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Shadow Elf specific Magical Items

by Kyle Knight

For those who play Shadow Elves, or DM's who made such items for their NPC's:

Fan made adventure called: The Wanderer's Grave had a Staff of the Wanderer that combined a Staff of Healing w/ a Staff of Harming

Ring of Rafiel (my own recent creation)
(Combines the benefits of a Ring of Holiness w/ a Ring of Wizardry. Replaces the need for carrying a Soul Crystal when outside Shadow Elf Territory).
Shaman Bonus Spells: 1 1st, 1 2nd & 1 3rd
Wizard Bonus Spells: 1 1st, 1 2nd & 1 3rd
+1 bonus to Turn Undead rolls

The first "offical" appearance of this ring was in the hands of the Shadow Elf Shaman: Calenderi. Shortly after receiving her first Soul Crystal, it shattered & in it's place lay this ring. Since then more of these rings have appeared to new Shamans after their Soul Crystals mysteriously shattered, revealing the ring w/in. While Calenderi's Ring of Rafiel is the first "offically" known, or recognized, ring; there are whispers of the ring appearing once before.
According to the vague whispers, hundreds of years ago a male Shaman was mysteriously found & raised by the Temple. He disappeared before being offically recognized as a Shaman, only to reappear centuries later bearing a Ring of Rafiel & wielding the full powers of a Shaman.
Whatever the true story, these rings only appear to 1 in 25 new Shamans & marks those Shamans for a life of adventure outside Shadow Elf Territory. Calenderi is the only Shaman, to date, to receive a ring & remain w/in Shadow Elf territory.

Gaz 13 mentions Telemon's sword w/ a Black Lightning Bolt spell
Gaz 13 mentions Tanadaleyo's Gloves of Ogre Strength that blend into her skin
Gaz 13 mentions "enchanted fishing rods" used to fish for Lava Fish
Gaz 13 also lists the Soul Crystals that Shamans use in place of Holy Symbols

A new addition for Shadow Elves trained in the Thieving General Skills:

Ring of the Shadow Thief: (Combines a Ring of Wizardry w/ a Ring of Thieving.)

Wizard Bonus Spells: 1 1st, 1 2nd & 1 3rd
Open Locks +25%
Find & Remove Traps +25%
Pick Pockets +25%
Hide in Shadows +25%
Move Silently +25%

These rings were created at the behest of Xatapechtli, the Feathered Serpent, for use by members of both branches of his spying network.