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Shadowelf adventures

by Ville Lähde

Our group will soon continue our "Caravan Campaign" after a long break. The PCs managed to thwart some elements of the Shadowelf Plot in Alfheim, but Gilfrondel's army still poses a grave danger to the forest, as the elven armies have suffered horrendous losses. Only their Darokinian friends, who came to their aid partly due to PC actions, prevented a final assault. King Doriath is dead, the council chambers are destroyed, and Gilfrondel's betrayal is evident. Taragin Oakbranch leads the country in this emergency with Brightsword.

The PCs and Porphyriel's secret agent Mirador will travel in secret to the Shadowelf lands. They have proof that Xatapechtli's minions befouled soul gems during their secret operations, and they hope that with this information they can force the shadowelf armies to retreat.

Carlisan is dead and his agent network in Alfheim is practically destroyed. But there are still many agents in Darokin. They know that a renegade shaman is working with the enemy and will try to stop them.

Xatapechtli's serpents guard the secret tunnels to Shadowelf lands, so the group will have to find some other way...


I've devised the following rough scheme for the coming sessions. One of the challenges that I have posed for myself is that these adventures should 1) give the players an opportunity to form a perception of SE culture and society, 2) Give a Shaman's point of view, 3) offer a view into the conflicts within SE society: - The Shamans are holding firmly on Way of Rafiel. For Porphyriel and some senior shamans the Way is a means to an end, but for most of them (like Mirador) it is genuinely a way of life.

- Telemon is genuinely convinced that the Way is wrong for his people. He tries to use the war and the conquest of Alfheim to open a new future for his people. His interest isn't selfish.

- Kanafasti is self-interested. He is struggling against the restrictions on individuals that the Way poses (namely, the age limit).

- Xatapechtli is just trying to destroy it all. Unlike Kanafasti, he doesn't have much personal ambition left. He has become a puppet of the Feathered Serpent.

The PCs begin their journey in Corunglain. SE agents will try to intercept them and kill Mirador. Regardless if it succeeds or not, the PCs know that they will have to travel on secret and unknown paths.

The ruins under Corunglain are the most likely starting point.

1) CORUNGLAIN, the layered city;

a) The first layer under the city. It is relatively recent, only perhaps 100-200 years old. The present heavily fortified Corunglain which rests on an artificial hill was built on it.

b) Ruins of the devastation of 523. The city sacked by orcs during the reign of Kings. This is an opportunity to depict a different kind of Darokin, give the PCs a sense of history of the region.

c) The original Corun's Glen.

2) LOWER BROKEN LANDS, most likely Red Orclands

The PCs have to battle and avoid orcs and find their way to the tunnels below the humanoid lands.

3) Underground tunnels and caverns

Like orcish invaders, the PCs have to find some way to the SE realm that isn't covered by Serpent's Eyes.


- How to get in and where?

- Mirador is officially a renegade and the PCs are enemies of the state. They need to find allies and help to get to meet Porphyriel.

The Radiant Shaman's position is precarious. The partly successful invasion of Alfheim has the country in a fever, and Telemon is very popular. Porphyriel has to move carefully.

- The PCs have proof that Xatapechtli's agents have committed sacrilege, so they and the shamans might turn the people against the war.

- Xatapechtli will never give up peacefully. However, Telemon has no idea of his darker nature.

- Telemon will never return to the Way. He'd rather become a martyr and allow some of his people to escape, even as prisoners of war.