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Savage Coast priestly spheres

by Cindi Rice

In the new Savage Coast Campaign Book, the priest spheres correspond to the Immortal spheres as follows:

The Sphere of Matter: Major Access to All, Animal, Elemental (Earth), Plant, and Summoning; Minor Access to Combat, Creation, Divination, and Healing

The Sphere of Energy: Major Access to All, Creation, Elemental (Fire), Sun, and Weather; Minor Access to Combat, Guardian, Healing, and Summoning

The Sphere of Time: Major Access to All, Creation, Divination, Elemental (Water), and Healing; Minor Access to Animal, Necromantic, Plant, and Sun

The Sphere of Thought: Major Access to All, Astral, Elemental (Air), Divination, and Summoning; Minor Access to Charm, Guardian, Healing, and Weather

The Sphere of Entropy: Major Access to All, Combat, Divination, Healing (reverse only), and Necromantic (including reverse); Minor Access to Elemental (reverse only), Plant (reverse only), Summoning, and Weather

These are just general guidelines and can be adjusted for individual Immortals and priests.