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Drake, Shadow

by Håvard

Armor Class | 0
Hit Dice | 4*** (M)
Move | 120' (40')
Attacks | 2 claw/1bite
Damage | 1d2/1d2/2d4
No. Appearing | 1d4(1d4)
Save As | M8
Morale | 8
Treasure Type | (Vx2), E
Intelligence | 10
Alignment | Chaotic
XP Value |225
Monster Type: Dragon-Kin (Rare)

Shadowdrakes are similar to Woodrakes or Mandrakes, except that they can polymorph into Shadowelves or Schattenalfen. Like other Drakes, they have the Thief Abilities of 5th Level Thieves. They are always Chaotic, but can be Good (50%) or Evil (50%). A Protection From Evil Spell protects against Drakes.

Credits: I am not sure who first came up with the idea for Shadowdrakes, but it was something we were talking about back on the forums of Wizards of the Coast.

In Threshold #4 notes were provided by Agathokles about how to run Shadowdrakes as PCs.