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New Skills:

by Geoff Gander

All of the skills listed in the Hollow WorldTM boxed set are also available for player characters from Selhomarr. This purpose of this section is to present new skills unique to Selhomarr.

Dilianath Throwing (Dexterity): This skill gives the possessor the ability to throw dilianaths, the silver rings used in the game of the same name, with a reasonable degree of accuracy. With this skill a person can aim at a target, and be able to take account of the dilianath's unique shape and design in order to hit it. This skill also gives the individual a +1 to hit with any ring-shaped thrown objects.

Tale-weaving (Dexterity): This skill gives the individual the ability to practice the art of tale-weaving This is a very artistic and complicated dance that is used to tell stories through movements. Purchasing this skill at the basic level allows the individual to perform various tales at an amateur level. Should the individual wish to improve his or her skill, more slots need to be allocated to this skill. A side benefit of this skill is that two people versed in tale-weaving may communicate basic thoughts through their movements, as long as they can see each other. Such communication is detectable only by those who know this skill.