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Shiye-Lawr (Kingdom of)

Location: Forests north of Haven, west of the Kerothar Mountains, south of Blackheart, and east of Alphas'ar. HW

Area: 91,785 sq. mi. (237,725 sq. km.).

Population: 56,100, including Alfleish (pop. 12,200).

Languages: Elvish (Shiye-Lawr dialect), Alphatian (Vertilian dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Shiye-Lawr mints no other coins.

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher. Slaves are counted as the property of the owner and the product of their labour is taxed as income for the owner. They also impose excise taxes on exports to other kingdoms, and severe surtaxes on those non-elves who are (rarely) permitted to live within the kingdom.

Government Type: Monarchy, member of the Alphatian Empire.

Industries: Crafts (jewels, woodworking, leathercraft, goldsmithing).

Important Figures: Acroshiye (King).

Flora and Fauna: See Alphatia.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor boxed set, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: None to report.