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Ok Still working on the main map, yet it was necesarry to create the Shirefang Rocks which are dominantly placed on the 8m mile hex maps.

The Shirefang Rocks

by Robin

These Rocks within the Bay of Halag (Karameikos) are the ancient remnants of a large volcano. It was active before the Great Rain of Fire 3000BC, dead thereafter, however in the geological destruction of the Taymoran Empire exploded deep and internally. Many of the lower cells of the Megalith (which is the planet Mystara) collapsed and this former channel was one of the few used to release the matter, liquids and energy within these cells. And while whole the continent sank or shook all what remained of the former volcano was was engulfed in tidalwaves of water, leaving only a few rocks. There is no chance that the volcano will become active again, however, the deep central shaft is thus close to the deep warm layers of Magma below, that the water temperature is raised far above the normal temperature of the water, making it instead temperate a tropical climate in the water and the remaining rocks.
The Rocky islands are difficult to reach, due the hidden mountains underneath the waves, which are largely submerged at all but low tides.
The haevy mangroves prevent further landing, and the rocks and broken lands of which the islands now cionsistts are steep, sharp and rough.
Only a single small village is created on the High Island, with some farming to feed the local soldiers of the forts. about 25 people are living here, amongst which a friendly mage.

Many plants have settled, and formed mangroves. The minerals released in the disaster still give high amounts of food for all kinds of lifeforms, and as such this is foynd in abundance here, and often in a largers size. the crabs ar often giant crabs here, and the suids hunting these are very large too, which again draws in whales feeding on these monsters.
Normal fish does not seem to become larger, yet more reproproductive and many Hin fishing here come home with copious amounts to sell on their local markets.
The island has several small forts of 25 to 50 men, with each two average vessels, usede to defend against intrusions of the Black Eagle Barony.
On each of the main roch a small lighthouse is actively manned to prevent accidents to happen due the many undersea mountains of which tops still breach the water and form small islands of a few hundred yards which are regulargly flooded with the tides.
In the deep almost hot waters lives a large group of 25 Kopru, which now and then surface and attack the Hin or passing vessels.

On one of the high rocks southeast of the South Rock is the ruin of a former powerful mage of the Black Eagle Barony named Katyonk. He thought he was able to dominate the Hin of the 5 Shires from here, for his master Baron Ludwig von Hendricks. He failed utterly in 991AC.