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Schattenalfen (Kingdom of the)

Location: Northwestern World Spine Mountains, continent of Iciria, south of the Azcan Empire, west of the Oltecs, east of the Traldar. HW

Area: 175,976 sq. mi. (455,780 sq. km.). This area does not take into account the large area that was conquered from the Azcans since the religious war in that kingdom.

Population: 612,000 elves, including Issarthyl (pop. 61,500) and several other towns.

Languages: Elvish (Schattenalfen dialect, similar to the Shadow Elven dialect).

Coinage: Mountain (gp), pyramid (sp), stone (cp).

Taxes: 10% tithe in coin, 15% tariff on all goods, 10% toll on commodities transported through the kingdom, plus levies in kind, surtaxes, and corvée labour based on need.

Government Type: Theocratic monarchy; kings and queens must be priests of Atzanteotl.

Industries: Agriculture, crafts, mining.

Important Figures: Catriata (Queen), Caryldian (General).

Flora and Fauna: Basilisks, bats, black bears, brown bears, giant beetles, beholders, black puddings, carrion crawlers, mountain lions, smilodons, giant centipedes, chimeras, dinosaurs, dragons, gelatinous cubes, stone giants, hill giants, grey oozes, green slimes, giant lizards, ochre jellies, pterosaurs, purple worms, rats, trolls, giant weasels, yellow moulds.

Further Reading: Hollow World boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: Since the return of the Red Sun, the Schattenalfen stopped gaining large swaths of ground in the Azcan lands, and fought to retain them.