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Stephan Hyraksos

by Sean Meaney

Class/Race: Cleric/Human; Level: 1, Alignment: Lawful (Good); Hit points: 4; Strength (6), Intelligence (9), Wisdom (13), Dexterity (15), Constitution (10), Charisma (13); Equipment: Mace, Fine Clothes, cloak, Shield, belt, Belt pouch, Holysymbol, Boots, (4) iron shot; 10gp; Weapon Mastery: Mace (Basic)/1d6, Thrown objects (Basic)/Iron Shot (1d4) ; Skills: Read/Write (Thyatian), Knowledge (Ancient Weaponry of the Traladarans), pilot (small boats), Navigation; Background: Nephew of Admiral Hyraksos. He is looking to hire on with a caravan company.