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Selenii Magic

by Joaquin Menchaca

NOTES: The spells presented below are for use with any OD&D or Mystara campaign. These spells are used in secret by the Selenii Clan.

Selenii Magic (OD&D)

The spells listed here are used by the Selenii clan. They are created for use with their clan, and they are not under any circumstance to be taught to anyone other being outside of the Selenii clan. These spells require knowledge of the Akalian script, which is an ancient Elven runic system. Players should purchase a skill in Akalian script before using these spells.

1st Level Spells

Animal Tracks

Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn per level of caster
Effect: Create animal tracks of the caster's trail

The caster can leave tracks in the desired animal. The Akalian's footprints and distinguishing marks appear as the desired animal. If part of the caster's clothing was ripped off, the clothing would appear as fur of the appropriate animal. If the caster dropped something item, this spell will not conceal the item(s) dropped.

A saving throw is not permitted for the effects of this spell. As this spell is illusionary, viewers may attempt to disbelief the tracks and see the true tracks. If any part of the trail has dispel magic cast upon the tracks, the whole illusionary trail will cease and the true tracks will be exposed. After the duration ends, the all affected footprints and distinguishing marks revert to their normal state.

Applying pixie dust on oneself will increase the duration of this spell for 3 turns.

Blur Face

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour per level of caster
Effect: Recipient's face become nondescript

The caster alters his face or a willing target's face to appear unremarkable. Onlookers will not be able to recall the face of the person under this spell.

Any observer whom is alert and is looking in particular for the spell recipient's face or viewing the faces of everyone she sees, such as a guard, will be allowed a saving throw versus spell. If this observer makes the saving throw, the observer will see the actual features of the nondescript face. If others are made aware of this fact, they will be allowed to make a saving throw as well to resist the spell's effects. The spell will continue to function for other casual viewers and other alert observer's whom have failed their saving throw.

The recipient of the spell must maintain a dull and unexciting attitude. Any action that will draw attention, such as a robbery, attack, or saving a life, will cause the spell to cease functioning, and all viewers will be aware of the recipient's face.

If pixie dust is used, the recipient can choose to appear similar to another face that the caster has scene before in his travellings. This will have the same affect as a disguise affect, except the recipient will not appear exactly as the original. An observer whom views the recipient more closely will believe is someone else. If this alternative face is someone that observer actually knows, the observer gets a save versus spell. If the saving throw is succeeded, then the observer will believe that the recipient is simply a look-alike. If the observer still has doubt of similar identity, a second saving throw is permitted. Upon succeeding this saving throw, the observer will see the true face of the recipient.

Minor Distraction

Range: 5 feet per level
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Sight or Sound presented to victim

This spell can have a auditory or visual effect as determined by the caster. The resulting effect is that the victim of this spell will hear a faint noise or see something out of the corner of his eye.

The victim who fails a saving throw versus spell with a -4 penalty will believe the distraction originated from the direction of the caster's choice, and will also believe that the sight or sound to be real but does not know what made it. Under this circumstance, the victims free to act as she chooses, e.g. whether to ignore it or moved by curiosity or duty to investigate it. If the victim made the saving throw, then the victim will feeling that she was "seeing things" or "hearing things" and does not act upon the distraction.

Throwing pixie dust in the desired direction will allow the spell to continue for three other instances within five rounds as determined by the caster. This allows two additional saves, each with a additional -2 penalty to save.

2nd Level Spells


Range: Touch
Duration: 5 rounds per level
Effect: Recipient can move quietly and weightlessly

The recipient of this spell can both move quietly and weightlessly while walking at a slower pace. This grants the recipient a bonus of +30% to move silently. The recipient will not receive penalties for squeaky floorboards, leave footprints, nor set of any weight or pressure-based traps.

Sprinkling pixie dust on the recipient's feet will allow the recipient to walk across calm or still water, such as a pond or a slow river. The recipients feet or shoes will be wet after walking across the body of water.

The reverse of this spell is Trollfoot and effects only one creature. The victim is allowed a saving throw versus spell in this case. The victim of this spell will move loudly and heavily making it impossible to move silently or hide in shadows, and will always set off pressure sensitive traps. A Trollfooted character affected by magical silence will not be heard unless the character fails a move silently roll.

3rd Level Spells

Annoying Distraction

Range: 10 feet per level
Duration: 1 turn per level

This spell will cause the victim to become distracted by some sensation, such as itching, a need to answer's nature's call, etc., as determined by the caster. If the victim fails a saving throw, the sensation will not stop until the victim handles the sensation or until the spell duration ends. If the saving throw was originally made, then the distraction is only there immediately, and momentarily goes away. The victim will never be aware that a spell was cast.

Throwing pixie dust in the victim's direction will allow the spell to continue for the duration of the spell. Thus the victim will continue to feel the sensation again every turn and will be required to make another saving throw.

4th Level Spells

Greater Pixiefoot

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn per level
Effect: Recipient can move quietly and weightlessly across land or water

This spell is a greater form of the spell Pixiefoot. This spell will additionally grant the recipient the power to walk across still or gently moving water surfaces such as a pond or slow river. Persons travelling in this manner will have their feet or shoes become wet after the journey.

If pixie dust is sprinkled on the recipient's feet, the recipient gains the additional ability to walk across air itself. The recipient cannot ascend or descend, but merely walk in at the same level across air. This might be useful when walking between two buildings or across a chasm without assistance of a bridge.

The reverse of this spell Greater Trollfoot has the same affects as Trollfoot, but has a greater duration.

6th Level Spells


Range: Touch
Duration: 1 turn per level

A willing recipient of this spell will assume the appearance of another person whom he wishes to impersonate. The recipient will appear in all regards to impersonated person including height, sex, race, same voice, gesturing, mannerisms, clothing, armour, etc. The impersonator is completely indistinguishable from the impersonated in all outward appearances.

The impersonator still does not know the subject's memories, abilities, and cannot speak the subject's language. If the impersonator does anything out of character for the subject, anybody present will automatically see through the illusion and realise the impostor has taken the subject's place upon a successful saving throw versus spell.

Application of pixie dust will allow the recipient to maintain the illusion for additional 3 turns.