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The Peoples of Selhomarr:

by Geoff Gander

"Now that you know how the folk of Selhomarr came to the land they inhabit now, surely you wish to know what they are like. The Lhomarrians have always been a nation of explorers, warriors, and scholars, a people always eager to see what lay over the next hill, and to learn as much as possible about it. The Ilarnnians are a different folk, and more shall be discussed on them later."

The people of Selhomarr can be roughly divided into two groups: Lhomarrians, who are the most numerous, and Ilarnnians, who are also present throughout Selhomarr. The Lhomarrians themselves are divided into several sub-groups, each descended from people coming from different parts of Old Lhomarr and its colonies. While the rules for creating Lhomarrian player characters describes these people in a certain way, there are significant variations to be found among this folk. As a final note, do not let these descriptions restrict how you play your own character. What is written in this section below is only a generalisation about each group of people to be found in Selhomarr is like, and what classes are often found among them.

"Common" Lhomarrians

By far the most numerous sub-group of Lhomarrians are the "common" Lhomarrians - those whose ancestors lived on Lhomarr proper, as well as scattered colonies on the great continent. Before Lhomarr sank into the sea, and the old world was destroyed, Xeron whisked many Lhomarrians to the new world, the majority of whom were "common" Lhomarrians.

"Common" Lhomarrians dress in the manner described in the rules for making Lhomarrian player characters. Generally, women wear ankle- length, sleeved dresses and embroidered vests, with leather shoes. Men wear patterned tunics and pants, as well as boots or shoes. Among both sexes, wealthier people tend to have clothing made out of richer fabrics and dyed with brighter colours, though most "common" Lhomarrians wear clothing that is white, grey, or brown in colour, though colour choices are not limited to these. In terms of appearance, "common" Lhomarrian skin tones range from a medium olive to a light pink colour, while their hair varies from brown to auburn, though some blondes and redheads can be found, though these are rare. Eye colour is most often brown, but green or hazel eyes are also seen, too. Very few "common" Lhomarrians have blue eyes, and fewer still have blond hair and blue eyes; such people invariably draw attention in Selhomarr. In this subgroup, some men go clean-shaven, though the majority are bearded. The women of this group tend to wear their hair long, and many will wear intricate wire-like jewellery in their hair if they can afford it, though their hair is worn loose. The mannerisms of "common" Lhomarrians are essentially those that will be discussed in the rest of this book; refer to the other sections for a good idea as to how these people tend to behave. The dialect of "common" Lhomarrians is the "official" one; this dialect is spoken in the Imperial Court, used in songs and poetry, and is the one most likely to be heard in Selhomarr. It is a very expressive and complicated one, whose lilting sounds are unmistakable. More will be discussed later on the Lhomarrian language.

All classes open to humans can be found among this branch of the Lhomarrian people; this group does not favour one over any others. "Common" Lhomarrians can be found in either urban or wilderness areas, the choice of where to live is most often the individual's, and is not bounded by traditions or cultural mores. This group of Lhomarrians is also the most open to foreigners, and tends to consider both the Xerothnyians and the Prysians to be too insular. Despite this, though, "common" Lhomarrians, like those of the other two groups, will still recognise the bonds of nationality and history, and would never forsake their fellows.


Ilarnnians are noticeable in Selhomarr because they are visibly different from the Lhomarrians. Their ancient homeland was a nation called Ilarnn, which lay near the Lhomarrian colony of Xerothnyi on Lhoithas. As such, they have completely different origins. Most Ilarnnians live in what is called the Ilarnnian Autonomous Region, a sort of nation within a nation where the Ilarnnian ways and traditions may be preserved.

Ilarnnian men tend to dress in loose-fitting pants, often made from cotton or silk, bound from the knees down in leather or cloth wrappings. Loose-sleeved shirts are often worn in addition, often with a knee-length open vest on top. Women tend to wear ankle-length, long-sleeved dresses, belted at the waist, with a loose shawl draped over the shoulders. Ilarnnians of both sexes most often wear soft leather shoes, though those who venture into rough terrain wear boots instead. Compared to the Lhomarrians, the Ilarnnians wear brighter clothing, with blues, reds, greens, and whites being the most common colours. Ilarnnian men often wear their hair mid-length, with the sides of their heads shaved, and almost all go clean-shaven. Women usually have long hair, often done up in three braids trailing down the back. Most Ilarnnians have brown hair and eyes, as well as a dusky skin tone. Auburn-coloured hair, as well as hazel or green eyes, are also seen among these people. The Ilarnnian language is unlike that of the Lhomarrians. When Ilarnnians speak Lhomarrian, they speak in a very rhythmic tone, with the intonations slightly different.

In comparison to the Lhomarrians, Ilarnnians are a very quiet, introspective people, seldom given to impulsive actions. They have little need of voyaging far from home, and would rather spend their time with friends and family than go out and meet new people, especially outsiders. Many Ilarnnians consider Lhomarrians to be outsiders, for that matter. Ilarnnians consider outsiders in general to be noisy, rude, and otherwise disruptive of the proper order of things, unlike the naturally peaceful, balanced, and above all wholesome Ilarnnian way of life. Still, some Ilarnnians do leave their homes in search for adventure, and players choosing to be Ilarnnian may choose any class they wish, though the Ilarnnian people are well-known for their skills as druids and magic users.

Prysians (Lhomarrian)

Prysians are those Lhomarrians who came from the ancient colony of Prys, which means "garden" in the Lhomarrian language. Prys existed on Lhoithas, and it was a large peninsula with rich forests and verdant pastures. Today, Prysians can be found in the southern regions of Selhomarr, the Tylierian Peninsula, and the city of Annurios.

Prysians tend to dress in soft leather shoes and their clothing tends to be in forest hues, with slightly subdued patterns and designs on them. Many also tend to wear long, finely-woven cloaks. They tend to have paler skin tones in comparison to "common" Lhomarrians, with light brown, auburn, and red hair being the most common, though blond hair is also seen among the Prysians - more so than among other Lhomarrians. Many men also go clean-shaven, and also tend to wear their hair longer than most other Lhomarrians do, while the women tend to wear their hair short. Among Prysians eyes range from slate grey to green or hazel in colour. Prysians tend to be far more soft-spoken and easy-going than most Lhomarrians, and their dialect is sibilant, and softer, and often compared to the whisper of a babbling brook.

Despite this seemingly soft exterior, the Prysians make excellent warriors, druids and foresters (if your DM allows this class to be available to Lhomarrians), being accustomed to the ways of the forests and nature. As a group, the Prysians prefer to live away from large cities, and they tend to consider "common" Lhomarrians to be too detached from nature, and Xerothnyians quite staid, though they are still proudly Lhomarrian.

Xerothnyians (Lhomarrian)

Xerothnyians are descended from Lhomarrians who lived in the colony of Xerothnyi, which was a great peninsula of forests, mountains, and plains jutting southwestwards from Lhoithas into the sea. Today, Xerothnyians are found along the seacoasts of Selhomarr, as well as the Tylierian Peninsula.

These people tend to dress in plain clothing - their tunics, dresses, pants, and other apparel tend to be white, light grey, or brown in colour, with fewer designs and patterns on them than those clothes worn by "common" Lhomarrians and Prysians. Their footwear also tends to be simpler - sturdy leather shoes and boots are the norm for these people. Xerothnyians are also among the darker-skinned Lhomarrians, with their skin tones ranging from a normal pinkish colour to a olive or ruddy complexion. Hair colour ranges from almost black to a medium brown, with some having light brown or auburn hair, and most men sport well-trimmed beards, and often short hair. Xerothnyian women wear their hair long, often finely braided. Eye colour among these Lhomarrians is almost uniformly brown, though some have blue or hazel eyes. The mannerisms of the Xerothnyians are unlike those of other Lhomarrian peoples. The Xerothnyians are a very severe lot, seldom expressing their views to any but their most trusted friends, and rarely lifting their facades of sobriety and introspection. In this way they are often compared to Ilarnnians. Their dialect is much harsher than standard Lhomarrian, with clipped tones and much less tonal variation than is found in other dialects.

Xerothnyians have formed the backbone of the Lhomarrian armies for millennia, as well as a significant percentage of the priesthood, being among the most pious Lhomarrians. If you decide to play a Xerothnyian, either the fighter or the cleric classes would be a good choice. Xerothnyians are solid town- and cityfolk, preferring to live in larger settlements to the untamed wilderness. They view the "common Lhomarrians" as brash, and the Prysians as undisciplined and folksy. Despite this, however, Xerothnyians will gladly fight for their fellow citizens, no matter what group they may come from.