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Saga of the Shark Lord

by Neal Taylor

Part 1: The darker darkness

The party is returning with one member to her home...she had been out on her sheering.....her father is a landed noble in southwestern Karamekios, near the Black Eagle Barony. Rumour has reached the baron of a treasure horde on these lands. He sends some thugs of the Iron Ring to strong arm the villagers and this Traldaran Lord. Unknown to the girl or the baron....the lord is really a vampyr. Not evil per say...he has his peasants good will at heart, but not someone to trifle with. Now the party discovers the truth and must face their own prejudices and ally with the lord to protect the people from the Iron Ring. To complicate matters a Thyatian mercenary troop is hired to help the ring. This troop is led by a wizard who is uncle to another party member. a member who was sold by this uncle into the gladiator arena as a slave while a child. The final twist- unbeknownst to the iron ring, Thyatians, or the noble is the fact that the Devil fish have been using shark kin to infiltrate the village as a beach head. the mission is to establish a secret base to gather food and sacrifices. Now more prejudices and past anger must be set aside to confront the new threat.

Part 2: Blood surf

After discovering the shark kin are behind disappearances....they must be traced to a small islet off the coast. there clues are found to lead to the deep and the devilfish lands.

Part 3: Deal with the Devil

Now that the true threat is found, the party and noble must seek aid from the Baron....convincing the baron of the real threat....not killing his evil henchmen....surviving fort doom.....

Part 4: The Deep

Now the party along with Bargle and the Thyatian wizard and some of his troops adventure out to the deep undersea to find the Devilfish lands and rescue the captives and end the threat....Not really going to the deep lands just and outpost.....convincing the merfolk to aid them and assault the devilfish lair....rescue the captives and of course survive Bargle the Infamous......