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Senatorial Families

by Giampaolo Agosta

1) Actavius Counts of Actius
2) Di Francesco Kerendans
3) Docerius Nobles on the Isle of Dawn
4) Dominikon  
5) Furmenglaive Counts of Furmenglaive
6) Hyraksos  
7) Kendasius Counts of Kendach
8) Korrigan  
9) Lentulus Very old family, republicans
10) Lucinius  
11) Lycandronion  
12) McRhomaag Barons of Caerdwicca
13) Murco Old noble family, dates back to the time before the Empire
14) Nuar Archduke of Pearl Islands
15) Oesterhaus Counts of Hattias
16) Orsini  
17) Ottaviano Relatives of Ettore Ottaviano
18) Palikratidius  
19) Patrizio Replaced the Glantri family in recent times
20) Paulus Dates back to the times before the empire
21) Penhaligon  
22) Porpora Descedents of the Porpora-Hattias dynasty
23) Prothemian Relatives of Gabrionus IV
24) Retebius Dukes of Retebius
25) Scaevola Dates back to Kallastinides dynasty
26) Scaurus Descendents of the Aemilia dynasty
27) Teng Archdukes of Ochalea
28) Von Hendricks  
29) Vorbian  
30) Zenobius  
31) Metellus  
32) Dassinites Dukes of Kerendas

Senators stripped of their titles after Conjuratio Lusciniae:

Luigi Aureliano replaced by Dassinites?
Canius Glantri replaced by Patrizio (cousins-in-law of Aureliano)

Note: the Conjuratio Lusciniae is the ill-fated attempt by Fabrizio Luscinia to overthrow the Empire and replace it with a Republic. At least two families involved in the conspiracy were stripped of their senatorial privileges. Luscinia himself fled Thyatis, and later died in the Specularum rebellion against Stefan Karameikos.