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The Understanding Beyond Existence - Story of the Fey

by Joaquin Menchaca

In the beginning there was only oblivion and within this oblivion there was something. The contest between Entropy and Creation continued. Time, Matter, Energy, and Thought awaited for the change towards Creation. Life was very powerful, but there was no order to define Life. As Entropy and Creation struggled, there was chaos. As Thoughts formed the Dreams, Energy was weaved into Matter, and the order of reality was thus established. Only pockets of this reality was formed between the wild chaos. Pathways or trods navigated the chaotic storms between these realities.

In the beginning, Mystara was a small pocket of reality amongst the chaos and was formed by the Dreams of Immortals. There were no mortals as mortality could not be conceived at this time. The Immortals walked through all Time and realities and freely navigated the chaos. There were some that were confined to live within the Dreams of Immortals, and these people were known as the Fey. The Fey descended to Mystara to live amongst the Dreams. Here they could forge their own reality as they desire.

In the beginning magic was very free and uncontrolled. Magic was unrestricted by the threads of reality. Surrounding the dreams of Mystara was the frenzy of chaos. Immortals and fey alike could wield magic to their every desire, and use it to define the very reality. Great care was needed to wield such magic. If every fey with their varying desires and passions formed their own separate reality, there would only chaos. Chaos would then destroy the very Dreams that made Mystara. Mystara would then be dissolved into oblivion.

Immortals concerned with their Dream of Mystara had to take precautions. They could not permit the Fey to destroy Mystara with their passions and reckless usage of magic. The Immortals organized a group of Fey sworn to protect Mystara from the oblivion of Entropy. This group was to be named the Seelie. The Seelie roamed Mystara policing wild and irresponsible uses of magic. Where one Fey changed reality, the Seelie would alter and patch reality again so that it reverts to its original state.

The benign nature of the Fey is to play freely without responsibility. There were those Fey that felt the Seelie were absurd for "cleaning" up after other Fey's use of magic. These Fey became determined to make a joke out of the Seelie, and sought to destroy the work of the Seelie all in the name of fun. These group of pranksters became more popular and more of a nuisance. As there numbers grew, the group of pranksters were titled Unseelie. Eventually the Immortals of Entropy took notice of the Unseelie's activities. The Immortals of Entropy decided to help organise some grand festivities with the ultimate goal of dissolving the workings of the Seelie Fey, and in turn threatening to erase Mystara from existence.