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The Sea of Dread

by Daniel Boese

As promised, here's a sort of ASCII map of the Sea of Dread. Each "character" is a single day's worth of sailing. The "Impenetrable Storm" and "Impenetrable Reef" were devices used to keep the player from sailing off the map, and should probably be ignored.. :)

        d     s     k          
    i i i i i i m m m     T   S
    i I i i   m M       t   t S
  R i i   i i m m m m t p t t S
  R R i i           m t p t S  
  R R     1               S    
3 r   2                   S    
  r           4           S    
  r     5             c B S    
  R 6           7         S    
  R R R             W   S S    
      R d D a a a a a     S    

d: Fort Doom (aka Halag)
s: Specularum (aka Mirros)
k: Kerendas
i: Ierendi islands
m: Minrothad islands
T: Coast of Thyatis
S: Impenetrable Storm
I: Ierendi
M: Minrothad
t: Thyatis islands
R: impenetrable Reef
p: Thyatian peninsula
r: penetrable Reef
c: dark cloud (a dense grey cloud of dust and gases, coming from the island to the east. Save vs poison or die from the fumes.)
W: deadly Whirlpool (your ship sinks, taking your character with it)
a: Thanegioth archipelago

1: Termite Atoll (Salt water termites attack any ships at anchor.
2: Insect Island (Watch your rations: worms and beetles will infest them.)
3: Three Sisters Keys (rumoured to be magical, nobody has ever found anything here... except those with a talking parrot called Paco... ;) )
4: No Name Island (Little more than a sand bar that has inedible plants growing on it.)
5: Spider Isle (An ancient building surrounded by eight standing pillars rests in the centre of the island. The roof of the building is shaped like the body of a spider. This is the Lost Temple of Araknee.)
6: Skeleton Key (Thousands of bones litter the ground near the centre of the island. This is the battlesite of the Aquapopulus War, a legendary war against the merpeople.)
7: Pirate Rock ("As you dig up roots while harvesting rations, you discover d100 gold pieces. This gold was buried here by pirates, and is in the form of coins.)
d: Dread isle (actually part of the Isle of Dread)
D: Isle of Dread (Better explored in module X1. Salt water termites attack any anchored ships.)
B: Burning Mountain (A mountain that spouts dark, grey clouds, ash and smoke, boulders, red lava, all deadly; and also rivulets of raw gold, if you survive to find them.)