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City of Sealidun

by Alex Benson

Sealidun is a large coastal town south of the city of Dmiliburg and just north of Doxeton. Despite its size and title of a city, it has a small population of citizens. The city caters to the naval arm of the RAF and is essentially a big naval base. The city has facilities to maintain the fleets stationed here. The populace, numbering 2,500, is composed of mostly retired navy men, naval dependents, and traditional navy families.

Sealidun is ruled by Baroness Eirolav (M26). Eirolav comes from a long line of naval officers. Like her forebears, she served in such a role. Her own children, Haltruzan (F10) and Zarathria (M6) continue this duty and are currently assigned to naval units in Sealidun. Their father Maelectine (M31) is presumed dead, killed in a battle against pirates off the Minaean Coast. Since then, the Baroness has not been involved romantically with anyone and is officially still in mourning. Since the Baron has only been dead a few months, this is not considered bizarre Sealidun has no mayor as the Baroness fills that role herself.


Sealidun is a navy town. Most buildings are dedicated to the maintaining of the fleets that call the town home. Private enterprise mostly serves to cater to seamen and marines when they are off duty. Small mercantile businesses exist to offer household goods, foodstuffs, clothing, luxury items, and weaponry. Not surprising, there are numerous wine houses.

University Facilities

Sealidun boasts the kingdoms primary naval marine training facility. The Naval Marine Academy is overseen by Headmaster Illyada (E10). The elven maiden has spent the last one hundred years in this role. Illyada is highly professional when it comes to the school. Off duty, she is the complete opposite. Some have even described her as being silly acting.


Sealidun is composed largely of the naval base. Commander Bratcist (F27) is in command of the base itself. He is an administrator and not a true naval strategist. What he does know is how to oversee the defence of the base, from both a land based and sea-based assault. Bratcist is married to Stellanna (F3), a former Marine. They have three children: Marcellis (M8), Dyrudrid (F4), and Fyllisia (F1). All children are serving in the navy. Marcellis is a Marine Officer. Dyrudrid is a Marine Sergeant. Fyllisia is currently enrolled in the naval school.

The 2nd Naval Fleet calls Sealidun home. The fleet is commanded by Fleet Admiral Alpantis (M22). Alpantis is a thorough man. He has served in the navy since age 16. He has held just about every position imaginable on any sailing vessel. He is more comfortable at sea than on land. So much so that he resides onboard an old decommissioned small war galley docked at Sealidun. He only ventures land-side if necessary. Alpantis lives with his wife Lidil (M5). She is a patient woman, capable of being a navy man's wife. She comes from a long line of seafarers and even served in the navy for some time. The two have two small children: Aphyllia (age 8) and Barthrome (age 4).

Sealidun is also the homeport for the 1st Naval Assault Fleet. The fleet is commanded by Admiral Poronzor (C28 of Razud). He is a highly professional commander with years of experience in both naval and land based combat. He is a friendly commander is often found drinking with his subordinates and enlisted men in Sealidun's wine houses. Poronzor is married to Vezerrella (M5). She is a lovely woman with a malicious streak. For years she has hated the long and frequent sea journeys her husband embarks upon. As such, she has taken the habit of procuring lovers while he is away. She does little to hide this adultery. In fact, she often advertises these affairs, hoping for discovery. Her husband usually finds out about these affairs and slays the offending male in a duel.

Attached to the Fleets in Sealidun are the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th Naval Marine Regiments of Group 1. The overall commander of these seaborne troops is Commander Nakano (C22 of Razud). Nakano is a fairly personable sort regarding his own troops. He has little regard for other unit types, even the naval personnel that transport his marines to battle.

As a naval facility, Sealidun has a branch office of the Sailor's Consortium. Heading this branch is Ebenezum (M20). He is a retired navy man himself and enjoys his work. He sees it as a way to keep in touch with the navy. Ebenezun's favourite part of the job is evaluating sailors for the Consortium. Given his position and past service, he is well known by most naval personnel.

Other Notables

Jeridricar (M36) is a Grand Council member. Prior to retirement, he commanded a small war galley of 2nd Naval Assault Fleet. After retiring, he turned his attentions to his magic. Jeridricar has no real contact with the military anymore. This troubles most of the military, as he was a fanatical soldier. The solution to this is that the archmage took his retirement quite literally. When he left the service, he really left the service.

Digadrigar(M12) is an overly ambitious and impatient mage. He has an inflated image of his magical ability. Ambitious, he sees himself as being a worthy candidate for the Grand Council. His petitions have obviously been turned down. Instead of recognising these rejections as being based on his experience, he sees them as some conspiracy by his fellow mages to keep him out. Digadrigar is a man, seeking both justifications as to his self-perceived power and revenge on his detractors.


With so many naval personnel and former naval personnel, Sealidun has a very military feel. Outsiders will feel uncomfortable unless they are or were in the navy. Civilian sailors will also find the atmosphere cold. Only military and the students will find the atmosphere pleasant.

Non military vessels are not allowed to dock without permission. Alphatian vessels attempting to sail into the docks will be challenged and boarded by naval vessels. Most will find themselves questioned and let go. Only badly damaged vessels are allowed to dock. These will be closely guarded. Non Alphatian vessels will receive a more hostile welcome.

DM Notes:

Despite her infidelities, Vezerrella is truly in love with Poronzor. Vezerrella's affairs are a means to voice her displeasure at her husband's frequent absents. She often draws upon visiting or student Alphatians for her lovers. She does avoid picking powerful males, as she does not wish any harm to come to her husband. She also avoids males of prominent families that could exact vengeance. She also takes measures to insure that she will not become pregnant by any of these lovers.

The departed Maelectine is in fact alive. He did not die in his confrontation with the pirates. He is instead a prisoner and awaiting ransom. Paying such a ransom is not a financial problem. However, paying a ransom is seen as dishonourable. The Baroness has discreetly attempted to pay this ransom once. The agents used proved dishonest and the ransom money taken. The Baroness is currently looking for PCs capable and honest of a rescue attempt. His exact location is unknown. It is believed that he is being held somewhere along the Minaean Coast, close to where the sea battle occurred. Maelectine is a powerful mage. However, during the battle his spellbooks were destroyed and most of his memorised spells were expended. The survival of the Baron is a closely guarded secret of the family.

Sealidun is a military base, pure and simple. There is little opportunity for adventure. Pirates will not come near the city. Intelligent sea creatures have long discovered that to do so is hazardous. Less intelligent sea creatures can wander in if necessary. The usual sea life is there. Sharks, dolphins, and a few killer whales can be seen. There are also a few submerged shipwrecks off shore that could be explored.