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Adventures on Secundancepes

by John Calvin


Conflicts abound and are not restricted to the struggle between good and evil. Many paths may lead the PCs to oppose Glynwyth and the elven clan that lives upon Secundancepes.


Not all of the Vyalia approve of mixing their blood with that of dragons... even if the dragon is a gold one. Some of the clans are very protective of their heritage, and they take offence at Glynwyth's dalliances. The abominations created by her and her draconic lover must be erased from the face of Mystara, and Glynwyth must be punished for her transgressions. There may be dragons who share these feelings as well (including some of Hytiliaph's own kin), and perhaps they can be persuaded to help.


Driven from their home not long ago by the arrival of the elves and Thyatians, the Fey Court has decided to reclaim what is theirs by rights. Unfortunately for the Fey they will face more enemies than just the elves and humans. Members of the Abandoned Court are still resentful for being left behind and must either be placated or also dealt with. The loyalties of the Fey that remained in Trigeminus will also have to be determined. Perhaps they have grown too independent while the Court has been away.


Hytiliaph and Demetrion have done much for the Thyatian air forces but despite this (or perhaps because of it) some Thyatians are left with a feeling of queasiness in their stomachs. Many in the upper echelons of Thyatian society are beginning to see Hytiliaph as a threat, and fear that Thyatis may in fact be working for the dragon instead of the other way around. Thyatian agents will have to infiltrate Hytiliaph's organisation (through the elves) and make sure that the dragon keeps his place without dismantling everything that he has created.


Dwarves (either from Rockhome or Makrast) have learned that the peak of Secundancepes is rich in mineral deposits and have decided to mine the area. Although the dragon Hytiliaph might welcome their presence, the dwarves will have to make their peace with the elves as well as deal with the many creatures that protect the mountain. If the succeed their clan will become rich off of the ores that they will mine and Hytiliaph will gain a new source of weapons and armour.


Working for the elves of Secundancepes can be just as likely as working against them. Characters may be members of Glynwyth's clan, or may be outsiders that she has come to trust.


Felwyn and his warriors are sent across Brun and beyond, on missions of importance for Glynwyth and Hytiliaph. The elves have been training for decades as a small commando group and they function as a honed blade. As the band gains in experience they tackle tougher and tougher assignments. Eventually they are ready to assault the Alphatian wizard in Blackheart.


The time for the assault against Alphatia draws near and the elves need all of the allies that they can gather. The Fey Court in this area was quite string before they disappeared, and Glynwyth believes that they can be convinced to help in the fight against Alphatia. The trouble will be twofold. First the Fey must be found. Then they must be convinced to help. What will it take to make the Fey allies, and what price will need to be paid?


For the Jahi, all is going according to plan, and soon it will make its bid for power among the elven clan. Lately many of the missions undertaken by the Vyalian clan of Secundancepes have actually been designed to increase the Jahi's power base. Artifacts have been uncovered and potential allies have been gathered. There are some on the mountain however, that have caught wind of the Jahi's plans. Will they be able to stop the creature in time, and to rescue Glynwyth's brother from its clutches? And even after the Jahi is gone, its ill begotten allies will also have to be dealt with.


Tengwer struggles to find his niche in either elven or draconic society, but acceptance is difficult to gain. Hytiliaph loves his son and sees the tribulations that he is going through. He sends Tengwer on a mission across Brun under the pretences of furthering the war effort, but really they are designed to build the young half-dragon's confidence and self worth. In time, and with the help of others, Tengwer may become a power in his own right. What challenges will he face in order to prove to his family, and to himself, that he is worthy of them?