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Inner Circle Gaz 4: Kingdom of Selemy

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 52,400 sq km

Population: 151,400 (55% humans, 45% rakastas)

Government Type: Selemy is ruled by a dictator with strong military and theological ties. The Temple of Syrinx is the official religion, and the Army, controlled directly by the Queen, is extremely powerful.

Important Figures: Queen Vehea Luxor

Description: East of Cholonis and west of Einikushagi is the state of Selemy. Selemy is ruled by the human Queen Vehea Luxor. Selemy is a hilly region where most people live farming goats and sheep. The shepherding is semi-nomadic: during the cold winter months the sheep and goats are kept in ranches, while during the summer the shepherds take them through the hills in search of pastures. The shepherds are generally not-instructed people, rude and brutal, and they are equally split among rakastas and humans. Family enmities are frequent in the small rural communities, where they raise some corn, and are generally resolved with faidas. The villages are self-governed by local councils: the only requisite is that they pay taxes, mostly in the form of services (road maintaining etc.), to the state. The human population is mostly of Ursinian stock, and they speak a Nentsunian dialect called Ursinian.

The kingdom have three main settlements: * Selemy (pop. 27,000) is the capital; a strict military law is applied inside its walls: there's curfew after 21:00, the only allowed religion is the Temple of Syrinx, and no alcohol may be served in pubs and inns, all strictly controlled by the military. Nobody is allowed to wear weapons nor cast magic, apart from the priests of Syrinx.
* Arenula (pop. 14,500) is ruled by the rakasta lord Striga. It is mostly settled by the feline humanoids, who work in the few farmlands of the surrounding region, more fertile than the rest of the country.
* Xining (6,100) is a small city whose ruler is the former king of Selemy, Lord Nychari, who rule it in the name of Queen Luxor. It is built on the Xain river, not far from its confluence in the ocean.