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SERRAINE (Flying City of)

Location: Anywhere-last seen above the Isle of Dawn.

Area: Approx. 6 sq. mi. (15,5 sq. km.).

Population: Approx. 1,310 (110 nagpas, 200 tabi, 20 harpies, 50 kobolds, 30 orcs, 10 ogres, 90 human mercenaries, 800 slaves of various races); there are an unknown number of gremlins and gnomish revolutionaries aboard the vessel.

Languages: Gremlin, Harpy, Tabi, Nagpa, numerous others.

Coinage: Any.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Oligarchy.

Industries: Slavery.

Important Figures: Bargle the Infamous (Mercenary, human, male, M17), Branwys Skyratchet (Leader of Revolutionaries, gnome, male, F8/C8), Erik Helsing (Blackmailed Wizard, human, male, M13), Horrobin (Leader of the Grey Front, nagpa).

Flora and Fauna: In addition to the population above, there are hordes of undead servants to the nagpas-mostly skeletons and zombies, but other lesser undead may be found as well (anything less powerful than a vampire).

Further Reading: PC2 Top Ballista, previous almanacs.

Description by Thurgood Lodestar.

Excerpt from an intelligence report smuggled out of the city (most of the report was damaged in transit-only parts survived):

"Were contacted today by a man we will call "Agent W" who is in the upper city. He is under almost constant surveillance, but he informs us that our current location is above Sind. The Grey Front has begun to hire on mercenaries to supplement their forces and reinforce the city. "W" notes that they have contracted Serraine for military use, in exchange for money and supplies.

"Other agents report 11 remaining planes in the city-3 polecats, 2 topcats, and 1 bomber. The rest are clippers, though we suspect the Grey Front is arming them with magical weaponry. It is unclear how many planes currently survive outside the city. There are 5 confirmed destroyed, but other accounts vary. The Grey Front is currently training human mercenaries in flight operations with the assistance of traitors within the Top Ballista academy.

"Had to withdraw to a deeper level of the Undercity. The nagpas and their minions seem uncomfortable delving past the [CENSORED] level, but their mindless legions of undead have no such qualms. Fortunately, moving too far out of their masters' control range makes them largely ineffectual. I maintain my fears about venturing too far below surface level, however. Perhaps the Grey Front knows something that we don't about the Undercity's inhabitants?"