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Savage Coast Planar Connections

by Håvard

How closely do activites on Innter and Outer Planes affect life on the Savage Coast? What planes are most likely to have their influence on the Savage Coast noticed by Adventurers?

Elemental Planes

I could see various undersea races and monsters of the Savage Coast Undersea moving between the Prime Plane and the Elemental Plane of Water.
Similarly, I suppose the Enduk and Ee'ar will sometimes interract with Air Elementals and perhaps know of wormholes and gates to the Elemental Plane of Air.
Less sure if I can think of connections to the Planes of Earth and Fire? I could see Navarez having Djinn and Efreeti in their lands?

Plane of Feywood/Spirit Plane

The Robrenn Druids are likely to know Fairy Rings and Wormholes leading to the Feywood. Similarly, the Wallaran Chameleon Men will be familiar with the Wallara Animal Spirits which may travel between these planes. Hero Spirits is another example on the Savage Coast of Spirits that will be present on both the Prime Material and the Spirit Plane. I like the idea suggested by Ripvanwormer(?) that Fachans and Athaches are Mystara's equivalent of Fomorans and are therefore native to the Feywood. Mythu'unn and Shimmerfish are other monster that I have connected to this plane.

Plane of Shadow/Limbo

In this thread we talked about the problems with the Deathmare, but it seems a likely candidate to be native to Limbo. Shadow Symbionts are also from this plane. Nosferatu and various undead are also likely frequently found here.

Outer Planes, Entropic

Legacy Leeches, Utukku and Navarezan Fiends are clearly connected to these planes. It is interesting that some of these sinister forces have such an interest in Navarez. I wonder if Herath might have connections to the Plane of Thorne and Aracne Prime?

Outer Planes, non-Entropic

The Heraldic Servants is one example of the Immortals sending good agents to aid servants of the Savage Coast. There's also the Shedu on the Arm of the Immortal.

Dimension of Nightmares/Far Realm

Malfera are known on the Savage Coast.


Nothing official, but would be kinda cool.