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Selhomarr (Empire of)

Location: Continent of Suridal, western regions. HW

Area: 256,410 sq. mi. (664,100 sq. km.), including Ilarnnian Autonomous Region, otherwise area is 248,094 sq. mi. (642,255 sq. km.).

Population: 5,175,000, including the capital, Calimnis (pop. 364,000).

Languages: Lhomarrian (official), Ilarnnian, Neathar.

Coinage: Various denominations of the alin, corresponding to cp (1 alin), sp (10 alinni), gp (100 alinni), and pp (1,000 alinni).

Taxes: 25% of yearly earnings, and 10% of estimated land value collected yearly on Gallotar 27 (corresponding to Kaldmont 27).

Government Type: Constitutional monarchy; regional nobility has considerable power.

Industries: Agriculture (Selhomarr's climate ensures there is almost always a surplus for export), common spices, fishing, leatherworking, mining (copper, silver, and tin mines), woodworking.

Important Figures: Tamaris (Emperor), Dinaria (Empress), Gallos the Aged (Respected Philosopher and Historian), Mirinasi (High Emissary), Thessia (High Priestess).

Flora and Fauna: In Selhomarr one can find plants and animals common throughout the temperate regions. Towards the south, great stands of pine, maple, birch, and evergreens blanket the hilly terrain as it rises to become the Lhomarrian Range, the largest mountain range on Suridal. Further north, beyond the great Forest of Garithor, oaks and poplars replace the coniferous trees, until the forests give way to the great Plains of Aymira. Here, tall grasses dominate the landscape, save for the forested hills of the Tylierian Peninsula, where the famed dillianora trees may be found. In the northern regions of Selhomarr, across the Bay of Lokam, many of the trees in the Veroxith and Lorethii Forests are fruit-bearing, providing ample yields of apples, peaches, pears, oranges, and other fruits. To the east, surrounding the city of Annurios, the great Korvoris Forest is populated by hardy stands of oak, ironwood, and yew.

In terms of animal life, Selhomarr is equally blessed. Herds of aurochs and buffalo roam the Plains of Aymira, while foxes, wolves, birds, giant rats, deer, and other beasts make the forests their home. In the swampy regions, insects of all sorts buzz about, as snakes slither about their business. Also common in the region are monsters known to inhabit temperate zones, such as giant ants, giant bees, displacer beasts, dragons, griffons, hydras, owlbears, pegasi, purple worms, rocs, various undead, and other beasts, as well as such bizarre plants as grab grass, strangle vines, vampire roses, and whip weed.

Further Reading: The Empire of Selhomarr by Geoff Gander, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.