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Selhomarrian Military

by Geoff Gander

Stay tuned for info on the various components of the Selhomarrian military. Use the stats (once I'm done) for your own entertaining battles for supremacy in the Hollow World! :)

This is just an outline of the force's breakdown:

Imperial Guard: (an elite cadre of 1,500 soldiers devoted to protecting the emperor with their lives. When not on duty, they train, and when in battle, they carry the Banner of Lhomarr in their midst - a relic of Old Lhomarr. In the numerous battles against the Carnifex of Y'hog in ancient times, this force has always carried the banner, and has never lost it, or a battle for that matter). I've done War Machine stats for these guys.

Each province of the empire supplies an army to serve Selhomarr:

1st Army of Ardeth
2nd Army of Regelnis
3rd Army of Varannis
4th Army of Annurios
5th Army of Sexerothnyi
6th Army of Atlissini
7th Army of Tynerii
8th Army of Soroth
9th Army of Ilyoris
10th Army of Akalis

Other forces include:

Ilarnnian Guard
Selhomarrian Imperial Marines
Selhomarrian Imperial Navy