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Patera Project: Selimpore

by Andrew Theisen

SELIMPORE (matriarchy of)
Location: Patera, southwest of Malacayog, south of Rajahstan.
Area: Approximately 200,000 sq. mi.
Population: ?
Language: Various tribal dialects, Bellaynish.
Coinage: ?
Technology Level: Iron Age, steel forged.
Government Type: Plutocracy, with all power tied up in a matriarchy.
Industries: Agriculture, fishing, trade.
Description: Selimpore is a large island nation that is mostly on Far Side, though the easternmost portion spills over into Near Side. It is a lush jungle territory, populated by various breeds of Rakastan hunter-gatherers. There are a number of growing towns and cities on the island, centred around a largely successful mercantile system that was began when Bellaynish settlers arrived and colonised the island in 919 AC (Mystaran calendar).
Notable Sites: ?
History: Selimpore was a largely unimportant island nation until recent times, when it was discovered by Bellaynish explorers in the year 919 AC. The Queen of Bellayne ordered the area to be colonised, and soon Bellaynish Rakasta moved in to the area, exploiting the native Rakasta as labourers, and began to build cities on the island, and set up trade with the other nations of Patera (primarily the city-states of Rajahstan and the Myoshiman Empire).
Important Figures:
Flora and Fauna:

The Bellaynish activity may be a bit controversial, but I thought it fit in well with the theme of British/Dutch/etc colonisation of SE Asian communities in the early 1900s, and it certainly fit in with the fact that- according to Bruce's article on Bellayne- Myoshima and Bellayne, at least, have some sort of diplomatic ties and exchange between the two nations. Also, I thought: Hmm... Bellayne has a Queen, and Selimpore is a Matriarchy... those two ideas can work together. It also ties in with my thoughts on Heldannic activities (See MYOSHIMA entry), as I've postulated that the Heldanners- known to have ties with the Savage Coast- were attracted to Patera by Bellaynish activities.