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Shadow Elf Economics

by Fabrizio Paoli

When my PC adventured in the Shadow Elves territories I wrote down a classification of the 4 main cities based on the economical system given in Gaz9 and Gaz11.

City Class Modifiers to Price Adjustment
City of the Stars B Common Metals -2, Mounts -2, Armours +2, Weapons +2, Tobacco +2
New Grunland C Food -3, Beer (Fungal) -2, Silk +3, Weapons +2
Alfmyr D Precious Metals -2, Armours -2, Weapons -2, Food +2, Wood (Fungal) +2
Losetrel E Silk -3, Textiles -2, Cloth -2, Food +3, Oil +2, Dye +2