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This is just the Sielo family. This particular list does not include the Fort personnel, soldiers, etc. I think I'll put up the descriptions of the family members next and then move on to non-family members.

The more I go through my notes, the more ridiculous some of it seems. I have descriptions for really obscure people while others are not as fleshed out as I once thought. Makes me wonder what I was thinking at the time (I did most of this years ago).

Some of these are based on NPCs from the town part of B2. Again a lot of this is overkill - let it be a warning to DMs who put more emphasis on NPCs than on the PCs.

Sielo Family

by Steven B Wilson

I've spent so much time with the NPCs of Sielo's Fort that I'm not sure how to present them all - some are more fleshed out than others (some don't even have names yet). This, however, will have to be my starting point. This is the Sielo Family (alive and otherwise).

The #1's are the first generation, 2s are their children, and 3s (also in green) are the grandchildren (and are great PC possibilities - in which case ignore the NPC class/level). Numbers in parenthesis are the ages.

1 - Female (66, Provisioner, Commoner lvl 2) = (dead - old age - spouse)
.....2 - Female (46, Commoner lvl 1) = (dead - dragon attack - spouse)
..........3 - Female (26, Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Female (24, Commoner lvl 1)
1 - Blacksmith (Sielo's Fort founder, murdered) = (murdered Darine spouse)
.....2 - Gospodin (44, current head of family, Fighter lvl 3) = Ecatrina (42, Aristocrat lvl 1)
..........3 - Alyosha (18, Aristocrat lvl 1)
.....2 - (dead - disease - female) = (dead - goblin raid - spouse)
.....2 - (dead - dragon attack - female) = Trader (Thyatian, Commoner lvl 2)
..........3 - Male (20, Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Male (18, Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - (dead - avalanche - male) = Female (Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - Kolya (36, Barkeep of the Lion's Den Tavern, Expert lvl 2) = Female (Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Male (16, Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Female (14, Commoner lvl 1)
1 - (dead - old age - twin male, sorcerer)
1 - (dead - old age - twin male, sorcerer)
1 - Natalya (60, Innkeeper, Commoner lvl 4) = Female (Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - Female (40) (missing)
.....2 - Male (38, Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - Female (36, Commoner lvl 2) = Armourer (Expert lvl 4)
..........3 - Male (16, Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Male (14, Commoner lvl 1)
..........3 - Female (12, Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - Male (34, Commoner lvl 1)
.....2 - (dead - dragon attack - male)
..........3 - Illegitimate Female (12) (missing)
1 - (dead - horse accident - male) = Female (Commoner lvl 1)

Gospodin Sielo (Traladaran; 3rd level Fighter; age 44)
Became head of the family when his father (who helped establish the Fort at the Sielo homestead) died. Doesn't have the force of personality of his father and doesn't have much say in the running of the Fort. Spends most of his time travelling to nearby homesteads visiting friends and foes alike in an attempt to increase friendship between the Thyatian Fort and the Traladaran communities.

Ecatrina Sielo (Traladaran; 1st level Aristocrat; age 42)
Wife of Gospodin. A near fanatic when it comes to religion and a strong ally of the Curate. Although a rough woman, she tries to bring up her daughter as a proper lady - it's hard to tell if she has been successful or not.

Alyosha Sielo (Traladaran; 1st level Aristocrat; age 18)
Daughter of Gospodin and Ecatrina. Wants to be Sheared and go on adventures because she things it's glamorous. She has been disgusted with the appearance of all adventurers (who she refers to as "drunken louts") who have come to the Fort so far. She loves the good life too much to ever leave. Doesn't care for Relkin, but he's okay to have around when other soldiers or visitors to the Fort try to get a bit too friendly.

Natalya Sielo - (Traladaran; 4th level Commoner; age 60)
Gospodin's uncle. Father of Armourer's Wife. Owns and runs the Traveller's Inn with his wife and two unmarried sons (ages 38 and 34).

Armourer - (Thyatian; 4th level Expert)
Married Gospodin's cousin. Runs blacksmith shop.

Armourer's Wife - (Traladaran; 2nd level Commoner; age 36)
Gospodin's cousin, daughter of Natalya. Has two sons and one daughter.

Kolya Sielo - (Traladaran; 2nd level Expert; age 36)
Gospodin's younger brother. Owner and barkeep of the Lion's Den Tavern. Occasionally travels to local communities with Gospodin.

Kolya's Wife - (Traladaran; 1st level Commoner)
Has one son and one daughter. Takes care of Grigori the Pot Boy.

Grigori - (Traladaran; 1st level Commoner)
Mentally handicapped. Abandoned at birth at the Fort - informally adopted by Kolya's family.

Provisioner - (Traladaran; 4th level Commoner; age 66)
Gospodin's aunt. Oldest living member of the Sielo family. Runs equipment shop (with daughter and two granddaughters) in the Fort and is a major supplier of trade goods to local communities. Very strong friendship with local Guildmaster (does not know of Guildmaster's association with the Veiled Society).

Trader - (Thyatian; 2nd lvl Commoner)
Gospodin's brother-in-law. Wife died in dragon attack two years ago. Runs trading post with two sons. Gets along well with Provisioner, but keeps to himself most of the time.

Curate (Traladaran; 5th level Cleric)
Possibly the most influential Traladaran in Sielo's Fort. He distrusts the Travelling Priest who visits the Fort regularly.

Guild Master (Traladaran; 7th level Expert)
Member of the Veiled Society. His job is only information gathering, for now. He is well regarded by both Thyatians and Traladarans, and Fort personnel will often reflect his favour or dislike in the treatment of others.

Gelpas Tarquin - Captain of the Watch (Thyatian; 3rd level Fighter; age 42)
Military leader of Sielo's Fort. A tight wad who is frustrated with his two sons (Vasil and Bergil). He has some hope for Vasil - if only someone had the time to teach him.

Marya Tarquin (Thyatian; 2nd level commoner; age 37)
Wife of Gelpas. Only loyalty is to her husband and her sons, Vasil and Bergil.

Vasil Tarquin (Thyatian; 1st level commoner; age 19)
Son of Gelpas and Marya. "In love" with Gabriela, but really only wants sex and marriage. He will follow her if she leaves. Almost too old to learn how to fight. Works in the stable.

Bergil Tarquin (Thyatian; 1st level commoner; age 17)
Son of Gelpas and Marya. Works as a stablehand. Has no ambitions other than getting drunk and having sex. Would have raped Gabriela by now if it wasn't for Vasil who beat him up for mentioning it.

Relkin Octavius - Corporal of the Watch (Half Breed; 2nd level Fighter)
Fairly laid back, but can be rather grouchy at times, with his low charisma, but he admires outspoken, brave fighters and is easily taken in by a pretty girl. He will let a lot of things go by if they don't do serious harm to anyone - but will still grumble about it a lot. Likes Gospodin but can't stand his daughter's attitude sometimes - even though he escorts her a lot (love/hate thing)

Brilman Vispania - Sergeant of the Watch (Thyatian; 2nd level Fighter)
A greying member of the old Karameikan guard who was practically born in Thyatian army boots. He knows what he likes and isn't afraid to tell anyone about it.

Travelling Priest - (Traladaran; 2nd level Adept)
Very fine companion and an excellent listener. He does not press his religious beliefs upon any unwilling person. He is outspoken in his hatred of evil. He is at the Fort in an attempt to learn about a forgotten monastery that the Cult believes belongs to ancient Halav worshippers.

Banker - (Traladaran; 3rd level Fighter)
Retired adventurer.

Banker's Clerk - (Traladaran; 2nd level Wizard)
Retired adventurer.

Jewel Merchant - (Gnome; 4th level Expert)
Frequent visitor to the Fort with his wife - usually for the few weeks prior to the annual gnome caravan.

Hadrian - (Thyatian; 2nd level Expert)
Ducal Taxman

Arius - (Thyatian; 3rd level Warrior; age35)
Proud to be a soldier in the Duke's army and works hard at becoming the best. Loves his family and taught his daughter (Gabriela) how to defend herself - wants her to marry.

Berenice - (Thyatian; lvl 2 Commoner; age 34)
Wife of Arius. Worries about the safety of her daughter around Bergil whom she dislikes greatly.

Gabriela - (Thyatian; lvl 1 Commoner; age 15)
Daughter of Arius and Berenice. Helps take care of the horses at the Fort. Inspired by her father and wants to become a fighter. She has great contempt for Alyosha.

Wanderer - (Traladaran)
Possible mentor for any Druid or Ranger characters.

Arkadi - (Traladaran; lvl 2 Warrior)
Still fairly young and is secretly in love with Alyosha. Because he doesn't know her very well, he is headed for a major heartbreak. Never talks to her - wants to look professional.

Marcus - (Thyatian; lvl 2 Warrior)
A good fighter. Distinguished himself during the dragon attack 2 years ago.

Makar - (Traladaran; lvl 1 Warrior)
Almost too nice to be a soldier. He doesn't mind being in the army, but is looking for something more in life.

Clovis - (Thyatian; lvl 1 Warrior)
A big, healthy man who has taken a liking to the quiet Makar, and looks out for him in a big brother sort of way. He is making plans to convince Makar to leave the army with him and start a business somewhere else.

Varus - (Thyatian; lvl 1 Warrior)
Joined the army because he was bored - and will probably leave when he tires of it. He is overly confident of his abilities.

Fyodor - (Traladaran; lvl 1 Warrior)
A meathead. Almost always drunk and mean. Loves to bully folks around and is very close to being thrown out of the army and into prison. He and Bergil are drinking buddies despite the age difference.

Vilana - (Callarii Elf; lvl 1 Warrior)
Spent a long time trying to get into the Duke's Elvenguard but never quite made the cut and is paranoid about it. He thinks Gelpas hates him so he tries to follow his orders to the letter - which makes him more paranoid when no one commends him on it.