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Sea of Dread ancient cultures

by LoZompatore.

Here is an heavily edited map from PC3 I made for the Italian Message Board. We used it to summarize and describe the different cultures in the Sea of Dread. Everything inside is canonical or canon-deducted.

(Note: The image may be partially corrupt, but still readable. I'll try to fix it and post a clean version of the map as soon as possible)

If you have AC 10 "Bestiary of Dragons and Giants", maybe you can place the island of the storm giants somewhere SE of Termite Atoll. We also placed the adventure about Thyralax the dragon in the central island of the archipelago (the second big island east of the isle of dread), due to the presence of koprus and to the large NS extension of the area described in the adventure.

We thought also about placing the old Belcadiz home (naming it "isle of Alvar") in the easternmost island of Thanegioth Archipelago, but this is not so much canonical.