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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Renardy, Patron of Progress and Order
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 2nd (Initiate), LN, Thought
Symbol: a white lily
Portfolio: lupin, Renardy, order, patriotism, loyalty, fidelity, progress, nobility, family
Worshipped in: Savage Coast (Dunwick, Renardy)
Appearance: a lupin of Renardois race of noble and distinguished air, with grey fur speckled with black perfectly brushed and clean, a sharp muzzle, eyes that shine with intelligence and wit, dressed in luxurious regal clothes of pure silk, high boots of black leather, a crown on his head, a breastplate with the emblem of the white lily and a rapier to the flank.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: during his mortal life, Clébard of Clairvault was an astute lupin in the service of Sire Claude d’Ambreville. After the presumed death of his lord and the disappearance of Château d’Ambreville in 896 AC, Clébard left Glantri, seeing that he disagreed with the laws of Glantrian succession that excluded Claude from taking his title. In the long odyssey together with his entire clan of lupin he arrived finally in Renardy, following the clues about the existence of a land populated wholly by lupin, and arrived here in 899 AC, while the kingdom of Renardy fought its toughest battle. Assaulted by a horde of ferocious goblinoids, the Renardois having already lost their sovereign in battle and the southern part of their country when the Glantrian lupins arrived in their aid, guided by Clébard (who afterwards said in the end he had been led there by the visions of Saimpt Renard, of which he later became a fervent follower). Thanks to his own strategic ability and to the military preparation of his clan, Clébard was able to smash into the rear goblinoids and the front of the invasion therefore found itself trapped. Coordinating his own actions with those of the Renardois noble leaders, Clébard succeeded finally to check the invasion and smash all the goblinoids, even if with remarkable losses. At the end of the war he was acclaimed by the population and managed to marry the daughter of the preceding sovereign, guaranteeing to the nation a new dynasty strong in power and added his symbol, the Fleur de Lis to the ancient heraldic coat of arms of the royals of Renardy (the golden fox). Furthermore, based on strict accords during the war, many of his followers were married to members of the local nobility (so guaranteeing a closer control of the nobles), while his brother Richard claimed the western land to the border with Bellayne and founded there the Barony of Marmandie, where he settled the clan of Clairvault. When Clébard ascended to the throne, Renardy was still a kingdom of under developed provinces, but thanks to the progressive push of Clébard the nation became a true enlightened state, with a series of laws and codes that the sovereign assisted the unification of the ancient lupin traditions with the lawful principles that Clébard had learnt from Sire Claude. After having governed for over twenty years, introduced among the others the Renardois (derived from the Averoignese) as the language of the middle and nobles classes (fact that contributed to change the name of the country from Renardy to Renardie) and had built numerous castles to fortify the northern borders, Clébard abdicated in favour of his first born Gaston in 928 AC and afterwards left the palace following the prophetic visions of his Immortal, decided to achieve Immortality. Thanks to the sponsorship of Saimpt Renard (Korotiku) attained therefore the status of Saimpt (deified saints in the Renardois pantheon, according to the same reform brought forward by Clébard) in 954 AC.
Personality: Clébard is a basis for comparison for the faithful, and symbolises the modern lupin civilisation, faithful to the laws and lover of order and peace. Saimpt Clébard preaches the respect of traditions and constituted order, fidelity to family and institutions, patriotism and the spirit of sacrifice. For her pacifist and modernist position he is not in accord with Saimpt Loup.
Patron: Korotiku
Allies: Saimpt Renard (Korotiku), Saimpt Mâtin
Enemies: Saimpt Loup
Alignment of followers: Neutral or Lawful
Favourite weapon: rapier (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: +2 bonus to general skills etiquette and knowledge of codes and laws (not free)
Paladins’ skills and powers: free command general skill
Domains: Thought, Law, Nobility, Family
Preferred weapon: rapier
Source: SCS