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Consequences of a shorter year

by Robin

Mystara has a shorter annual cycle of only 336 days as compared to real world Earth with 365.25. This means that every Mystaran year is 29.25 days (somewhat more than a Mystara month) shorter that an Earth year. As a result a person of 50 Mystara years of age is equivalent to 45.9 Earth years

It was something I noticed earlier (as being a studied Ecologist/biologist teacher)

Growth cycles of Plants will have still seasonal bound lves, and as such most lowlife will thus too.
Yet intricate biological life similar to earth will have variations. Lunar cycles will still be almost equal (as menstrual cycles give to all creatures a similar 28.5 days), it can be assumed these are linked somehow...yet day vs year will be different.

Like Gestation periods (humans; Real World 9 months, Mystara 10 months. Chickens; 21 days would still be 21 days. Yet a dragon egg (clutch) would need 8x time; 168 days=6 months Mystara or 5 RL Earth

Growing to adulthood will be similar. a youngster becomes an adult at roughly 18 on RL , on mystara at 19.5.
The longlivety of humans RL lies at 87 for men 92 for Womes (as far as I know in Netherlands) coming to a 94.6 for men and 100 years for women on Mystara. Which is increased somewhat further due magic/healthier life (or else) coming to the official age progression of humans
Age Human
Baby ; 0-5
Youngster; 6-10
Teenager; 11-13
Young Adult; 14-20
Adult ; 21-39
Mature; 40-59
Elder; 60+
Death ; 95+2d12

On the other side this reduces the age of elves from 800 to 1000 mystara years to a more reasonable 735.9 to 919.9 RL years that is 8% less about