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Selenii Clan: An Interdimensional Elven Clan for Karameikos

by Joaquin Menchaca


The Selenii clan members are mysterious folk of the faerie kingdom. The other elven clans only know of them through legends or rumours, but there has been no verification of their existence, for a member of a Selenii would never admit his allegiance. The Selenii live and reside within the magical forest densely populated by sylvan creatures such as unicorns, nymphs, pixies, brownies, dryads, and satyrs. They sometimes travel outside of their magical realm into the real world of reality. They only make this voyage under the disguise of another elven clan such as Calarii or Vyalia. Those not familiar with the local clan customs may pretend to be from some far away obscure clan. This way the true identity of the Selenii agent will be kept hidden.

Beyond the dreams of men exist another reality. These dreams give the energy and bring life to another world. In turn the dreams of the denizens of this world give the energy to form reality, as we know it.
These pseudo-world touches closely to the magical forests. Beyond the sea of dreams exist a world of substance in plane known as Arcadia. It is this world where the Selenii were born. It is this world that the Selenii will return. The Selenii often cross into this world through magical gateways sometimes referred to as faerie rings.

The Selenii cross the dream realm into the prime material plane in order to complete their mission of infiltrating and combating the evils forces of unseelie faerie.

The race of the Selenii clan is called the Akalians, which is similar to the High Elves in all aspects. The one exception is that the Akalians are able to see through the illusions, disguises and magic of faeries, sylvan, and other Arcadians. This ability is similar to the True Sight in regards to Arcadians, sylvan folk, and faeries. Other denizens of Arcadia share this ability and can thus see through the disguises and magic of a given Selenii.

Originating from Arcadia, the Selenii can speak Akalian and can read and write the Akalian runic script. The Selenii will need to learn the native language of their target destination. On Mystara, a Selenii will need to learn to speak, read, and write Elvish. Additionally, the Selenii will have to learn at least one common tongue, such as Thyatian. Without learning the native language, the Selenii will jeopardise the mission. The Selenii will also need to pay extra attention to the appropriate pronunciation of a language to sound like a native speaker.

The Akalian elves have a vast an rich magical system found within the great libraries of Akalia. The Akalian mages inscribe their magic in their own language. Scrolls are written in the magical runes, and are completely useable by Akalian, as Read Magic spell will translate the understanding of magic to the Akalian way of thinking. Spells written in spellbooks by other Elves of Mystara are written in Elven glyphs.
Once Elven glyphs are understood, their magical spells can be incorporated into an Akalian's spellbook, provided that the Akalian is trained in the casting of that spell. The Calarii have a different set of spells that they call Battle Magic. These spells require training by the Calarii. Other spells by other mages will be written in their own perspective languages.
These spells can be taught to an Akalian provided that the Akalian reads and understands the instructor's language, or the instructor reads and understands one of the Akalians' known languages. A Selenii typically is either an illusionist or an enchanter, which they find useful for successful operations.

The Selenii are somewhat difficult to understand in their behaviour and thus it is difficult to define their personality. Within their homelands the Selenii follow very well defined organisation and exhibit complete an utter devotion for their cause. They also abide the laws and rules of their civilisation. This would lend towards a lawful alignment. However when the Akalians travel into other worlds, their behaviour changes. They have no loyalty or interests in the affairs of other worlds, and the laws and social rules will be followed only as part as their grand masquerade to infiltrate other worlds. It is as if their whole new experience is one wild party and game.
Their behaviour becomes chaotic in this sense. They will strive to protect other Seelie faeries, elves, and sylvan folk as long as this does not interfere with their mission. When confronted with Unseelie forces of corruption, they may have to assassinate the Unseelie. Sometimes morality gets in the way of accomplishing one's mission and thus their alignment is typically neutral. However those that in their homeland, their behaviour dramatically changes more towards the good side. Those that cannot shed their moralities are only sent of very limited missions.

Clan Relations: The Selenii is somewhat of a mystery for the other clans. The Selenii are commonly disguised as another elven clan, and thus will receive penalties and bonuses for the clan imitated.

Alignment: As Akalians, the Selenii tend to be somewhat carefree and self-expressionistic, and generally lean towards chaotic behaviour. They value life and nature, and seek to protect this, and thus tend more towards good.

Selenii Lands: The Selenii exist in Akalia, a kingdom within Arcadia. They roam the Known World where nature is very strong. Karameikos, which is largely untamed and abundant with sylvan life, which is a popular area for the Selenii.

Languages: The Selenii speak Akalian and write in Akalian runic script. The Selenii found on Mystara will speak and write the local elvish tongue and will be able to speak, read and write the local common tongue, such as Thyatian.

Favoured Class: Rogue