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by Marco Dalmonte

(The Celestial Traveller)
Patron of Travellers and Explorers, Patron of Boldness and Discovery

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 15th (Celestial), NG, Thought
Symbol: a white sail blown by the wind
Portfolio: travel, exploration, adventure, boldness, to overcome any barrier or border
Worshipped in: Bellissaria, Davania (Ice Peaks), Hollow World (Merry Pirate Seas), Known World (Ierendi, Minrothad, Thyatis, Ylaruam), Pearl Islands, Skothar (Tangor)
Appearance: a male being at the apex of his strengths and maturity clad like a sailor or an explorer, whose true form is unknown (he always looks like a member of the ethnic group of the people watching him)
History: Sinbad comes from a remote place of the Multiverse and no Immortal ever succeeded to unveil his true history or origin. He tells he was a sailor in his mortal life, and he discovered the path of the Epic Hero as a result of his travels and quests all around the Multiverse, which made him wiser and more powerful. He does not remember who his patron was, but it is certain he appeared on Mystara before the Blackmoor civilisation's rise to power. For this reason he encourages mortals to abandon the safety of their home to follow their own dreams of fame and glory. For Sinbad travel and adventure are the way that leads to wisdom, enlightenment and perfection. Some immortals say that all those who listen to Sinbad's tale of his epic quests are inevitably pushed to leave for a daring trek towards the unknown. In fact it is just what his clerics do and preach, since they have taken the vow of Eternal Wandering. There are indeed no sedentary clerics of Sinbad, and all the temples dedicated to this immortal are small structures maintained by a bunch of worshippers, not by resident clerics (priests can stay no more than one month in a single place before moving). Persistent rumours among the celestial spheres whisper that daring Sinbad is in fact an Old One or one of their agents, while others think he may be one of the early immortals who got lost while exploring the Vortex and later managed to come back with a false identity. Whatever the truth is, it has yet to be revealed.
Personality: Sinbad is a charismatic, unforeseeable and daring immortal, who is constantly on the move looking for new barriers to break, new risks to take and new adventures to experience. Because of his picaresque personality he has a faithful ally in young Turmis, who shares his love for adventures and risks.
Patron: Unknown (probably nobody)
Allies: Turmis
Enemies: none
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Any
Favoured weapon: sabre (allowed all one-handed weapons)
Clerics' skills and powers: +2 bonus to ST vs Fear, free general skills Direction Sense and Navigation, +2 bonus to Survival general skill (not free)
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Thought, Good, Travel, Courage
Preferred weapon: Scimitar
Sources: WotI, Master and Immortal set