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Atruaghin Shamani

by Gilles Leblanc

Alignment : Must be good, preferably neutral good, but lawful and chaotic good will do just fine.
Ability Requirements : Wisdom 15, Constitution 13
Prime Requisites : Wisdom, Constitution
Races Allowed : Atruaghin
Hit Dice : d8 ( same as cleric and druids )
XP Table : Same as druids
Spell Progression : Here you have two choices, either use the spell progression table found in the gazetteer or use the standard priest/druid spell progression table. Note that the 2E priest/druid spell progression table is slightly better.

Weapons Allowed :

Shamani cannot use weapon's made of metal, this include metal swords, arrows with metal arrowhead, etc. Apart from that they can use any weapon. It is extremely recommended that they use traditional weapon from their clan/tribe or at least traditional weapons found on the Atruaghin plateau ( including Turtle Clan ).

When starting a new character, the shamani is restricted to weapons from the plateau as other weapons are not readily available to him.

Armour Allowed :
The shamani cannot wear armour with any sort of metal component, including studded leather armour ( unless it is studded with bone studs ). The armours available to him are : padded armour, leather armour, hide armour and cord armour. A starting shamani only has access to leather and hide armour.

Some clans wear thick clothes that the gazetteer says confer some armour values. Threat these as padded armour.

Granted Powers :
-Identify plant/safe water at 1st level and toxins as mentioned in gazetteer.
-Identify animals at 3rd level as druid
-Non-magical animals and giant versions of mundane ones will not attack him, this protection is not conferred to other party members.
-He can pass through overgrown area as a druid at 3rd level, except this ability is less powerful and magical than that of a druid.

-A shamani cannot turn undead

Spells : As a druid plus new spells detailed in the gazetteer and try to convert them to 2E.

Background Information : Use Gazetteer

Here are info on of the gazetteer spells :

Detect Totem : casting time 1d4 hours

Minor Blessing : casting time 1 turn

Animal Charm : Use the 2cnd level priest spell Charm person or mammal except that this does not work on persons and on birds and reptiles as well as mammal.

Hunting Paint : casting time 3 rounds

Locate Totem : casting time 8

Call Totem : casting time 1 round

Firebow : casting time 3

Thunder Drum : casting time 6

Bind Totem : casting time 1 round

Fire Gate : casting time 1 hour

Sanctify : casting time 1 turn

Eye of the Eagle : casting time 1 turn
components ; verbal, somatic, material ( an eagle's feather )

Totem Mastery : casting time 8

Infusion : casting time 5

Wrath of Atruaghin : casting time 6
components : verbal, somatic, material ( something which came from an animal of the caster's totem )