Baronies as a sort of goodwill ambassador.

Bridget prefers her wheellock pistols over all other weapons, but as a member of the Verdegild fighting school, she is a capable duellist with rapier or main-gauche as well. She considers the use of her magical gloves to be dishonourable in a duel.

Francisco del Carrascal

5th-level Male Human Gaucho Ranger

Strength 13

Dexterity 16

Constitution 17

Intelligence 15

Wisdom 14

Charisma 13

Hit Points: 43

AC: 5 (studded leather, Dexterity)

Rear AC: 7

Unadjusted THAC0: 16

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 141 pounds

Hair/Eyes: black/green

Skin: ruddy tan

Age: 22

Alignment: chaotic good

Weapon Proficiencies: dagger (1d4/1d3), bolas (1d3/1d2, entangle, requiring a Strength check to get free), wheellock horse pistol (1d10/1d10, +1d10 whenever an 8 or 10 damage is rolled), sabre (1d6+1/1d8+1, +1 to disarms, punch for 1d3), light horse lance (1d6/1d8, double damage if used from a charging mount).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: land-based riding for horses (21), direction sense (15), weather sense (13), leatherworking (15), animal training for horses (14), survival for deserts (15), hunting (13), tracking (14).

Languages: common, Espa (native language), Yaz, Yazakan.

Legacy: Create Liquid.

Ranger Skills: hide in shadows 31% (15% in non-natural surroundings), move silently 40% (20% in non-natural surroundings), adverse reaction and +4 to attack rolls vs. goblins, animal empathy.

Magical Items: 12 charges of smokepowder, cinnabryl amulet (7 weeks and 5 days left), armbands of hunting. (Cisco was given his armbands by an old Yazi shaman who wanted to help Cisco; the feathered armbands act as bracers of archery).

Other Possessions: 2 wheellock horse pistols, dagger, 2 bolas, sabre, light horse lance, long bow, blanket, tinderbox.

Light warhorse (Rapido): Int Animal (1); AL N; AC 7; MV 24; HD 2+2; hp 16; THAC0 19; #AT 2; Dmg 1d4/1d4; SZ L; ML 7.

Quote: "I'd rather be riding in the pampas."

Description: Cisco, as he is usually called, is an unkempt young man who can barely stand to remain indoors for more than an hour at a time. He usually wears trousers, chaps, and a cotton shirt, along with a bandanna and a wide-brimmed hat.

When Cisco was a child, he was captured by Yazi gnolls from El Grande Carrascal; the gnolls raised him as a slave. He acquired a Legacy early, before the Red Curse had spread over the entire coast; this helped him to eventually earn full tribal membership, when the gnolls deemed him worthy (his tribal name is "Watermaker"). Cisco was Afflicted as a child; after reaching adulthood, he returned to human lands and was able to get a full cure for his Affliction. He then moved back to Guadalante, where he found members of his family, and became a Gaucho. The skills he had learned from the Yazi served him well in the pampas.

Cisco is a crude man, much more at home among nature, or even among gnolls, than among other humans. He is one of the few Gauchos who does not automatically hate Yazi gnolls, since he was raised by them. Black Belly and Gosluk goblins caused occasional problems for his tribe, so Cisco learned a hatred of goblins from the gnolls.

Though skilled with wheellock and sabre, Cisco prefers the longbow and dagger for hunting. This proud man never backs down from a challenge.

Nina Alhabashi

6th-level Female Human Inheritor Priest

Strength 17

Dexterity 12

Constitution 15

Intelligence 12

Wisdom 16

Charisma 13

Hit Points: 31

AC: 2 (plate mail and shield)

Rear AC: 3

Unadjusted THAC0: 18

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 155 pounds

Hair/Eyes: black with coppery-red streaks/black

Skin: dark, very ruddy

Age: 25

Alignment: neutral good

Weapon Proficiencies: war hammer (1d4+1/1d4), bolas (1d3/1d2, entangle, requiring a Strength check to get free), sling and bullets (1d4+1/1d6+1).

Non-weapon Proficiencies: ceremony for al-Kalim (16), Reading/writing common (13), curse lore (11), Legacy lore (11), herbalism (10), healing (14), ancient history of Ylaruam (11), storytelling (12), artistic ability for pacing storytelling (16).

Languages: common, Espa (native language), elvish.

Legacies: Amber Paralysis, Armour, Fight, Projectile. When Nina activates the Armour Legacy, small, silvery-red scales cover her skin, starting at her face and head and moving rapidly to her feet. For Projectile, Nina's fingernails grow large and can be fired as missiles.

Priest Abilities: Nina can cast spells (five 1st-level, five 2nd-level, two 3rd-level) and turn undead. As a worshipper of the Immortal al-Kalim, Nina has Major Access to All, Creation, Divination, Elemental (Water), and Healing; she has Minor Access to Animal, Necromantic, Plant, and Sun.

Magical Items: ring of free action, red steel war hammer, cinnabryl talisman (nine weeks and two days left), crimson essence (eight days until completion).

Other Possessions: sling and 24 bullets, 2 bolas, plate mail, crimson tabard without decoration, paper, pen, ink, herbs, bandages, 3 days' rations, waterskin, lantern, tinderbox, 2 flasks of oil.

Quote: "I use my Legacies to help, not to harm."

Description: Nina is a pretty, dark-skinned woman of primarily Ylari descent. Raised in Saragón to revere the enlightened ways of al-Kalim, she eventually decided to become a priest for that Immortal. She met Don Luis de Manzanas as she was about to begin her adventuring career, to spread the word of learning and art. Don Luis convinced Nina to become an Inheritor of the Order of Crimson, a choice she has never regretted.

Generally serious and scholarly, Nina has a quiet sense of humour that relies mostly on intellectual jokes and clever stories. Nina is an exceptional poet and storyteller, using her artistic flair to cover an occasional missing plot element or contrived rhyme. Her favourite stories are those told to her by her grandmother, stories of genies, viziers, and other things not often encountered on the Savage Coast.

Nina is open and friendly, travelling throughout the Savage Baronies to tell people about the Red Curse, cinnabryl, and the Inheritors. She and others like her have done much to gain acceptance for Inheritors, especially in Saragón. Nina is curious about the world and tries to learn something wherever she goes. She enjoys adventuring, especially when the events can be used as a good story.

Nina uses her Legacies as necessary, but prefers to solve disputes peacefully. Her favoured weapons are her bolas and her warhammer. Note that one week's worth of Nina's cinnabryl will be drained each time she is within 2 feet of a smokepowder explosion (such as that produced when firing a wheellock pistol).