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Erik Screaming Hawk

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Erik was born 33 years ago to a shaman of the buffalo tribe. He didn't fit well into Atruaghin lands, though, yearning for adventure, and to see the outside world. At age 18, he set out to explore the lands beyond the plateau. He has led a full life, but has settled somewhat down at the present time, tiring of years of adventuring that put his life at risk. Now he seeks to win his money not by dangerous quests but by easy cons.

Personality: Erik is extremely self-centred - he does what's good for him, and doesn't really give a darn about anyone or anything else. He'll play the devoted friend, the honest merchant, the committed paramour - whatever suits his purposes. Whatever personality he exposes to others is merely a front for his egocentric self.

Appearance: Erik wears typical Horse Clan garb, but adds on all kinds of jewellery (often of animal origin) and paints or dyes to make him appear more exotic. He tries to fit the common foreigner opinion of what an Atruaghin native should be, rather than what they actually are. He is fairly handsome, of average height and weight, with dark black hair. He often is armed with concealed daggers and a blowgun.

Combat Notes: He is an 8th-level thief. AC 7 (clothing, dexterity bonus); hp 21; at 1; D 1d4 (dagger, basic proficiency); save T8 (-1 vs. spells); ML 8; Al C; S 10, I 8, W 8, D 14, Co 13, Ch 15. Languages: Horse Clan hand signals, Ierendi, Thyatian, Common, Chaotic. General Skills: Deception (Ch), Bravery (W), Danger Sense (W).

DM Notes: Erik plays the part of the stereotyped Atruaghin to the max in order to connive tourists out of their gold pieces. He'll spin all kinds of tales about the ancestral spirits, fictional rituals and communion with animals - whatever he thinks his target is looking for. "Us Atruaghin, we feel a special bond to the mother earth, and she in turn blesses us with crops without having to work the land. The hawks guard us at night, and the lions at day. If you too abandon yourself of worldly possessions, you may be given the same blessings. I can even help dispose of your goods for you, if you will allow me the honour - there is a sacred rite which outsiders must not see, but which will give you eternal reward, if your soul is pure and you walk with nature." He channels spirits, does rain dances and plays his role to the full tilt.

Should anyone inquire about visiting Atruaghin lands, Erik often directs them to the territory of the Tiger clan, as this will reduce the chances of others discovering the falsehood of his claims. He may attack individuals who he sees as weaker, but prefers to avoid any contact with the guard, and will tend to flee and recreate his life elsewhere if confronted, rather than fight.