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Timeline for the Savage Coast, AC 1010-1013

What follows is a brief recap of what has happened in the past five years along the Savage Coast. Because of the lack of proper libraries and references, Rikard Prospero has been unable to get exact dates for most of the events, so what is presented is at the best guest to their happening.

Also, this is by no means a complete list of all activities, or even a guarantee that the events listed took place. In fact, the farther away from the Savage Baronies, the less accurate the information is guaranteed to be. Still, as mentioned, we are only now beginning to explore this Savage Coast, and expect to have better information in our next Almanac.

Winter AC 1010

The people of the Savage Coast adapt to the Red Curse, which has spread from the Baronies to cover the entire Savage Coast down to Herath.

Winter AC 1010

Don Luis de Manzanas celebrates the completion of his new castle. The celebration is interrupted by the attack of an Inheritor named Balazar, whom Don Luis manages to defeat. Balazar loses his cinnabryl and becomes an afflicted. Balazar escapes.

Spring AC 1010

Balazar manages to unite various tribes of goblinoids (Gosluk, Kuttai, and Dankut) and leads them to attack Don Luis. Meanwhile, Don Luis retrieves the Bracers of Forbiddance, another part of the Ixion Mannequin like the Barrier Mask. With the help of these two artifacts and some adventurers, he manages to defeat the invading Balazar and forces the goblinoids to retreat.

Summer AC 1010

The goblins of the Bushwack Prairies make raids into the lands of Cimarron, destroying many homesteads. They are soon routed by the armies of Cimarron, however, and forced back into their own territories.

Late Summer AC 1010

Miners in the silver mines of Almarrón discover what they believe to be the Mannequin of Ixion. The object is quickly sent to the sage Mazrooth al Yedom so he can study it.

Don Esteban uses the commotion to plot and try to retake Almarrón. Don Esteban is stopped by Mazrooth and the honourbound Costa.

They also discover that the black statue was not the Mannequin of Ixion but rather a vessel holding a fierce creature known as a crimson death. They defeat the creature. Rumours claim that a gnoll was also involved, helping Mazrooth and Costa.

(See novel: The Black Vessel)

Fall AC 1010

A cult of Pflarr springs up in Renardy. The local lupin priests complain to King Louis IV as Pflarr is not one of the accepted Saimpt of their Pantheon. Dissent grows among the populace.

Fall AC 1010

The population of the Savage Coast is forced to deal with their first Day of Dread, where magic fails (as of midnight Glantri time!). This is approximately 9pm on the 27th to 9pm on the 28th of Kaldmont for the Savage Baronies. Decrease time by 1 hour for every 800 miles (approximately ... those wishing to be accurate, it's 15 degrees of longitude) to the west of the Savage Baronies for the rest of the Savage Coast.

Winter AC 1011

A horde of goblins invades the nation of Herath, who still has not managed to repair their magical defensive web which was brought down during the week without magic. The goblins manage to cause much damage before the Herathians chase them away.

Spring AC 1011

The Knights of Ixion, a small group of honourbounds and defenders of Narvaez dedicated to Ixion, sneak into Saragón and attempt to steal the Mask of Ixion and the Bracers of Forbiddance from Don Luis. They believe such artifacts should be in the hands of the church of Ixion of Narvaez. The Knights are defeated and the artifacts retrieved by Don Luis and adventurers who happened to be in the area.

Summer AC 1011

Vilaverde builds an outpost in the Haze area on the Serpent Peninsula (about halfway between Kladanovic and the borders of Yavdlom). From there, they intend to raise a fleet of non-tainted (red- cursed) sailors who can explore away from the Savage Coast. Such plans, which were in motion since AC 1000, have been put on hold because those infected with the Red Curse (which became widespread at the end of AC 1009) have a hard time leaving the cursed area. The nobles of Vilaverde therefore wish to produce a non-cursed population to expand their territory... perhaps on the southern continent. The outpost is called Porto Liberto.

Rumours abound that the purpose of the outpost is to maintain contact with a secret colony already on Davania. This colony was placed in the year 1006 along a huge Adakkian Rift/bay on Davania's north-western coast, and contact was lost in AC 1009 when the red curse spread over the baronies (and the Savage Coast), preventing easy access in/out of the Savage Baronies. Being in the Haze area, Porto Liberto is the perfect neutral ground for the colonists to keep in touch with their nation.

NOTE TO DMs: the map in the Red Steel box set has an error with the location of the borders of Yavdlom. The real borders are about 200 miles south of Kladanovic, as depicted in the Champions of Mystara Box set and the Poor Wizard's Almanac II. It is not 20 miles south of Slagovich as in the Red Steel box set map.

Fall AC 1011

An army of manscorpions lays siege to Um-Shedu, attempting to reclaim the city from the enduks and ee'aar. They fail, and the winged elves and minotaurs manage to keep the stronghold.

Winter AC 1012

Rumours spread that Doomrider, the Inheritor lich, is somewhere along the northern border of Torreón. Adventurers, after a brief clash with minor undead, discover that Doomrider is somehow responsible for the disappearance of Elegidos back in AC 970. The entire barony and population had vanished without a trace. The exact method is still unknown. Doomrider is not encountered by the adventurers searching the area.

Spring AC 1012

Increasing Huptai goblinoid activity destroys most caravans travelling the overland trade route between Torreón and Renardy. Torreón begins sending mercenaries out into the plains, which annoys the Kuttai goblinoids as well, inciting them to also attack.

Spring AC 1012

After much pressure is applied by the priesthood, King Louis IV of Renardy implements a new law banning the religion of Pflarr. Instead of imprisoning or executing those who worship Pflarr, the King has them exiled from Renardy.

So as to not cause too much trouble or a revolt in his own nation, the exiles are brought out of the nation through the nation of Bellayne (with permission of their Queen) and the Blythe River.

The exiles are dropped off in the Bay of Tears, north of the Kingdom of Nimmur. There, they begin to create a "Cajun" culture in the Grey Swamps and hills.

Summer AC 1012

Mt. Utt in the Tortle Tribeland (south of Renardy) has a minor eruption, coughing up dust and ashes. The native tortles begin to fear the possibility that it will explode in a full eruption soon enough. Many leave the region, taking the ash clouds as a bad omen.

Summer AC 1012

Hule invades and conquers the city-state of Nova Svoga.

Regent Stefan Karvich manages to escape with the 7 year old Anya, the heir to the city-state, and hides within the valleys of the Black Mountains.

Summer AC 1012

King Edwix II, after his 12th year of continuous rulership (since AC 1000, as noted in the Adventures of the Princess Ark), leaves on a quest dictated by the Druids. The exact nature of the quest is unknown, but it is rumoured to involved the Land of Cassivellonis and the orcs that inhabit it. At the end of the summer, the King returns triumphant and reclaims his throne for another twelve years.

Fall AC 1012

A Signatory Council meeting of the Savage Baronies and Hule discusses Hule's invasion of Nova Svoga and the future plans of Hule. The Hulean representative insists that the attacks will end there. Despite his assurances, the baronies keep on the lookout for an invasion by Hule.

Winter AC 1013

The Herathians manage to replace their magical web of defence around their nation. They now begin preparations to save it from the next Day of Dread, fearing it will destroy everything they have worked so hard on.

Spring AC 1013

The Huptai goblins (and hobgoblins), who have managed to somehow find an immunity to the amber lotuses in the Plain of Dreams (whose pollen puts people to sleep), have now found a way to help them spread. Their shamans and witch-doctors start using their magic to move the plants southeastwards into the lands claimed by Eusdria.

Spring AC 1013

A group of beast-riding lupins hiding in the northern steppes to avoid the persecution they receive for worshipping Pflarr encounter a group of defenders of Belbion (rakastan immortal). The groups come to blows as the lupins believe that the rakastas are helping King Louis IV exile them from their homeland (which they are to a certain extent). The small party of rakastas are forced to flee. The Templars of Belbion, as they call themselves, vow vengeance against the lupins for this dishonour.

Summer AC 1013

The amber lotuses have managed to gain a foothold as far south as the village of Ersel and the ruins of Morgald in Eusdria. The places are evacuated as the goblins move in and take over.

The Eusdrian King sends in his armies, but they are unable to do much against the special properties of the flowers' pollen. The goblins hold on to their new territory.

Summer AC 1013

Narvaez begins to import as much smokepowder as it can, storing it up for its armies. The rest of the Savage Baronies believe it is the first sign of an impending attack. They decide to place sanctions on Narvaez, forbidding anyone to sell them smokepowder. Black market smokepowder makes a huge profit for smugglers and thieves in Narvaez.

Fall AC 1013

Margrave Galben Zvornik, ruler of the City-State of Zvornik, dies of old age. His son, Derdren Zvornik, becomes the new Margrave.

Fall AC 1013

As feared, the Day of Dread destroys the Herathian magical web of defence. The Herathians begin the process of re-establishing it.