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Humans of the Savage Coast

by Håvard

Alasiyans (Saragon): These people hail from Ylaruam and their culture now resembles that of Moorish Spain. They speak Alasiyan.
Eusdrians (Eusdria) Of ancient Antalian descent. They speak Eusdrian, which is very close to Antalian.
Espans (Torreón, Narvaez): These people are of mixed Kerendan and Oltec origins (Based on Spanish).
Huleans (Hule): Sinister Huleans may be encountered anywhere.
Oltecs (Everywhere): These are no longer as sophisticated as the Oltecs of the Hollow World. They make up the lower classes in the Savage Baronies or live in the wild.
Robrenners (Robrenn): Descendants of the Antalians of Carnuil people, the Robrenners may be related to the peoples of the Isle of Dawn. Their language is called Rannox.
Traladarans (Hojah, Nova Svoga, Slagovich, Zagora, Zvornik): The majority of the inhabitants of the City States are of Traldar origins. They speak Slagich, a language close to Traladaran.
Verdans (Vilaverde, Texeiras): These are a mix of Oltec natives and Thyatian and Traldar settlers. They speak Verdan. (Based on Portuguese) There is also a lot of Yavdlom blood in these people (Texeiras absorbed a Yavdlom colony at one point, and Vilaverde intermingled with the Yavi people quite a bit over the years).
Yavi (Yavdlom): Not truly part of the Savage Coast, these people have contact with the City States. They show some elven traits. Their native tongue is called Yavi.

The common tongue of the Savage Coast is called Slag and is very close to Thyatian.