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by Giampaolo Agosta

I like and/or agree with most of your ideas, except Glantrians (or anyone else) using the Traldar script. IIRC, Gaz 1 says (or hints) that the Traladarans lost the knowledge of literacy, and recovered it only when the Thyatians conquered them. Moreover, Glantrians don't speak Traladaran or Daro, except the Boldavians, but Thyatian (a mix of Thyatian and Kerendan dialect, probably). So it seems natural that they would use Thyatian script, a least when writing in Glantrian.
BTW, I also assume that modern Traladarans use Thyatian alphabet as well, as noted in the Savage Coast book.
I add below mine, still incomplete, Alphabets Table, with a few comments on RW or literary parallels.



Thonian-+->Elven (Blackmoor)-+->Genalleth------+-->Essurian Runes
        |                    |                 |
        |                    +->Elven (various)|
        |                                      |
        +->Kogolor Runes--->Dwarven Runes------+--->Northman Runes
        +---+-->Modern Thonian
            +----+------>Ambur Alphatian Script
Old Alphatian----+--->Alphatian Imperial Alphabet--->Hillvale "Demotic"
                 +-------->Ochalean Ideograms
Old Rakastan-----+--+->Myoshiman Ideograms--->Myoshiman Syllabary
                    +---->Bellaynish Ideograms-+->Shazak Syllabary
                                               | Ancient Aranean--------->Herathian--------------+

Tortle/Oltec Glyphs

Risil Pictographs

Ethengar Script

Hulean Script

Sindhi Script



This is Egyptian, both hieroglyphic and syllabary.


This is Minoic "Linear" Syllabary. Assume the earlier form before Hutaakan domination, and the more modern after that.




Latin (including "foreign" letters).


Like Thyatian, but with Alphatian influences, and many unwritten vowels.


This is Egyptian demotic


A cuneiform variant of Nithian.


Use a primitive and stylised version of Elven

Elven (all)

Tolkien's Feanorean script, with variable number and quality of letters.

Dwarven (all)

Tolkien's Cirth. From Blackmoorian Dwarven

Essurian Runes

See X11. Derived from Geffronell Elven

Northman Runes

See Gaz. Derived from Dwarven

Alphatian (all)

Originally an alphabet of some 30 consonants, no vowels (replaced by standard vocalisation, or inferred from use, or marked by syllabic groups), and some pronunciation marks (mainly aspiration). Vowels added later from Thonian and Thyatian, but used only when the standard vocalisation is incorrect.*


Chinese-like ideograms, mix of Rakastan and Alphatian.

Rakastan (all)

Japanese. Use ideograms for poetic Myoshiman and Bellaynish, and syllabary for modern Myoshiman.


Rakastan syllabary, with some Herathian influences.


Use Hebraic. Probably distantly related to Nithian.

Tortle Glyphs

Mayan glyphs, related to extinct Oltec script.

Risil Pictographs

? unknown origin, probably original

Ethengar Script

? unknown origin

Hulean Script

Alphabet of 35-40 letters. Use Turkic script.

Sindhi Script

Use Sanskrit. Origin from Nithian?

*I am aware of Hervé's article on Alphatian. However, the Greek alphabet is already taken in this table, and I also wanted an alphabet very different from the Latin one, with a degree of ambiguity useful in magic and in confusing players as well.