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The Siege Breakers.

by James Ruhland

This mercenary band is sought out by employers across Mystara for its skill in dispatching the strongest citadels. But it doesn't consist of artillerists, or at least not the "usual" ones anyhow.

It's a band of Stone Giants, who use their skill and accuracy with boulders to batter castle walls. The Siege Breakers also has a number of spellcasters (depending on the rules system you use they might be shamans, witch doctors, or "just plain" clerics and mages - 2-4 each) who specialise in spells useful against fixed fortifications. They are good at undermining castle walls as well, being expert sappers and diggers.

They will also accept jobs offered by nobles who want to hire them to help build a castle, though their forte' is in destroying them they are skilled engineers and architects as well, and their knowledge of potential weaknesses of castles can be a real boon to someone who wants to "do it right." Once the job is done, however, they do not think they owe those who hired them anything - if someone hires them to attack a castle they helped built, pride of craftsmanship will not hold them back from attacking it. In fact, they seem to enjoy the challenge of going against their own ingenious workmanship.