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Serraine (Flying City of)

Location: Anywhere-last seen above the Isle of Dawn.

Area: Approx. 6 sq. mi. (15,5 sq. km.).

Population: Approx. 1,310 (110 nagpas, 200 tabi, 20 harpies, 50 kobolds, 30 orcs, 10 ogres, 90 human mercenaries, 800 slaves of various races); there are an unknown number of gremlins and gnomish revolutionaries aboard the vessel.

Languages: Gremlin, Harpy, Tabi, Nagpa, numerous others.

Coinage: Any.

Taxes: None.

Government Type: Oligarchy.

Industries: Slavery.

Important Figures: Bargle the Infamous (Mercenary), Branwys Skyratchet (Leader of Revolutionaries), Erik Helsing (Blackmailed Wizard), Horrobin (Leader of the Grey Front).

Flora and Fauna: In addition to the population above, there are hordes of undead servants to the nagpas-mostly skeletons and zombies, but other lesser undead may be found as well (anything less powerful than a vampire).

Further Reading: PC2 Top Ballista, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.