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Swashbucklers on the Savage Coast

by Bruce Heard

I understand that it has a swashbuckler like flavor to it but I'm curious, does this apply to the entire region? I had thought that the Savage Baronies would have this sort of an atmosphere but are the other areas different? For example, the Kingdom of Eusdria is (was?) a kingdom of knights. Are they still this way? Now that the Red Curse is in their region, have they become a group of knights able to use red steel weapons and armor or is the plan to make them also fit into the swashbuckler mold?

a place for knights inspired from the Caroligian dynasty -- and I think it should stay this way, except that they have obviously discovered the advantages of firearms. As a result of this, they are progressively adopting lighter armor and quicker blade weapons. The question here is: "What would Charlemagne's paladins look like if they had recently discovered firearms?" Eusdrian knights can remain totally true to their spirit to the point of refusing to ever use firearms much like the Frankish knights and old Germanic nobility of our true history originally disdained the use of archery. On the other hand, it was fine for commoners (footmen vs. noble horse warriors) to use archery for warfare purposes, and thus firearms later on. So in fact, Eusdrian knights may end up looking a bit different in surface (what they wear, how they fight), but their thinking is basically the same. Now, can a paladin-type be a swashbuckler too? I think roleplaying it would be very challenging, that is if the rules mechanics actually allowed it. I don't think they do.

Renardois and Bellaynese are really the ones who stand to change the most, from a very late medieval feel (late 1400's) to a renaissance feel (mid- to late-1500's). These would definitely adopt fireams and establish such military corps, as the musketeers for example. I think these two would work best that way instead, and as a result they can very easily accomodate the swashbuckler types.

Robrenn is a setting for druids -- ergo NO swashbucklers are expected to rise from this setting, unless someone can find a way to adapt ancient Gaul warriors to the swashbucklers style AND still be able to roleplay it (weird). Herath is a chock-full-o'nuts since just about anything goes there. Nimmur would have little problem following Eusdria's approach -- if only they could get their hands on these precious firearms. The Enduks and the Ee'aar could allow swashbuckler types, although somewhat awkwardly. The Eastern City States could very easily harbor swashbuckler types (affecting a Hungarian accent), so could Hule in a Turkish style -- remember the janissaries? The latter two could make for cool and unique swashbuckler characters.

So, swashbucklers can indeed be found anywhere in the Savage Coast, but it would seem to me that the Savage Baronies, Eastern City States, Bellayne, Renardy, Hule, and the City States would be the places where the swashbucklers would most likely come from. That's most of the Savage Coast! :)

PS. Yazak swashbuckler goblins? Hmmm, where's that hand-grenade?