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And More about Simbasta and the Knights

by Bruce Heard

Simbasta may be present among the knights, outside of Davania. These warriors have come to test their bravery and learn the ways of the knights. It also helps verifying that the Order honours its oath. The Heart of Vanya(*) has accepted their presence with some conditions. Simbasta are subject to Heldannic Laws as long as they remain with the Order, and are equivalent to brother knights (without horses). Simbasta must obey the orders of their commander. Simbasta shamans and other spellcasters are not allowed in the Order. Simbasta aren't officially part of the Order since they have no defined terms of service (they aren't paid like other lay brethren) and have not taken an Oath of Service (**). The knights have assumed that no Simbasta would be willing to take this oath, and therefore could not earn official ranks. The situation has not occurred and hasn't been officially addressed by the Voice of Vanya (***) precisely because of the prevailing bias and the fear of provoking another schism.

Simbasta living among the knights are called Companions of the Order, or "Sir Companion". These Simbasta are few enough that they normally are organised in small detachments (a Simbasta war-party of ten to twelve members). Simbasta remain under the authority of a Knight Bachelor commanding an infantry company, with one such detachment for roughly forty or fifty such companies. One of the Simbasta among the war- party is a chieftain responsible for executing the Knight Bachelor's orders. So far, Companions of the Order have proven both reliable and outstanding warriors.

(*) & (***) Various branches of the Heldannic priesthood that run the Order, as opposed to secular knights who form the military branch.

(**) Knights and priests take this oath, swearing allegiance to the Order and obedience to Heldannic Law. The Oath of Service implies service for life (without pay).