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The Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams

by Håvard

(The Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams was originally mentioned in DDA1 Eye of Traldar. There he was referred to as the Seer of the Lake of Lost Souls.)

This old hermit lives in a small wooden cottage near the Lake of Lost Dreams in eastern Karameikos. He has very few dealings with the nobility and other high ranking members of Karameikan society, but The Seer is a popular figure among the Traladaran commoners, especially the rural population.

The Seer is known for his great wisdom and knowledge of the lands of Karameikos and its history and legends. Also, he is known to have powers of divination. The origin of his powers is unknown. Some say he was trained by the Witches of Dymrak*. Others say that he is a demigod and the son of King Halav himself. That he has some connection with the Traladaran Three is undisputed. The Seer seems to see himself as a protector of the Traladaran lands. He shows little interest for mortal affairs in general, but when the land itself is threatened, such as when the servants of Arik attempt to free their master, the Seer always intervenes if he can.

The Seer is on friendly terms with the Three Sidhe Priestess of Halav who reside on the Island in the middle of the Lake of Lost Dreams, and he is also a friend of the people of Haven. It is said that it was the Sidhe Priestesses who gave the Seer his most valued possession, the Eye of Traldar.

Appearance: The Seer is an old man, yet he is in a better shape physically, than many youngsters. His skin is tanned from the sun and his grey hair is set in a ponytail. The Seer has a trimmed grey moustache and beard. He wears old grey robes, held together by a rope belt. From the belt hangs numerous items of mystical significance such as a birds leg, a bag of coloured sand and the fingerbone of a goblin.

Game Statistics: In my opinion the Seer should be at least a 19th level Mage. If you use AD&D2nd Edition, he should probably be a Diviner. Str: 14, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 20, Wis 18, Cha 16. AL: NG. If he really is the Son of Halav and a Demi-God, he should probably have a couple of fancy powers as well...

Possessions: Wooden Staff, Robes, The Eye of Traldar (A magical artifact with several divining and detection magic spells. It also functions as a Crystal Ball, but only areas within Karameikos and Haven can be scried.)

* Several Witches live inside Dymrak forest. They are all malign, but only some are evil. Most well known is Griselda who has had some dealings with the Centaurs of the Kelvin Moors.