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by John Walter Biles

Shadowelves are a race of elves who dwell in caverns below part of the Known World, worshipping Rad, growing fungus, training spiders and other insects, and plotting a horrible revenge on Alfheim. They are warm and very communal among themselves, but somewhat distrustful and fearful of outsiders, especially dwarves. Their religion revolves around the collection of soul gems, believed to contain the souls of their ancestors; they are collected by the shamans of the cult of Rad, their patron Immortal. All young adult Shadowelves serve a term in the military and learn to work together.

PC Shadowelves get +2 to Intelligence and Strength, add +2 to Dungeoneering and Religion, get Darkvision, may treat any underground difficult terrain as normal terrain for shifting, move 1 extra square per turn in underground environments, and receive the encounter power Military Training.

Military Training (Minor, Encounter) | Martial
Close Burst 5; all allies within the burst may shift 2 as a minor action until the end of your next turn.