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Southern Glantri notes, after the meteor map

by Robin

I used a lot if not all of Micky’s source see here
South Glantri is a mixture of canon with the meteor and Micky’s input. I kept Thar's invasion, AND the meteor. As thus some minor changes were made to his text and locations, I show the changes here, with my additions, but all other additional text you must search in Micky’s topic about Glantri…and please do…it is not only interesting, culturally, but tasting too

Erewan is now, as far as i can, finished with all Micky’s input.
Old Erendyl was founded in AC 715 , but abandoned after multiple humanoid attacks and the river changes, a new Erendyl was founded on a small hill several miles north, next to the new rivers and was considered to be inspirited by the layout of Alfheim Town. The town is predominantly human with a small population of elves who handle much of Erewan’s financial and commercial interests. Erendyl lays directly on the main trade routes, by land and water, to the southwest quarter of Glantri and has a thriving economy. Ones first impression of Erendyl is formed as one first approaches and sees the town is protected by a 10 ft. high wall. However this is no ordinary wall but one fitting one protecting a town in an elf dominion. The wall is not of stone but of earth. Not simply an earthen wall, but one adorned in ivy. The wall is known is Wrigley’s Field in honour of the Thyatian poet who wrote of its beauty over a century ago. However unknown to all but a few long lived elves the wall is no simple wall of earth but is actually an earthen shell over multiple applications of the Steelform spell made permanent (a very functional winter dike, the historic Belcadiz quarter and the Warehouse district are only protected by a lower summer dike, but most doors are a few feet from the ground and the lower areas are all of waterproof stone without doors/windows, in case of flooding walk-able ramps are used instead the flooded streets). The town has three human outer districts around a central Elven district

Belcadiz is now, as far as i can, finished with all Micky’s input.

New Blackhill
. The Mountain on the west is the result of pushing the earth like a blanket forth to the east, as thus there are many cracks, elevations and (canon)broken lands, as this map of 1014 AC is 7 years later, nature will have reintroduced new creeks, and slowly takes over again.
. The Huledain River is not navigable anymore to any river transport after the meteor changed the region, and dried out becoming nothing more than a creek filled by more eastern creeks.
. Construction of the defensive works is expected to take at least one more year. Once completed it is expected that Princess Dolores will rename the town into Dolorosyn (and a handy synonym for her alias), an Alphatian derivant of “owned by Dolores”. Some new settlers have moved into newly constructed tenements and started new businesses but it will likely be many years before Old Eriadna regains its prominence economically.
. Volnay/Ohr’r (2500/3500) Volnay was the political and military center of life in Blackhill., then it became a humanoid ruined settlement(according to fanon maps), before retaken by Dolores and rebuild Today Volnay is home to 90% of the surviving Alphatian population of the principality and has now becomes the leading economic and cultural centre of the principality and has grown in size as new settlers come into the principality. Expansion of Volnay took priority over the clearing and reconstruction of Eriadna and among the first priorities was construction of a suitable port to handle river trade. Finished in AC 1012, the new port quarter has many berths for river boats and a large warehouse district.
. Silverston: (900/0) is a large village/small town located close to the estate of the Prince of Blackhill. A large town grew around the estate providing services to the estate and growing into a economic power in it’s own right due to the large deposits of blackrock found in the area. The Aendyr estate was a vast, majestic complex covering 100’s of acres. All of which is now gone and lies in ruins if any remains. Upon and from these ruins the humanoids erected Broknag’s Tower (probably with some unknown outside help.
Princess Dolores until recently has shown no interest in living in Blackhill as she maintains permanent residence at the Capital. The town itself is slowly rebuilding as new settlers, mainly Thyatians, seek to extract and exploit the area’s natural resources. However, since she reclaimed Blackhill, a castle sprung over night in the hills North of the Red River.
. The few villages North of the Red River are now part of New Blackhill.
. Recent History The low intensity hit and run war continued in Blackhill for several years until the meteor disaster hit the principality in AC 1007.
Blackhill was totally unprepared and caught by surprise as Thar then followed and advanced his main body of forces through Soth-Kabree into Blackhill the sack of Blackhill commenced. Nothing was safe and nothing was spared in Blackhill, The Principality of Blackhill was devastated, towns and villages sacked and burned to the ground, the populations herded into captivity, or the cook-pots, when not outright massacred. All livestock were taken. . It had been picked clean as a source of supply and plunder for the humanoid army and left nearly all in ruin.
. Rebuilding for the principality has been a very long and painful experience. The disaster and invasion were compounded a deadly plague that came to Glanti in AC 1008 that, magnified by the lack of clerical resources and wartime conditions, swept the nation killing several hundred thousand
. It was long thought that Volospin’s heir to Blackhill would be his son Lathan but in a shocking development a new claimant and potential heir came forward in Dolores Hillsbury who claimed to be the product of a liaison between Volospin and the recently deceased Lady Margaret Hillsbury. She was granted a small dominion first, Fenswick, North East of Glantri, as her grounds of “birthright” were devastated. Even more shocking was the renouncing of the claim to the principality by Lathan several years later. Dolores was then confirmed by the Council of Princes as the next Princess of Blackhill, and abandoned Fenswick.
The last years have been difficult ones in Blackhill as the original Alphatian makeup of the Principality was nearly destroyed and the makeup of the principality has been changed beyond recognition. New settlers send by Dolores Hillsbury have flooded into the region to help with rebuilding and in hopes of finding a new life. The area has had surges of Fen settlers hoping to find a new Fen homeland and a true Fen leader. They have been disappointed on both counts as Princess Dolores has no interest in creating one, or being one. The area has also seen waves of Thyatian settlers. The principality has become a mixed ethnicity principality with even, in a shocking display of bad taste to some, humanoids being invited to come to Blackhill and learn to live a domestic civilized life. Rebuilding and immigration into the area continues but still after four years the principality has many many years and lot of hard work to do before it even approaches the grandeur and prosperity of principality of only a dacade ago
. As the region suffered greatly from the destruction, the Red River has some neglect and the Reed borders have grown far into the river reducing its span somewhat, but making landing even more difficult.
. I also had to shift somewhat with Micky’s villages, to keep them as near as canon/and his text as possible.
. The most of the former farm/harvest lands are now wild terrain, and need to be restored. Orchards are now forests of dead trees.
The Fields of Arunaru and Ghaeranatos, are named by Dolores, and nobody knows these are names from her former alias and her father (From John Calvins Article Vampire Queens in Threshold..I would also like to add the following names from this same history, but have not found a suitable location as of yet; Fadhadi’s Rest, and Kikanari’s Fall). The chance anybody will learn this is very slim, and probably Dolores will try to prevent this. But her sense of honour to these names is greater than the fear of discovery.

Hightower is now filled up and clearly a settled region, but I need fitting names, for villages and some other locations/areas…maybe Micky(or anybody), can you can twist something up?

The Free Province of Nyra also has too much open space, especially in the southern area. I succeeded in placing areas of produce. But I have the feeling more villages are needed here..or something else…especially in the region north of the Broken Lands.

Southern Hills
Free Province of Southern Hills needs some more fleshing out, as does the Satolas and Bamyra region, (those are on the Eastern section of the map, and I will come to that soon.

Soth-Kabree, is a bit more filled up, but also needs more fleshing out. I enlarged the eastern borders a bit to reach the Broken Lands Border. Thus giving protection on that trail there.

New Threat/Naw Thrat
Naw Thrat, lies just beyond the borders of this map, but was ruined and then taken over by humanoids who named it (bastardized it) to New Threat. And it is a nuisance to the new dominion of Ritternour. Some of this area can be seen west of the scar.

Ritternour is placed, touching the Darokin border there, encrusted against the remaining mountains. It has an interesting yet peculiar feature. The meteor enforced the pressure of a large underground section of the lake Amsorak, cut it of and since then it bubbles up in almost 30 small lakes in the region. Nature has taken this mineral rich water and grows rapidly. The nation is the wettest settled spot on Mystara, and then the weather is not even added. Mosses, and ferns grow almost everywhere, within 7 years the Broken lands are covered for a great part in vegetation of a great variety. Along the rivers and lakes even young trees which will certainly turn the region into a wet forest. The mineral waters are among the best in taste and fertility for any produce, as thus the new region will be able to self sustain. As being close to Darokin, trade will take place through fort Fletcher.
I still have to name the villages and tower.

A large scar in the earth (actually a cell of the planet has ruptured and though it slowly [very slowly] heals, it will affect the region for a few decades) is to the south which will eventually cool down and dry out, but humanoids (and any other) thus far can easily, though very dangerously, collect metallic ore from the lava-lake.
Most famous of all of them would be the Mystaran renowned Sierra Lava Tubes located in in the folds of Broken Lands against the new Mountain, approximately 16 miles west of Camp Huledain, created by the upheaval of the area due the meteor impact.
Fort Huledain is near the scar, on the site of Camp Huledain as Micky suggested , and as such a perfect fit with Micky’s Sierra Lava Tubes together with the Lava Scar.

Overall area
I’ve added the several ruins from the faraway bygone era of Blackmoor (according to the fanon maps of Sturm/John Calvin), these are now nothing more than foundation, as everything is looted and plundered aeons ago. As such they have also no name (yet) as this is forgotten.

I’ve also added Sable Tower of Doom in the far south of the Southern Province from the Mystara game Tower of Doom/Shadow Over Mystara, but this section has to fleshed out in more detail, as the area has been greatly uplifted in 1700 BC, it reverese the old Vesubian river thus far, it returned its flow back into Glantri. This of course must be reflected in the map in detail, as thus creeks and such coming from the Yak’s spur, must be added, also the Ogrish settlements, etc. This will come up later.
Micky’s Free province Borderland is actually Ogremoor, according to canon, so I discard that province in favor of canon Ogremoor.

As thus I also had to establish some more trails in this region connecting all these locations, but more detail has to be given, especially the undamaged northern section and that near the Darokin border with Fort Fletcher.

Thus if you (especially you Micky) would name these locations. …then I continue with the Broken Lands first.

One interesting feat, a bit NE of The Ruins of Ardelphia (6 miles), and about 16 miles south of Fort Fletcher are also ruins of bygone Blackmoor era seem to pop up after merging the maps of 3500BC and current…only foundations, and looted, plundered, eroded heavily, but still it could hide some knowledge to gain (objects of any use are of course long gone or eroded/rusted out of any use.).